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Kid Friendly Videos that Teach Addition

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Written by: Angie Olson

This collection of addition videos is sure to brighten up your math block! Keep scrolling for addition videos, and extra addition resources to use in the classroom.

Addition Song- My Dog Addition(2:57)

Introduce the concept of addition with this fun song! Don’t forget to count along with dog Addition as she gains more and more weight!  I especially love it that this song includes manipulative visuals during the song to help the students connect the concept of basic addition.

Add ‘Em Up (3:20)

This one is a catchy little tune about basic addition.  Ten frames and counting boxes are used to demonstrate the answer when you take any number and add one to it.  The addition sentence is also shown on the screen as the song is being sung.

What Makes Ten(2:12)

This video is a great way to practice math facts as a whole group.  It was created by a second grade class and I think the kids will find it very helpful when learning missing addends.

Number Pairs Song(:49)

5 and 5 make 10, and so do 3 and 7! Help your students learn about number pairs with this catchy math song.  Just be careful as the words tend to get stuck in your head for awhile.

Doubles Doubles (1:20)

Doubles facts are so important for students to learn with quick automaticity.  This song goes through the doubles facts from 1 through 10.  The student see the doubles fact on the screen as the song is playing.  It also includes the addition sentence along with counter visuals.

Double Number Song (5:43)

You’re really going to like this one!  It goes through all the doubles facts from 1-10.  It is repetitive and predictable so that the kids can sing along with the song.  After each doubles fact, the kids see the doubles fact being represented with pictures and the addition sentence.  Then the song takes them through counting up the pictures to come up with the sum.

Doubles Song (2:19)

Learn to add double numbers that total up to 20 with this fun song.  It’s perfect for elementary students to get help working on their doubles math.  This is one that I would show after we have been working with doubles facts for awhile because there are no visuals besides the addition sentence.  This would be a great video for recalling the doubles facts quickly.

The Adding by 2 Song (2:02)

Learning to add by 2 is easy when you add this fun and catchy rhythm!  Along with the catchy rhythm, the screen will show the addition sentence with dominoes as a visual aid.  After going through the math facts they turn it around to represent the commutative property (a.k.a turn around facts).

Adding Doubles (2:16)

Another catchy tune from Jack Hartmann.  This video includes optional hand motions to go along with the chorus of the song.  It includes the double facts from 1-9 put to music.

When You Add With A Pirate (4:00)

This is a clever song that has a pirate theme.  It uses compasses, anchors, wooden barrels, gems, etc as the counting visuals.  It will also show the addition sentence and arrows to demonstrate the adding.  The tune is also very catchy.  You have been warned.

Addition Song for Kids (2:40)

This fun addition song uses addition sentences to engage students with movement as they actively participate in solving the addition problem they are presented with.  I think this is one that the kids would really enjoy and connect with because of the body motions that go along with the song.

Adding Rap Song (2:05)

A great song for the primary grades which teaches the concepts of addition and gives some examples.  I like that the song includes the words on the screen so the kids can follow along.  The songs also includes some important addition vocabulary words for the kids to learn as well.

The Adding by 3 Song (2:21)

Learning to add by 3 is fun and memorable with this song!  The kids will see the addition sentence with dominoes as a visual aid.  After going through the math facts they turn it around to represent the commutative property (a.k.a turn around facts).

Addition Resources

1st Grade and 2nd Grade Math Notebooks

Kid Friendly Videos That Teach Addition

Interactive notebooks are one of my favorite ways of teaching students math.  I love that their math notebooks can serve as a reference for them all year long.  We also use them for reteaching moments.  When parent teacher conferences come around, their notebooks are a go to resource for me to show the parents their child’s evidence of learning.  I have the addition notebooks available for both first and second grade.

Download Math Notebooks HERE

Math Task Cards

Kid Friendly Videos That Teach Addition

Task Cards are a fun activity that you can do with your whole class or as a small group center. It will get your students up and moving from desk to desk while they solve math problems. You can also hang these around the room and give each student a clip board as they walk around and solve the math facts.  This activity can be used as a review, practice, or even assessment.

Download Addition Task Cards HERE

Math Puzzles

Kid Friendly Videos That Teach Addition

Math Puzzles are a great option for your early finishers, math centers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. Each puzzle focuses on a math skill. There are 10 pieces to each puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a math problem for the student to solve. Then the student assembles the puzzle by putting their pieces in order from least to greatest.  These puzzles also come with a student checklist. Each puzzle has a title in the upper right hand corner. This is an easy way for the student to identify the puzzle on his/her checklist.

Download Math Puzzles HERE

Lucky to Learn Math Addition Videos

Each Lucky to Learn math unit lesson features a Warm-Up Activity to get students in a math mindset. The integrated theme for Unit 3 is all about factories, production, and manufacturing. Students will explore a candy factory, learn how books are made, and see a pizza assembly line, all from the comfort of their classroom! Students will make real-life connections to understand how and why using addition and subtraction strategies is essential to this business! You can find a selection of videos that will get students thinking about addition strategies in a whole new way!

More Math Videos

Need some more teacher-approved videos to add to your instruction? Take a look at the list below. 

If you’d like to save these videos for the future, you can pin the image below.



  1. karen

    Hi Angie,
    I signed up for your “free” Monday resources. I received the candy corn math today…thanks so much.
    Where can I find the addition anchor chart and mini student template? Love them and can’t wait to share with my students.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Karen. Thanks for your message. I’m glad you are loving the freebies! The addition anchor chart and student template can be found in my free resource library. You can sign up for access to this here:


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