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Videos That Teach Kids Measurement

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Measurement is one of those topics that can be pretty tricky for some students to grasp.  The overall topic of measurement covers a ton of information and even as an adult, I find that it can be overwhelming to retain it all!  Finding ways to keep kids engaged and really make your measurement lessons fun and exciting is crucial for student comprehension.

Math Videos That Teach Measurement

I love using videos about measurement while teaching this unit.  A good math video can spark a student’s interest, help deepen their understanding of a concept, and add that ‘fun’ factor that keeps kids wanting to learn more!  The following videos are a collection of my favorite measurement-based videos on YouTube.  Some of them feature catchy songs and rhymes while others offer excellent explanations and pertinent graphics or animation.  No matter which videos from this list you choose to show your students, I promise that they will all ‘measure up’!

Math for Kids: Measurement – “How Do You Measure Up” – Fun & Learning Game for Children (8:53)

This is a comprehensive video about measurement – great for introducing the unit or reiterating concepts along the way.  It begins by explaining what measurement is, why we need measurement, and real life applications of measurement.  The video continues on to explain a wide range of measurements like weight, length, speed, temperature, and height.  I love how the video highlights specific vocabulary and gives a clear definition.  The second half of the video is set up like a game – a great opportunity for some interactive discussion!!

This one is probably more suited for a younger audience.

Math Monsters Standard and Nonstandard Measurement (15:33)

This video is more along the lines of a short movie, seeing as how it is about 15 minutes.  If you have the time though, this is a great video to show when teaching measurement.  It has some songs mixed in with dialogue and follows the characters as they try to build a playhouse. It’s a great way to really show how measurement is important while also teaching vital measurement concepts.

Introduction to Standard Measurement for Kids: Measuring Length in Inches with a Ruler (1:30)

This video is short, sweet, and to the point!  Your kids will fully understand how to use a ruler for measurement by the end of this one!  Even though it is short, it does a great job of involving the audience and keeping your students engaged!

Capacity Song for Kids ★ Measurement Video by NUMBEROCK (2:55)

NUMBEROCK videos are some of my absolute favorites – they always have a great beat, catchy lyrics, and awesome animation that really illustrates important concepts.  This video from NUMBEROCK covers capacity and converting capacity measurements – an often tricky concept to master.  But with this video, your students will be mastering measuring capacity in no time!

Nonstandard Measurement – Sid The Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company (3:37)

This video is great for younger kids!  The likable main character, Sid, clearly explains how to use a ruler and furthers this concept by exploring how to measure really big stuff – like a blue whale!  It does a great job of answering questions regarding why measurement is useful and the many purposes for learning how to measure.

Introduction to Non-Standard Measurement for Kids: Using Paper Clips to Measure (1:30)

This video is on the shorter side but I love it because it really engages kids by asking them questions – a great place to press pause and engage in a class discussion.  The idea of non-standard measurement is made simple in this brief but effective video!

The Measurements Song (3:19)

You can’t go wrong with this video that offers tons of examples of different types of measurements.  I always find that kids struggle to understand how measurements are related – like that 3 feet equals 1 meter.  With a soothing tune and clear graphics, this video will really enhance your students understanding of this concept.  It covers all kinds of measurement – length, weight, and volume.

Inches, Feet and Yards Song ⋆ Measurement by NUMBEROCK (2:09)

This video is hysterical – I love it and I know your kids will too!  It does an amazing job of explaining measurement conversions and relating them to real life objects and situations.  Using a group of ‘measurement heroes’, the song lyrics covers measurements such as inches, feet, and yards to help your kids understand conversions in a fun way!

Metric System Conversions Song | Measurement by NUMBEROCK (2:37)

Another favorite from NUMBEROCK, this video covers measurement conversions but with the Metric system.  Understanding that there are two different systems for measurement can be a tough concept to understand, so showing the previous video and this one back to back is a useful way to really explore this concept with your students!  As always, the beat and lyrics are catchy and your kids will want to sing along!

Ounces (oz), Pounds (lbs) and Tons Song ★ Weights and Measurement For Kids ★ Math Video by NUMBEROCK (2:06)

I just can’t get enough of the NUMBEROCK videos!!  I just have witnessed firsthand how much my students respond to these videos and I know yours will too!  This song is upbeat and fun and takes the sometimes dry topic of measuring weight and makes it fun!!  Just like all the other NUMBEROCK videos, you and your kids will be singing along to this one in not time!

Other Measurement Resources

Videos are an amazing resource but if you’re teaching measurement and looking for some other great tools to help your students understand the various measurement concepts, take a look at the following resources.  They are all written by a teacher author who has her master’s degree in elementary mathematics and knows what it takes to help kids understand tough mathematical concepts!

1st Grade Math Notebook: Measurement 

1st Grade Math Notebook Bundle: Measurement and More!

2nd Grade Math Notebook: Measurement

2nd Grade Math Notebook Bundle #2: Measurement and More!

2nd Grade January Math Centers: Measurement and More

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Math Videos That Teach Measurement

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