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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Finding all of the activities needed to run engaging and standards-based literacy centers can feel like a monster task! The Lucky Little Learners 2nd Grade Printable and Digital Literacy Centers are a great option for teachers who want high-engagement and totally standards-aligned options for practicing reading, writing, grammar, and phonics during center time.

Take a closer look at our literacy centers!

second grade literacy centers for the full year

For each center activity, there is a printable AND digital center to keep stations running for a full school year. Read on for a list of the ELA standards covered for each part of literacy.

140 Literacy Centers for 2nd Grade

These literacy centers for 2nd grade make learning engaging, rigorous, and hands-on! They will keep your students practicing ELA skills with meaningful and purposeful tasks. We have activities for reading, writing, grammar and phonics. Take a look at everything included below!

1) Reading Centers

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Monitor and Fix-Up Strategies (RF 2.4)Reading Fluency (RF 2.4)Answering Questions in Nonfiction (RI 2.1)Asking Questions in Nonfiction (RI 2.1)
Determine Importance (RI 2.2)Finding the Main Idea (RI 2.2)Main Idea & Details (RI 2.2)Retelling Nonfiction (RI 2.2)
Cause and Effect (RI 2.3)Describing Connections (RI 2.3)Nonfiction Text Structures (RI 2.3)Problem and Solution (RI 2.3)
Unknown Vocabulary (RI 2.4)Nonfiction Text Features (RI 2.5)Author’s Purpose (RI 2.6)Information from Images (RI 2.7)
Reasons Support Points (RI 2.8)Compare and Contrast Nonfiction (RI 2.9)Nonfiction Genres (RI 2.10)Close Reading Nonfiction (RI 2.10)
Book Review (RL 2.10, RI 2.10)Asking Questions in Fiction (RL 2.1)Answering Questions in Fiction (RL 2.1)Making Inferences (RL 2.1)
Recount and Moral (RL 2.2)Fables, Fairytales, and Folktales (RL 2.2)Character Response to Challenges (RL 2.3)Alliteration (RL 2.4)
Poetry (RL 2.4)Rhymes (RL 2.4)Fiction Story Structure (RL 2.5)Summarizing (RL 2.5, RL 2.2)
Character Voices (RL 2.5)Point of View (RL 2.6)Information from Illustrations (RL 2.7)Compare and Contrast Fiction (RL 2.9)
Synthesizing (RL 2.10)Close Reading Fiction (RL 2.10)Fiction Genres (RL 2.10)Predictions (RL 2.10)
Visualization (RL 2.10)

Informational Standards

Second Grade Asking Questions Reading Center
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Literature Standards

Fiction and nonfiction reading center activities for 2nd grade
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2) Writing Centers

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Skills and Standards Covered: Foundational Writing

Introduction Writing (W 2.1, W 2.2, W 2.3)Conclusion Writing (W 2.1, W 2.2, W 2.3)Fact or Opinion (W 2.1)State an Opinion (W 2.1)
Supporting Reasons for Opinion (W 2.1)Linking Opinion and Reasons (W 2.1)Opinion Writing (W 2.1)How To Writing (W 2.2)
Topic and Facts (W 2.2)Points with Facts and Definitions (W 2.2)Informational Writing (W 2.2)Writing a Letter (W 2.2)
Adding Details (W 2.3)Dialogue (W 2.3)Narrative Writing (W 2.3)Fantasy Narrative (W 2.3)
Stretching Sentences (W 2.3)Transition Words (W 2.3)Editing Writing (W 2.5)Revising Writing (W 2.5)
Writing a Report (W 2.7)Inquiry Writing (W 2.8)
editing writing literacy center for 2nd grade
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3) Grammar Centers

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Common and Proper Nouns (L 2.1, L 1.1 B)Singular and Plural Nouns (L 2.1, L 1.1 C)Subject-Verb Agreement (L 2.1, L 1.1 C)Pronoun-Verb Agreement (L 2.1, L 1.1 D)
Verb Tenses (L 2.1, L 1.1 E)Adjectives (L 2.1, L 1.1 F)Conjunctions (L 2.1, L 1.1 G)Articles (L 2.1, L 1.1 H)
Demonstrative Pronouns (L 2.1, L 1.1 H)Prepositions (L 2.1, L 1.1 I)Types of Sentences (L 2.1, L 1.1 J)Linking Verbs (L 2.1)
Collective Nouns (L 2.1 A)Irregular Plurals (L 2.1 B)Reflexive Pronouns (L 2.1 C)Irregular Past Tense Verbs (L 2.1 D)
Irregular Verbs (L 2.1 D)Adverb or Adjective (L 2.1 E)Combine and Expand Sentences (L 2.1 F)Run-on Sentences (L 2.1 F)
Abbreviations (L 2.2)Ending punctuation (L 2.2, L 1.1 B)Commas in Dates and Series (L 2.2, L 1.1 C)Capitalization (L 2.2 A)
Letter Writing Punctuation (L 2.2 B)Possessive Nouns (L 2.2 C)Contractions (L 2.2 C)Generalize Spelling Patterns (L 2.2 D)
ABC Order (L 2.2 E)Formal vs. Informal English (L 2.3 A)Homophones (L 2.4)Literal vs. Nonliteral Language (L 2.4)
Multiple Meaning Words (L 2.4)Context Clues (L 2.4 A)Prefixes (L 2.4 B)Root Words (L 2.4 C)
Compound Words (L 2.4 D)Using Dictionaries (L 2.4 E)Synonyms & Antonyms (L 2.5)Real-life Uses of Words (L 2.5 A)
Shades of Meaning (L 2.5 B)Similes (L 2.6)
letter writing literacy center for 2nd grade
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4) Phonics Centers

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Skills and Standards Covered: 2nd Grade Phonics Centers

Short Vowel Words (RF 2.3 A)U Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)Multisyllabic Words (RF 2.3 C)Complex Vowels (RF 2.3)
Multisyllabic Short Vowel Words (RF 2.3 A)Variant Vowels (RF 2.3 B)Open Syllables (RF 2.3 C)Consonant Digraphs (RF 2.3)
Long or Short Vowels (RF 2.3 A)Short and Long OO (RF 2.3 B)Two Syllable Long Vowel Words (RF 2.3 C)L Blends (RF 2.3)
Silent E Words (RF 2.3 A)Diphthongs with OI and OY (RF 2.3 B)Prefixes (RF 2.3 D)R Blends (RF 2.3)
A Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)Diphthongs with OU and OW (RF 2.3 B)Suffixes (RF 2.3 D)S Blends (RF 2.3)
E Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)Mixed Diphthongs (RF 2.3 B)Inconsistent Spelling Patterns (RF 2.3 E)Contractions (RF 2.3)
I Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)Silent E Words (Multisyllabic) (RF 2.3 C)Silent Letters (RF 2.3 E)Compound Words (RF 2.3)
O Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)Vowel Teams (Multisyllabic) (RF 2.3 C)Comparative Endings (RF 2.3)Final Blends (RF 2.3)
Final Stable Syllables (RF 2.3)Hard and Soft C and G (RF 2.3)Inflectional Endings Without Spelling Changes (RF 2.3)Inflectional Endings With Spelling Changes (RF 2.3)
AR (RF 2.3)ARE, AIR, EAR (RF 2.3)ER, IR, UR (RF 2.3)OAR, ORE, OR (RF 2.3)
Mixed R-controlled Vowels (RF 2.3)Three-Letter Blends (RF 2.3)
2nd grade inflectional endings without spelling changes phonics center activity
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Literacy Centers for 2nd Grade: The Benefits

1- Offer digital AND printable options

Whatever the learning setting your students thrive on, we have you covered! You can offer both printable and digital options for literacy centers with these activities. The digital options are all set up for both Google Slides and Seesaw!

digital and printable literacy centers for 2nd grade
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Digital Centers

Printed Centers: Simple Prep

Print full color or black and white – your choice. Prep is easy with simple cutting and assembly. The variety of practice opportunities each week keeps kids interested and engaged for years to come!

2- Feel Total Confidence That You’re Meeting ELA Standards

Each center is focused on a literacy skill aligned with Common Core Standards.

state your opinion text message writing center activity for 2nd grade
Download this literacy center

3- Encourage Independent Thinkers

Direction signs are included for each of the literacy centers. No more, “What am I supposed to do?” when kids start a new center!

Foster Independence in the 2nd grade classroom by using literacy center activities with direction signs included
Download this literacy center

4- Hold Students Accountable

Each center has a recording sheet included, so you can get a quick snapshot of the work being completed. The recording sheets are great for checking student understanding too!

hold students accountable for the time spent engaged in literacy centers for 2nd grade with recording sheets for each activity
Download this literacy center

5- Assign by Skill/Standard

You can fit these literacy centers for 2nd grade into any scope and sequence since nothing is designed with season or holiday themes in mind.

Lucky Little Learners literacy centers for 2nd grade are organized by skill and standard so they can be used all year long
Download this literacy center

6- Motivate On-Task Behavior

The best way to motivate on task behavioe is through fun activities. These centers are so creative and fun, you’ll want to join your students! Plus, with over 140 centers, it’s easy to find activities that appeal to all of your lucky little learners.

phonics grammar reading and writing literacy centers for the entire school year
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7- Reading Practice

Each reading center includes text or book suggestions to ensure your students are practicing each skill through reading.

2nd grade reading centers to use with books to strengthen reading skills
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8- QR Codes Included for Research

Some writing centers include QR codes so students can research a topic further to complete the activity. Here’s more information about how you can set up QR codes.

9- Get Creative With When You Use Center Activities!

These literacy center activities can be plugged into a variety of spots in your schedule.

  • Independent ELA centers
  • Morning work
  • Reading groups
  • ELA skill groups
  • Independent activities
  • Intervention groups
  • Reader’s workshop
  • Writer’s workshop
  • Options for Fast finishers

Download Literacy Centers for 2nd Grade

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high engagement and standards aligned 2nd grade literacy centers for the full school year


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