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Kid Friendly Videos That Teach Geometry

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Kids are often very visual when it comes to learning – which makes incorporating videos into your lessons a fun an easy tool to use that addresses their visual needs.  Especially when it comes to math!  Your students may not expect you to play a video during math instruction, which gives your lesson an unexpected twist!  This element of surprise and catching them off-guard by sharing different geometry-related videos is a great way to keep your little learners totally engaged!  Plus, math videos are tons of fun and often highly interactive.

Kid-friendly math videos that teach geometry

The following list of videos feature a variety of energetic songs, excellent graphics, and easy-to-follow explanations all about geometry.  Since these videos collectively address a variety of grade-levels and geometry sub-topics, you should have no trouble finding the perfect place in your math instruction to use one (or more) of these entertaining and educational geometry videos.

Intro to Symmetry: All About Symmetry for Kids (2:35)

Understanding symmetry can be difficult for some students – but not when you show them this video!  It offers the perfect introduction to the concept of symmetry!  I really like how this video not only shows and explains symmetry in terms of shapes and drawings, but also by using real-life objects as examples.  It really helps to get kids thinking about symmetry that exists in the world around them!  Even though this video doesn’t feature a catchy tune, the appealing graphics and incredibly clear explanation of symmetry makes it an excellent resource for introducing the concept of basic symmetry.

Symmetry for Kids (3:48)

Your kids will have a blast learning about symmetry with this cheerful video!  It features an upbeat rock n’ roll song that will help your students extend their knowledge of symmetry well beyond the basics!  Using bright shapes and colorful graphics in combination with simple text explanations and a catchy tune, the song and video work together to effectively drive home the many different aspects of symmetry.  It’s a great video for extending this concept as it explores multiple variations of symmetry, such as bilateral and rotational symmetry.

Polygon Song Video (4:02)

Your kids will fully understand what a polygon is after hearing the catchy song that’s featured in this video.  The definition of a polygon is explained right off the bat and continues on to show pictures of different polygons while also explaining how they got their names.  It clearly examines and discusses three, four, five-sided shapes, all the way up to a ten-sided decagon.  After explaining each shape, the video takes an interactive turn by asking viewers to draw the different shapes in the air while singing along with the video about them.  Your kids will love it!

They Polygon Song (3:18)

This adorable song helps to clearly show the difference between a ‘boring square’ and other shapes like pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons, and decagons.  While the song chorus does get a bit monotonous with lyrics about a boring square, it does do an excellent job of showing how many sides each various shape has and how they are each different from a square.  The word polygon isn’t really mentioned in this video, so showing video #3 prior to this one would be a great way to first introduce polygons, and then reinforce what they are by showing this.

Learn about 2-D Shapes with Choo-Choo Train – Part 1 (9:35)

Although this video is on the longer side and doesn’t feature any catchy theme songs, it’s a really effective tool for teaching 2-D shapes to younger students.  The colorfully animated talking train will help keep your little learners engaged while the clear and easy-to-understand explanations will leave no room for confusion about 2-D shapes.  If you’re worried about the length of the video, you can skip about the first minute of the video – which is mostly just introduction music.  Bright animations and detailed explanations regarding different characteristics of 2-D shapes will ensure that your students fully grasp this basic geometry concept – and have fun while doing it!  They will love the interactive nature of this video as the talking train poses questions to the audience throughout the video.

Learn 3-D Shapes (geometric solids) with Choo-Choo Train – Part 2 (12:05)

Part 2 of the Choo-Choo Train video series builds on the previous video by moving on from 2-D to 3-D shapes.  The same talking train from the previous video will help guide your students through understanding various 3-D shapes and what makes them 3-D.  Again, if you’re worried about time, you can skip to minute 2:55 to get to the real meat of the video where it fully explores each 3-D shape and relates each one back to a 2-D shape.  Like the 2-D video, this video offers an interactive component as it asks viewers questions while exploring different 3-D shapes – offering you a great opportunity to pause and discuss concepts with your students!  (Be sure that your kids understand what a polygon is prior to watching the video since it refers to polygons without offering a detailed explanation.)

2-D Geometry Shapes Play Dough (6:12)

Although this video has no words, it’s still incredibly helpful to use as a visual example of how to create 2-D shapes.  Doing the activity seen in the video with your class would be a great way to offer students some hands-on experience with forming shapes.  You might also use this video as a prompt for questioning your class about geometry topics or spatial relationships.  For instance, what shape do you see above the pentagon, etc.  The video is brief but still manages to clearly show kids how to form 2-D shapes using little balls of Play Dough and toothpicks!  If you’re going to do this activity with your class, use this video as an introduction or in the background of your class while your students make the various Play Dough shapes.

3-D Shapes with Play Dough (9:06)

Very similar to the previous one, this is another word-free video that simply takes kids through the steps of creating 3-D shapes with Play Dough and toothpicks.  You could easily use this video immediately following the previous one to really drive home the difference between 2-D and 3-D shapes for your students.  It can also be easily used as an introduction to this activity or as background support while your students are making 3-D Play Dough shapes.  If you’re worried about the the length of this video, you can easily fast-forward through some of the construction of the shapes when you see that your kids are grasping the concept.

How to Draw Triangles Real Easy with Euclid (3:47)

Don’t be fooled by the title – this video does far more than just teach kids how to draw a triangle.  Main character, ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, gives viewers a brief introduction to several different geometry topics involving lines, angles, and triangles.  He offers explanations about the relationship between lines, the different kinds of lines and how they cross or do not cross, and eventually ties those ideas into showing us how a triangle is drawn by connecting three points with three lines – and then forming three angles.  Kids will love the way that the narrator illustrates Euclid while talking – and his British accent is an added bonus!  About much more than just drawing triangles, this video is an excellent supplement to any geometry lesson about lines, angles, AND triangles.

Polygons Song For Kids Rap Video: Geometry, Quadrilaterals, Hexagons etc. (1:57)

Your kids will be delighted by the catchy beat that this rap song features as it carefully explains various pre-fixes of shapes and how they impact the number of sides a shape features.  What’s great about this video is that as the song plays, images of each shape being discussed are displayed in real-life situations.  For instance, the video shows a triangle in the sail of a boat and a quadrilateral in the door of a house.  This helps your students see that shapes can be found all around us in addition to serving as a great introduction to a potential shape-hunt type activity.

Parallel, Perpendicular & Intersecting Lines Song | NUMBEROCK (2:21)

If you’re teaching your kids about the different types of lines and how they interact with each other, you absolutely must share this video with your class!  With a catchy beat, a chorus that you won’t soon be forgotten, and clear graphics – this video and song will have your kids understanding the concept of geometric lines in no time!  The chorus encourages viewers to put their hands in the air and form the various lines with their arms as they are rapped about in the video.  The repetition in this video really helps drive the message home about parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines in a fun and enjoyable way!

3-D Shapes Song For Kids | 3-D Shape Video by NUMBEROCK (2:04)

Another great video from NUMBEROCK, this lively rap song does an excellent job explaining 3-D shapes to viewers.  If some of the previously mentioned videos focusing on 3-D shapes seem too young for your students, this one will be a big hit with the older kids – and even with the younger ones!  The chorus helps remind students of the characteristics of 3-D shapes while the rest of the song explains specific 3-D shapes and where viewers might see these shapes in everyday life.  Your kids will not only have a better understanding of 3-D shapes after watching this video, but they will be singing the tune for days as they point out 3-D shapes all around them!

Colin Dodds – Geometric Transformations (3:15)

Understanding the various ways that shapes move or transform seems simple enough, but it can be tricky for some students to fully understand.  Although this video doesn’t offer the most spectacular graphics, the tune is catchy and the explanations of the various ways that shapes move are super easy to understand.  The chorus repeats key terms regarding geometric transformations such as rotate, translate, and reflect, and fully explains what each term means.  This video may be better for slightly older students as it introduces the more advanced term, tessellate, in addition to featuring a lot of text displays of definitions.  Because of this, it may be helpful to show this video to students who are able to read – though this is not essential for it to be effective.

The Shapes Song: Shapes Rap/Chant – Robot Shape Song (3:36)

A great introduction to basic shapes, this video combines a simple background beat with straightforward explanations of various shapes such as circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, and more.  After showing a visual representation of each shape, the video uses simple animation to show how each shape is actually made and clearly points out how many sides it has.  Although the graphics are pretty basic and the beat is not winning a Grammy anytime soon, this video manages to offer very easy to understand explanations and introductions into basic shapes.  Perfect for your younger students!

Triangle Song ⋆ Types of Triangles For Kids by NUMBEROCK (1:55)

Can you tell that I’m a big fan of these NUMBEROCK videos?  I think they’re a really excellent addition to any geometry lesson due to the fact that they all feature different, but equally memorable, beats and melodies combined with easy to follow explanations of the given concept.  I also love how they all show real-life examples of geometry concepts and geometric shapes.  This particular video does a great job of exploring all different kinds of triangles – a concept that I’ve found many of my students struggle with.  Not only does the song explain and show examples of different triangles, but it highlights the various characteristics that differentiate these triangles from each other.  Quick, catchy, and to the point – this video is a great addition to any geometry lesson on triangles.

Other Resources to Teach Geometry

It’s undeniable that certain videos can really drive home various math concepts for your students when you incorporate them into your math lessons – but let’s not forget about all of the other amazing resources out there that can also help enrich your math instruction!  Including the following geometry-focused resources from Lucky Little Learners into your math instruction will definitely help boost student engagement and heighten their understanding of various geometric concepts!  Check out all of these incredible products by clicking on the links below.

1st Grade Interactive Geometry Math Notebook

2nd Grade Interactive Geometry Math Notebook

2nd Grade Interactive Math Notebook Bundle: Time, Money, Geometry

Geometry QR Code Task Cards

Geometry Task Cards (without QR codes)

Kid-friendly math videos that teach geometry

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