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Written by: Angie Olson

Graphing in 1st grade and 2nd grade doesn’t have to be boring or tricky.  Yes, there are a lot of concepts to teach within graphing but it can be accomplished successfully with the help of math graphing videos that teach different graphing concepts.  I like to use these videos as an introduction to the day’s lesson.  They cover everything from bar graphs, line graphs, picture graphs, data charts, tally charts, and more! Combine these videos with the Measurement and Graphing Toothy for some fantastic self-paced and self correcting center work.


Graphing Videos

Super Fab Lab! – Charts – Sid the Science Kid (3:46)

In this video, the teacher Suzie teaches Sid the Science Kid and his friends about gathering data and putting together a chart. Along with the animated portion of this video, there is some video footage of students in real life doing the same activity. There is an awesome opportunity here to bring your classroom along and chart and graph along with this video!

Bar Graphs for 2nd Grade Kids (3:59)

This video uses fruit to demonstrate how to read and put together a bar graph and is a great introduction to graphing for students. Our engaging narrator walks us through the various components of bar graphs and asks students questions and encourages them to respond. Bonus: this video uses tally marks to represent data!

“Displaying And interpreting Data” Educational Video (1:20)

This Halloween-themed music video briefly covers the different uses for a bar graphs versus line graphs. Fast-paced and fun, students will be entertained while learning basic terminology about graphs with this catchy video!

Creating Bar Graphs (3:20)

This video teaches the basic principles of bar graphs with the various ways that children get to school. First we collet the data, write the data in tally marks, and transcribe that information as a bar graph. This video is very clear and helpful for teaching the whole process of bar graphing in a practical way!

Making a Bar Graph (3:15)

In this video the “Math Monsters” are trying to figure out which flavor of pancakes is the most popular. They all have different answers so one of them collets all the data and compiles it into a bar graph. This is a great, easy to comprehend video that teaches students how to problem solve with data!

Read Picture Graphs (2:55)

In this video Professor Burger teaches the puppet Joey about how to read picture graphs by answering some questions based on the collected data. This video is fun and interactive and great for teaching how to read and interpret graphs!

Picture Graphs Second Grade – Kids learn about Picture Graphs (4:36)

Here is another awesome video from Math & Learning Videos for Kids, where our animated number 1 friend helps us learn about picture graphs. This is a perfect video to open up the world of graphing as we put together a picture graph and then take time to answer questions based on our collected data; colored pencils!

Tally Charts and Graphs Review (13:14)

This video is on the longer side but is very thorough in its coverage of tally charts and graphs. The narrator walks us through how to identify and read several different kinds of graphs while asking and answering questions about the data. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video in class, this would be a great one to jump around in and pick and choose material in the video for review.

Learning About Line Graphs (1:39)

This short video teaches students when to use line graphs and the basic principles of how to read and create your own. The narrator wants to track how may apples he has eaten over the course of several months and clearly demonstrates the line graphing process with easy to follow animation.

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