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Vocabulary & Context Clues Second Grade Reading Passages

Comprehension, Literacy

Written by: Krys Warstillo

Have you checked out the Second-Grade Reading Passages Bundle? The newest additions to this fantastic collection of reading passages focus on using context clues to determine the meaning of new vocabulary words. 

vocabulary and context clues 2nd grade reading passages

As students move through second grade they begin the exciting, and at times frustrating, transition from basic decoding to text with increased complexity. New vocabulary words can trip up your learners but learning how to figure out a word’s meaning in context can help! 

Our reading passages offer perfectly scaffolded practice. Students will be introduced to new words then asked:

  • What are the context clues? 
  • What do they already know?
  • Using those pieces of information what do they think the word means? 

Students are guided towards an answer in a way that feels supported but gives them opportunities to create their own connections. Sound great? Check out what’s included below. 

shooting stars sample 2nd grade reading passage

What’s Included in the Vocabulary & Context Clues Second-Grade Reading Passages Pack?

  • AT grade level fiction titles & question pages
  • BELOW grade level fiction titles & question pages
  • ABOVE grade level fiction titles & question pages
  • Question pages focused on using context clues to understand new vocabulary 
  • Answer keys
  • Digital version of each passage & questions (Google Forms)

Introducing Vocabulary and Context Clues

Now that you have some high quality reading passages to use with your students, it’s important to build a base of background knowledge so students feel confident and comfortable working on a new skill. 

Silly Words

This is one of my favorite introductory activities for vocabulary words and context clues! Plus, you can use it to create a fun anchor chart for students to reference. Begin by writing out a short paragraph but remove one of the words in the paragraph and replace it with a complete nonsense word. For example:

anchor chart with silly words paragraph to teach context clues

Elizabeth was very worried about her chubitubaroo. She had brought it to the mechanic this morning because it had been making some really strange sounds the day before. This morning, her chubitubaroo would barely start! 

Students love the made-up words! The sillier and stranger, the better. Read the paragraph to your students or have them read it to themselves. Then, ask them to work with a friend to figure out what chubitubaroo means. As a class, discuss what context clues led them to their answers. This activity can lead directly into the reading passages. While discussing the definition of chubitubaroo use the same questions that are used in the reading passages. This way, your students feel familiar with the questions they are being asked in the reading passages and can work independently.

  • What is the context clue? 
  • Stop and think, what do you already know about the word? 
  • What does the word mean? 

2nd Grade Reading Passages for 15 More Comprehension Skills

2nd grade reading passages to target 16 comprehension skills

Vocabulary and context clues reading passages are just a small portion of a much larger bundle. We have reading passages for all the comprehension skills you’re teaching! 

  1. Cause & Effect
  2. Character
  3. Fiction Text Evidence & 5Ws
  4. Nonfiction Text Evidence & 5Ws
  5. Nonfiction Compare & Contrast 
  6. Fiction Compare & Contrast
  7. Figurative Language
  8. Illustrations & Text Features
  9. Main Idea & Details
  10. Illustrations & Inferences
  11. Moral & Summarizing
  12. Sequencing
  13. Nonfiction Text Structure 
  14. Point of View
  15. Fiction Story Structure
  16. Vocabulary & Context Clues

They all include fluency trackers, varying reading difficulties, and targeted comprehension questions. Check out this blog post for more details on the whole bundle!

BONUS DOWNLOAD for you! Check out our Vocabulary Cards Pack. This freebie includes editable vocabulary cards that you can use for your word wall, student flashcards, or any vocabulary game!  

Download your free editable vocabulary cards here
Purchase an entire pack of vocabulary resources here

Second Grade Reading Passages


Vocabulary & Context Clues Reading Passages

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Passage Bundle

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