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All About Lucky to Learn Math: 2nd Grade Math Curriculum

1st & 2nd Grade Math Skills, Math

Written by: Katie Palmer

Have you heard the word? Team Lucky Little Learners has a 2nd grade math curriculum called Lucky to Learn Math! Think EVERYTHING you need to effectively teach your math block all year long! Learn all about why this curriculum is different than others and get answers to teachers' most frequently asked questions in this post. Also, take a tour through all that is included! Be sure to grab the sample lesson before you go, and experience for yourself why the Lucky to Learn Math Curriculum was designed to meet the needs of true 21st Century second grade classrooms.

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What Makes Lucky to Learn Math Different?

How to Use in a Math Block

How to Use as a Supplement to District-Adopted Curriculum

Free Sample Lesson

Lucky to Learn Math Website

Where to Get Lucky to Learn Math

What makes Lucky to Learn Math different from other curricula?

So just what makes Lucky to Learn math so special? Here are a few reasons to look at using this curriculum/adding it to your district curriculum.

All Lesson Activities in ONE Spot

Lucky to Learn Math lesson plans are easy to follow. Every available activity is listed on the lesson plan and is found in the following pages. No more flipping through the teacher's manual and multiple black line masters workbooks to find activity pages! Also, this easy to use format is consistent with all twenty lessons in each unit.

Download Lesson 1.2 in All Access

Engaging Hands-on Activity for Each Lesson

Each lesson includes a hands-on collaboration activity to provide essential skill practice – that students will view as a game.

Each unit of study has 20 different lessons, each with a hands-on collaboration activity! Here's the lesson 1.3 collaboration activity “Shopping Sprint“.

Differentiation & Extension Activities Provided

Teachers know their class has diverse academic needs. Some students will need a review of the math lesson skill while others are ready to be challenged. Each Lucky to Learn math lesson includes optional differentiation and extension activities that will fill this void.

See some of our differentiation task cards for the place value unit below:

Easy to Read & Use for Teachers and Students

All Lucky to Learn Math materials are written with ease to use in mind. The consistent template allows for easy planning as well. Students will find their independent work and hands-on collaboration activities clean and easy to follow.

How does Lucky to Learn Math Fit Into a Math Block?

Lucky to Learn Math was designed to cover all the components of a 2nd grade math block:

  • Warm-Up
  • Math Chat
  • Mini-Lesson
  • Hands-on Collaboration
  • Independent Practice
  • Check for Understanding
  • Differentiation & Extension (optional) activities
  • Plus – Book suggestions to weave in math concepts throughout the school day

As you can see from the list above, every single Lucky to Learn math lesson is full of resources to include into your math block. Teachers can choose to use all of these features or select their preferred activities. How to transfer these into your math block?

  • The independent practice and hands-on collaboration components could easily be math stations.
  • The warm-up, math chat and mini-lesson would be your whole group lesson before beginning stations.
  • Use the check for understanding as your end of math routine, right before students transition into the next subject.
  • Small group math will be easy to plan using the differentiation activities for the lower groups, and the extension activities for a group needing more of a challenge.

For a deeper dive into what a lesson looks like, check out this post: Lucky to Learn 2nd Grade Math Curriculum: A Step-by-Step Lesson.

Download a sample lesson plan below for a closer look at all the lesson components offered.

Can Lucky to Learn Math Be Used With a District-Adopted Math Curriculum?

If you are reading this post saying, I wish I could use this, but I have to use my district's curriculum, we have a solution for you! Small groups, centers, collaboration and differentiation activities!

When using a mandated curriculum, you will use the whole group lesson your curriculum provides. However, there is usually a little leeway when it comes to station and small group activities. Why not use the math chat each day with your groups? Or, the warm up and math chat could easily be added to your whole group lesson without adding a ton of time.

The rest of the Lucky to Learn Math lesson components would work great as stations. AND, there are enough activities, it would be all of your stations each day! (Hello easy planning!)

Here's one of our games called “Number Surgery” to practice place value. Perfect for a lesson warm up, partner practice, or a math station any time!

Download the Number Surgery Game

How can I learn more about the Lucky to Learn Math Curriculum?

If you are interested in seeing more of this amazing curriculum, click on the image below!

Where can I get Lucky to Learn Math?

There are two ways to access Lucky to Learn Math.

1. Buy the curriculum in our shop.

2. Join our All Access Membership.

Here's a little more about option #2…

All Access is just what it sounds like, a subscription service that offers access to ALL things Lucky Little Learners. One of the best features of All Access is the optimized searching. When teachers enter a few keywords, their search results will be filled with instant activities perfect for their academic needs. So, how to find Lucky to Learn Math amongst the thousands of resources in All Access? Follow this step-by-step video or written guide on navigating All Access.

There are a couple of ways to find Lucky to Learn Math on All Access:

I) Search by Series

  1. On the left side of your All Access library, you will yellow drop down menu buttons. Select the dropdown on the “Series” yellow button.

2. Click on “Lucky to Learn Math“. (The list is alphabetized.)

3. This will bring you all Lucky to Learn Math resources.

II) Type in the Search Bar

Another way to find Lucky to Learn Math resources in All Access is to simply type “Lucky to Learn Math” into the search bar on the top of your All Access menu. As soon as you start typing, All Access will begin filtering your results to the Lucky to Learn Math resources.

Bonus tip: By clicking on a resource from a lesson you want to focus on, you will have the option to click on a, “Math-Lesson ___” link, which will take you to all Lucky to Learn Math resources for that particular lesson.

Happy teaching!

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