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Spring Math Centers for 1st and 2nd grade

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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

Spring is here! Time to freshen up your math centers with these fun, hands-on activities for 1st and 2nd grade learners. The end of the school year is just around the corner! Take time to switch up classroom math centers to strengthen math skills, supplement student learning, or provide a specific review for students. Keep reading to find out how to use our spring math centers in the elementary classroom.

Spring Math Centers Skills

Our March, April, and May Math Centers feature a variety of activities to practice important math skills. All the math centers can be printed for in-person learning, or use the digital version with Google Slides, SeeSaw, or Powerpoint to assign them digitally. 

  • comparing numbers
  • counting money
  • 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction (with and without regrouping)
  • geometry (symmetry, shape building, fractions)
  • telling time
  • place value
  • graphing
  • skip counting
  • And so much more!

1st Grade Monthly Centers

1st Grade March Math Centers

1st Grade April Math Centers

1st Grade May Math Centers

2nd Grade Monthly Centers

2nd Grade March Math Centers

2nd Grade April Math Centers

2nd Grade May Math Centers

An Entire Year of Math Centers

Or….download an entire school year’s worth of centers!

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Check out our list of activities below to see how to use some of these centers in your 1st or 2nd grade classroom.


Practice comparing numbers from 1-100, identifying place value, and using greater than, less than symbols with these spring math centers!

More and Less Shamrock Numbers & Number Comparing Leprechaun Hats

2nd grade student solving one hundred less, one hundred more and ten less, ten more of a three digit number using the materials from the more and less shamrock numbers math center activity

Download More & Less Shamrocks Here

Comparing Numbers Froggy Place Value

Froggy Place Value math center activity in which students compare two numbers and determine which greater than, less than, or equal symbol belongs between the two values.

Download Froggy Place Value Here

Comparing Numbers Great Than/Less Than

Flower themed comparing numbers math center activity in which students draw a greater than, less than, or equal to symbol between two values.

Download Greater Than/Less Than Here

Spring MONEY Math Centers

Counting Money Pot of Gold Clips

counting money pot of gold clips march math center

Download Pot of Gold Clips Here

No writing is needed for these math money centers! Have students count up the money on the card, then clip a clothespin or paperclip to the correct choice.

Money Easter Eggs

money easter eggs math center for 2nd grade

Download Money Easter Eggs Here

What surprises will you find in these Easter Eggs? Students will calculate the amount of money in each egg, and place it in the basket with the matching amount. Add some fun to this activity by putting the problems inside real Easter eggs and having students find each one. The handy recording sheet also makes it easy to keep track of student progress.

Garden Galore Math Center

Garden Galore 2nd Grade Counting Money Math Center in which students determine which coin is missing to be able to pay for a springtime item

Download Garden Galore Center Here

Get growing with this money math center! Students must calculate the correct amount of money to purchase all the objects they will need to plant a garden. Extend this center activity by having students make their own garden wishlist and price list. What will they grow in their garden?


Who says math fact practice has to be dull and dreary? These spring math centers are all about bringing color and life to a normally ho-hum math routine!

Rainbow Sums

subtraction with regrouping rainbow math center activity

Download Rainbow Sums Here

Find the matching sums and graph them in this colorful center.

Spring Sunshine Facts

subtraction with regrouping spring sunshine facts math station activity for 2nd grade

Download Spring Sunshine Facts Here

Everyone needs a little review from time to time. Bring some sunshine to math fact practice with the Sunshine Sums Center. Find the sum and record it on the helpful answer sheet.

Adding 3 Numbers Spring Center

Students match the frog with his lily pad by correctly adding three numbers in this spring math center for 2nd grade.

Download Adding 3 Numbers Here

This spring center will help students practice adding three numbers together. To make things more interesting and get students up and moving, hide the puzzle pieces around the room to create a spring math scavenger hunt!

Spring GEOMETRY Centers

Geometry Geoboard Shapes

Geometry Geoboard Shapes math center in which students create shapes to match the shape geoboard cards.

Download Geoboard Shapes Here

Students will create shapes to match the shape cards on their geoboards. Don’t have geoboards in the classroom? Use the recording sheet to have students draw the matching shape.

Symmetry Pattern Blocks

symmetry pattern blocks math center in which students build a design to match the card and also build a symmetrical design given a symmetry mat

Download Symmetry Pattern Blocks Here

Nature and springtime are filled with symmetry. From butterfly wings to petals on a flower, students will create their own symmetrical pattern-block pictures with this center.

Spring TELLING TIME Math Centers

Spring forward to daylight savings time with these spring math centers for time!

Telling Time Rabbits and Carrots

Telling Time Rabbits and Carrots math center activity

Download Telling Time Rabbits & Carrots Here

Help the rabbit get to the carrot patch in time! This center helps students compare match digital and analog clock faces.

Clock Flowers

Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes Flower Clocks Math Center Activity for 1st and 2nd Grade

Download Flower Clocks Here

Doesn’t it feel like time is flying this school year? This center helps students identify time to the hour and half hour in both digital and analog format.

Math Centers for Every Season

 Changing your math centers every season is as easy as 1-2-3! We have 1st and 2nd grade math centers for every season and skill. Plus, our centers can be used in digital or print-and-go formats so they are accessible to learners, no matter where they are. If you want to know more about how to use math centers in your classroom check out our post with everything you need to know about math centers. We have centers for every month of the year and then some!


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