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Videos that Teach Subtraction

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Introducing students to the concept of subtraction can be fun and interesting!  We have compiled a list of videos that teach subtraction that are both informative and appropriate for students.  Enjoy!

Subtraction for Kids | Classroom Edition for 1st & 2nd Grade (8:06)

This video is from an author called Homeschool Pop that is designed for thorough classroom or at home learning. In this subtraction math lesson video, learn basic subtraction for 1st grade and learn the foundation for subtraction for 2nd grade math lessons. Entertaining and cute, our animated friend learns about subtraction as he gives away his cowboy hats to his friends!

Subtraction/Basic Subtraction/Subtracting (3:48)

In this video the subtraction and equal symbol walk you through how to subtract using a cool techno song. They cover the basic principles of subtraction and give examples all while rhyming and singing; this song will be sure to stick in your students heads!

How to Borrow in Subtraction! …for Kids!(6:40)

This hilarious video is a perfect introduction to borrowing in subtraction. The puppets with goofy accents, Steve and Andy, walk us through how to borrow in subtraction with a pizza store analogy that is educational, engaging, and outright silly!

Subtraction Song – My Dog Subtraction (4:08)

This is a song about a dog whose name is subtraction and shows us the basics of subtractions as candles are disappearing from a birthday cake. This video turns word problems into equations and is great for beginners’ understanding of taking away!

When You Subtract with a Pirate (4:30)

This fun pirate-themed video shows students how to subtract as the grumpy pirate narrator makes people walk the plank. The equations are easy to understand and the tag line in the song is very catchy, perfect for subtraction review!

Basic Subtraction Math Lesson – Learn to Subtract (1:49)

This short but sweet video is great for beginners because of its clarity, repetition, and practice of subtraction problems. The narrator begins each problem with “if we have __ then take away __ we have __left”, which is perfect for teaching the understanding the basic principles of subtraction.

Subtraction Facts All Mixed Up 1 | Math Songs for Kids | Jack Hartmann (4:38)

In this video Jack Hartmann gives students the opportunity to practice subtraction facts all mixed up to help review and sharpen their skills. The first time through he gives the subtraction fact with the answer, showing a visual of the problem on ten frames. The second time through he delays the answer for students to answer before the answer appears, and the last time students answer all on their own.

Subtraction Song- The Mystery of the Chocolate Donuts (4:11)

How did the boy end up with chocolate donuts? Find out in this musical video that teaches students how to subtract while exposing them to several different methods of subtraction, such as counting back, taking away, and math equations.

Five Little Turkeys (Subtraction Song) (1:36)

This is a short beginners video that teaches subtraction with a Fall/Thanksgiving theme. We start out with 5 turkeys and learnt to subtract by 1 as sneaky pilgrims catch the turkeys until there are none left!

Learn Subtraction (-2) with Ice Cream Cones: Math Lesson for Kids (2:29)

This video is perfect for helping student brush up on subtraction skills by subtracting by 2s. Numbers appear as each ice cream cone spins around, revealing the equation and the difference as thaw narrators walk us through subtracting from 20 all the way to 0.

Subtract by Counting Back (2:27)

This is a simple video that is a good reinforcer if you have students who are having trouble with the concept. It is clear, visual, and easy to understand as the instructor walks you through crossing out the objects and building subtraction equastions by counting back.

Subtraction with the Help of Stories (3:44)

This video is very helpful for introducing the concept of taking word problems (or stories) and turning them into subtraction equations. There are three stories where the narrator walks us through how to understand math in everyday life.

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Introducing students to the concept of subtraction can be fun and interesting!  We have compiled a list of videos that teach subtraction that are both informative and appropriate for students.  Enjoy!


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