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Written by: Angie Olson
This is a great collection of math videos that help to teach our students place value. They can be a great introductory video to enrich the lesson or even watched prior to math centers or guided math time.

Math videos can be a great introduction to the lesson for the day.  They can also be used to introduce the activity that is being done during math centers or guided math time.  I have put together a collection of my favorite math videos that I use to help teach place value.

Place Value Song (2:45)


By:  Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching

This video is a fun one to help teach ones, tens, hundreds! Nurture number sense to help your students discover math success!

Numbers in the Teen (Have a Group of 10) (2:29)


By:  Harry Kindergarten Music

This math video teaches place value  through the use of kid-friendly visuals. Students learn the value of each digit with the place value house. They will learn the ones, tens and hundreds place in this video.

Counting By Tens (2:41)


By:  Have Fun Teaching

Counting by tens is an important skill in math.  Your students will love this catchy song and video that allows them to act out with actions with the video, all while counting by tens to one hundred.

Place Value Math Song:  Ones, Tens, Hundreds (3:28)


By:  Mr. R’s Songs for Teachers

Have students sing along with the ones, tens, hundreds song! This video should help learners memorize the three units places. Be sure to pause the video to count the base ten blocks!

Skip Counting Forward and Back (4:14)


By:  Jack Hartmann

Skip Counting Forward and Back is an educational song that focuses on skip counting by 10’s to 100 and then skip counting back.  The upbeat fun Caribbean rhythm makes it easy to also incorporate movements as you count. This is a wonderful brain and body connection for learning and moving. Also, the movements break up the song and video.

Place Value Song:  Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands (3:42)


By:  Make Your Math Pop

An educational math music video that explains place value. It discusses the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places. Each of these places are introduced individually so you can choose to show it up through the place value spot that your students are learning.

Hundreds Chart Song (1:15)


By:  Brainzy Games by Education

This video demonstrates how to count on a hundreds chart.  It also demonstrates one more, one less, ten more, and ten less from a given number.  This skill is a great skill to learn and know when learning about place value.

Place Value Song (1:07)


By:  Brainzy Games by Education

This is a quick demonstration of how you can break up a 2-digit number when learning to add.  The importance of tens and ones is emphasized in this brief but informative and fun video.

More Math Songs

Our Lucky to Learn Math curriculum features original songs to help with place value. Check out the Odd Numbers Song and the Even Numbers Song, and watch as students bop along with these catchy tunes!

Place Value Worksheets & Centers

If you are looking for more resources to help teach your students place value, check out the links below.
Place Value Worksheets
Place Value Interactive Notebook Activities
Place Value Toothy (Printable & Digital)

More Math Videos

Need some more teacher-approved videos to add to your instruction? Take a look at the list below. 

If you found this post helpful and want to share it with other teachers or you want to save it to your Pinterest board for future reference, use the image below.  Happy Teaching!

This is a great collection of math videos that help to teach our students place value. They can be a great introductory video to enrich the lesson or even watched prior to math centers or guided math time.


  1. Chris Steller

    Angie- you rock!!!
    Thank you so much for the freebies this week on place value! They came at the perfect time and my students love the activities!


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