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Written by: Angie Olson

Introducing multiplication to students needs to be interesting and capture their attention.  Math videos that teach multiplication are a great option!  Students can be introduced to multiplication facts, the multiplication chart, and more through these engaging videos.

Multiplication Resources

Quickly, before we jump into the videos, here’s a quick round-up of some of my favorite multiplication resources. From strategies to fluency to games, there’s a Lucky Little Resource for that!

Multiplication Strategies  (blog post)

Books to Teach Kids Multiplication (blog post)

3rd Grade Toothy

Download 3rd Grade Math Toothy HERE

Math Fact Fluency Sticks

Sticky Math

Download Sticky Math HERE

Basic Multiplication for Kids (6:14)

If you’re teaching your kids multiplication using repeated addition as a strategy, this is a great video to enhance your math multiplication lessons.  Clearly expressing that adding the same number, again and again, means that you are multiplying, this video brings it back to the basics with a cute story and animation to really help your kids understand the foundation of multiplication.

Concept of Multiplication for Kids | Grade 1 Maths for Kids (4:26)

I love the way that this video focuses on the concept and process of multiplication rather than simply assuming that students already have a basic understanding. Terminology is taught in an uncomplicated way and there are three very helpful examples where the narrator walks us through how to multiply!

Intro to Multiplication | Khan Academy (3:32)

In this video, the teacher walks us through how to multiply using repeated addition with groups of three. This video is clear and easy to understand and at the end, students are given practice examples to help them follow the example and multiply on their own!

Multiplication 3rd Grade – Learn Multiplication Educational Math Videos (3:43)

Come learn all about Multiplication with the Number One in this fun Video. Kids will learn not only how to multiply numbers but also learn about groups and numbers within groups. Although this video says it is for 3rd grade, it is a great educational video for 2nd graders as well!

Multiplication Lesson for Kids | Classroom Edition (10:30)

This multiplication lesson for kids is AWESOME! The narrator takes you by the hand and shows you that multiplication can be fun, especially once you understand it! Perfect for classrooms in grades 1, 2, 3 and even 4!

What is Multiplication? | Multiplication Concepts for Kids (10:53)

This video is a little bit on the longer side but covers the full spectrum of basic multiplication! From the basic understanding of multiplication to the varies tips and rules (such as the rules of multiplying by zero or 1), this video moves along at a great pace with an interactive narrator, Marko the Pencil!

Multiplication Vocabulary – Math Video Elementary Kids (2:16)

This video focuses in on the multiplication vocabulary terms “factor” and “product”. Using the illustration of factories creating products, this video will give students a clear and easy-to-remember understanding of multiplication terminology!

Songs For Skip Counting

Multiplication Mash Up (7:26)

Featuring tons of popular pop songs, your kids will be singing along in no time with this video while learning their math facts!  The video covers a different song for each factor to help kids differentiate between factors 0-12.  Catchy lyrics and songs that make you want to dance make this video a real winner for teaching multiplication!

Doubles Song – My Dog Multiplication (2:48)

This music video is all about a boy who has a dog who keeps on multiplying by 2! Every time the boy wakes up in the morning the number of dogs he has doubles until he has 16! This video utilizes fun music, lyrics, and storytelling to teach multiplication and at the end of the video, we briefly see how dividing 2 brings us all the way back to one remaining dog.

UMIGO – Double Trouble (Doubling) (4:31)

This UMIGO video begins with a problem where the character “Dizzy” doesn’t know how many screws to give his friend for 2 tires. To help him out, they show us a music video about how multiplying by 2 is simply doubling the last number. In this fun, very interactive video, students will learn how to double all the way to 128!

Mrs. D’s Multiplication Rap Remix™ (2:25)

This music video consists of a really well-done rap that goes through multipliers of 2 and 3 while giving out multiplication rules and tips! “It’s the multiplication rap, remember these lines!” (If your students love this song, check out the extended version that goes all the way up through 9!

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars) (3:31)

Maybe I’m just partial to this song, but I LOVE this video.  It’s fast-paced, upbeat, and super engaging!  Plus, it’s teachers singing and dancing!!  What could be better?  I only wish that this video covered all of this times tables and not just the threes!  This video is a must when you are working on the threes with your class!

Times Tables Songs For Kids | 6, 7, 8 & 9 | Fun Multiplication Songs (11:28)

Visit YouTube to watch this video.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I LOVE NUMBEROCK!  They have super catchy videos with amazing animation that really helps kids remember whatever concept they’re addressing.  And this video is no different!  Focusing on factors 6 – 9, this video uses a catchy beat and tune to keep your kids learning their multiplication facts! The 10 Times Table Song (Multiplying by 10) | Silly School Songs

The 10 Times Table Song (Multiplying by 10) | Silly School Songs (2:48)

The tens are not necessarily the hardest factor to master when learning multiplication but I welcome any video that makes learning more accessible to my kids – and this video does just that!  With a catchy song and easy-to-understand lyrics, your kids will be able to master their tens in no time with this video!

More Math Videos

Need some more teacher-approved videos to add to your instruction? Take a look at the list below. 

Introducing multiplication to students needs to interesting and capture their attention.  Math videos that teach multiplication are a great option!  Students can be introduced to multiplication facts, the multiplication chart, and more through these engaging videos.


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