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August Math Centers for 1st & 2nd Grade

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Written by: Krys Warstillo

Calling all 1st & 2nd-grade teachers! Get ready for back to school with our August Math Centers. Back to school is all about reviewing and making sure that students have the basics from their previous grade mastered. Let’s push back on some of that summer slide and make sure our kids are ready for all the exciting new material. These August Math Centers are a great way to begin a new year! 

August Math Centers for first and second grade

August Math Center Skills for 1st & 2nd Grade

Math Skill1st Grade2nd Grade
NUMBER SEQUENCING1 & 2 Digit Numbers1,2 & 3 Digit Numbers
ADDITIONAddition to 10Addition to 18
SUBTRACTIONSubtraction within 10Subtraction Within 18
MORE THAN, LESS THANOne More, One LessTen More, Ten Less
PATTERNSNext 3 Shapes (AB, ABB, ABC)Next 3 Shapes (ABCAABC, ABCC, ABBB, etc.)
COUNTINGCounting to 100x
EXPANDED FORMx2-Digit + Odd & Even
SUBITIZINGSubitizing to 10x
STORY PROBLEMSxBasic Addition & Subtraction
GREATER,LESS, EQUAL2-Digit Numbers2-Digit Numbers

Let's dig into August center activities to practice each of these beginning of the year math skills!

Number Sequencing August Math Centers

Building number sense is an essential building block for 1st and 2nd graders. Reinforce this vital skill with a fun apple-themed number sequencing center. For extra support, give your students a number line or a 100 chart. 

apple-themed number sequencing math center activity

Download Here

1st Grade Number Sequencing

2nd Grade Number Sequencing

Addition & Subtraction Centers

Have students jump into addition and subtraction with puzzles. To solve these puzzles, they can use their mental math skills or practice using the manipulatives of their choice! The 1st-grade version has addition and subtraction within 10. The 2nd-grade version goes up to 18. 

math centers for practicing addition and subtraction using school bus puzzles

Download Here

1st Grade Addition
1st Grade Subtraction
2nd Grade Addition
2nd Grade Subtraction

Missing Addends Center

In this center, students will use colorful crayon boxes to practice finding the missing addend in an addition equation. 

missing addends back to school math center activity

Download Here

1st Grade Missing Addends

2nd Grade Missing Addends

More & Less Centers

In the 1st grade version of this center, students practice one more, one less while the 2nd-grade version increases the difficulty by asking for 10 more, 10 less. Both grades use this center to continue building that all-important number sense. 

more and less math center activity by Lucky Little Learners

Download Here

1st Grade One More, One Less

2nd Grade Ten More, Ten Less

Patterns Center

Both grades get to practice recognizing and continuing patterns in the “Next Three Shapes” center. Make this center more interactive by asking your students to model each card with actual pattern blocks!

next three shapes patterning math center for 1st and 2nd grade

Download Here

1st Grade Patterns

2nd Grade Patterns

Base Ten Centers

Let’s review base ten! Students match the standard form of a number with its base ten form in this center. In the 1st grade version, they’ll match two-digit numbers and in the 2nd-grade version, they’ll be using 3-digit numbers.

base ten math center activity for first and second grades

Download Here

1st Grade Base Ten

2nd Grade Base Ten

Greater, Less, and Equal Center

Review inequalities with this open-ended center. Students practice building their own inequalities then write them down on their recording sheet.

students practice greater than less than and equal to with this second grade math center

Download Here

1st Grade Greater, Less, Equal

2nd Grade Greater, Less, Equal

Counting to 100 and Subitizing to 10 Centers

These skills are included in the 1st-grade centers. Students get the chance to practice counting using mystery numbers and hundreds charts. They will use a fun cut and paste activity to work on subitizing. 

Practicing counting to 100 is fun with this Lucky Little Learners 1st grade August math centers activity using mystery numbers and hundreds charts.

Download Here

1st Grade Counting to 100

1st Grade Subitizing to 10

Expanded Form & Story Problems Centers

These two skills are featured in the 2nd grade August centers. Students organize numbers written in both expanded and written form into groups of even and odd numbers. Finally, they’ll review what they learned about basic story problems to solve 10 back-to-school themed word problems. 

back to school story problem math center activity for 2nd grade

Download Here

2nd Grade Story Problem Center

2nd Grade Expanded Form Center

August Math Centers

Each grade level includes 10 math centers that are aligned with either 1st or 2nd grade standards and themed to match the month of August! Each center comes in full color and black and white to meet your printing needs. They also come with a direction sign, recording sheet, and answer key. For added flexibility, each center comes in three digital formats — Google Slides, Seesaw, and PowerPoint.

1st Grade Centers

2nd Grade Centers

Math Centers All Year

Math centers make targeting specific skills and differentiation so much easier. It allows you time to work with a small group of students while the rest of your students are working productively and independently. If you want to know more about how to use math centers in your classroom check out our post with everything you need to know about math centers.

We also have center activities for the rest of the year!

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August Math Centers for first and second grade


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