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Videos that Teach Money

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Written by: Angie Olson

Teaching students about the concept of money can be overwhelming.  Coin identification, values, and sums can all be introduced through a variety of fun, appropriate, and informative math videos that teach money.  We have compiled a list of kid-friendly videos for you to use in your classroom. Pair these with Money Toothy or our Lucky to Learn Math Curriculum for some fun practice or review.

Numberock-“Coins” (3:34)

This fun and engaging music video covers the value of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter with great graphics and a catchy tune. It even briefly teaches students the presidential faces and how to use these coins to purchase items. NUMBEROCK does a great job covering the basics while keeping it fun and easy to understand!

“Coins!” (3:05)

This is another instructional musical video that teaches the identification of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. In this video, a very professional-sounding quartet sings about the four different coins and their names, value, and face. Very engaging and well done, this catchy song will teach as well as entertain!

Learn the Coins | Kid's Classroom Learning Video (14:26)

This video seems a bit on the longer side, however, if you do have the time, this video is incredibly thorough and covers both the front and back of all U.S. coins (including old and new productions in circulation) and interesting facts about each one. Complete with upbeat background music and an engaging animated guide, this video covers everything you need to know about U.S. coins!

Money Song (1:42)

In this video Ralphie, Maxine, and their friend sing about the relationship of coins. Quick and redundant, this silly song slowly speeds up and is easy to remember and sing along with!

The Coin Song (3:06)

When I tell you this song will be in your head for YEARS to come, I mean it. My students absolutely loved this song every year and I find it helps those who struggle with coin ID and value.

2nd Grade Money Lesson (6:10)

In this video, teacher Mrs. Dabney explains the value of the coins of U.S. currency and walks us through several word problems at the end to reinforce learning. This clear, straightforward video is geared specifically towards 2nd grade learners.

Money Song

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The Money Song is part of Lucky to Learn Math Unit 4 – Money and Personal Finance. Students will love to sing along with this original song as they learn catchy ways to remember the names and values of coins. Print out the song lyrics to follow along, or keep in their math notebooks for reference.

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Learn about Money for Kids (2:24)

This video covers the name, face, and value of both coins and paper bills in U.S. currency. Very colorful, clear, and straightforward with enjoyable background music, this quick video is the perfect way to introduce money to your classroom!

Learning Money for Kids/Coin Song for Children/ Money Song for Kids (4:30)

This is a hilarious video where tiny mouths are superimposed over coins and bills to sing about their respective identity and value! Silly and amusing but still very educational, this video does a great job teaching how to add smaller forms of currency to get larger coins and bills.

Learning Money for Children in 1st and 2nd Grade (5:24)

In this video, an animated number 1 just got a job and asks us to help him understand and count money. This video covers the value of coins and uses the concept of “tens” and “ones” to add them to create greater values.

Money Part 2 for Second Grade – Counting Money Problems for Kids (6:08)

How Coins Are Made…For Kids! (3:12)

Bonus video for teaching your students about how coins are made in the U.S. Mint! This video covers how coins are designed, produced, and circulated in the United States with fun graphics and real-life footage. Great as a supplement for when you are teaching your classroom about money!

7 Money Teaching Strategies

If you are looking for new and engaging ways to teach money skills to your little learners, Katie from our team has got your back!

More Math Videos

Need some more teacher-approved videos to add to your instruction? Take a look at the list below. 


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