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Students Love Counting Money With Toothy Games!

1st & 2nd Grade Math Skills, Math, Money & Time

Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

Money, money, money! Looking for a new counting money game to reinforce coin counting skills? Look no further than the Money Math Toothy Game! In this fun math game, students will practice counting money in different amounts and arrangements. They'll be tallying up their piggy bank totals in no time with the help of Toothy!

free money counting math game for 2nd grade includes 54 self checking cards and 4 different recording sheets

The Money Math Toothy Game includes 54 self-checking cards and 4 different recording sheets, this set has everything you need for Toothy. Keep reading to grab your free Money Math Toothy game, and to learn how to set up and use this fun activity in the classroom.

What is Toothy?

Toothy, an original Lucky Little Learners game, is a game changer in the classroom! Play it independently, with a partner, or in a small group. “Toothy” is the actual character in the game with a big, open mouth in which the students draw teeth every time they answer a question correctly.

free math task card based toothy activity to teach students about money
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How to Set Up Toothy

New to Toothy? Read all about how to set up the Toothy Task Kit at this helpful blog post, or check out the “How To…” section of the Toothy download.

Supplies for Math Money Counting Game

money toothy task cards coin identification reference sheet and toothy game mat
All Access member? Download free.
  • Toothy Mat (one per student)
  • Expo Marker
  • Eraser (black socks work great)
  • Toothy Task Cards

Optional Materials:  

Note: The supplies above are linked to our Amazon Affiliate shop.

How to Play Math Money Toothy

free math task cards and toothy game mat activity for practicing money counting skills

Once the Toothy Task cards are printed and prepped, you are ready to play Toothy!

For extra support for all learners, allow the option to use money manipulatives and a money anchor chart when playing.

For Partner Play:

  • Each partner gets a Toothy mat and a dry erase marker.
  • Students take turns choosing a card.
  • Each student solves the problem on their Toothy mat or dry erase board.
  • When everyone has answered the question, they compare their answers.
  • Finally, turn the card over to check if the answer is correct.
  • Those who have a correct answer get to draw a tooth.

If the student’s answer is incorrect, they do not draw a tooth and those who got the answer correct must explain how they got to the correct answer.

The game ends once all 27 cards have been answered.

The student with the most teeth in Toothy’s mouth is the winner of the game.

Play Toothy as an independent, small group, or whole class game, too! Check out these 5 fun and different ways teachers use Toothy in their classrooms.

Grab Your Freebie

Ready to try this engaging game with your students? Grab Money Math Toothy at this link.

Get Your Free Money Toothy Here

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free counting money math game for second grade


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