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Figurative Language Fun!

Comprehension, Literacy

Written by: Katie Palmer

Figurative language can seem daunting to teach, especially to elementary students! However, getting students engaged in AND understanding figurative language doesn’t have to be boring or difficult! Check out these fun strategies below!

Reading Passages

Did you know that Lucky Little Learners just came out with a NEW product? Your students will be able to enjoy and learn from Figurative Language Fiction Passages! Read more about these passages in THIS POST.

Teachers can decide which language style they want their students focusing on (simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, etc..) and assign those passages during whole group, small group, or a one-on-one basis. Using these passages for each style of figurative language will leave students excited to see what comes next! (Want to see more of our reading passages? Check out THIS post!)

Figurative Language Hunt (with a FREEBIE!)

Want students to dig even deeper into figurative language? Have them “hunt” for it in their favorite books. (You MIGHT need to assign books to students to ensure they contain the language style you are focusing on!) How do they complete this book hunt? Hand out this FREE figurative language hunt graphic organizer. Have students fill in the middle of the web with the style they are assigned to find. They will read through their stories to find figurative language and list them on the organizer. There is an easy way to teach this routine so students are able to complete it independently or with a partner.

  1. Model using the organizer as a whole group. Have students help “hunt” for examples.
  2. Next, give each student their own copy of the organizer, but still do the hunt as a whole group, calling on volunteers to share examples of the selected language style.
  3. Now students are ready to complete the organizer on their own with their own books. Assign the same style to the whole class or assign different styles around the classroom. (With the second method, students become the teachers as they teach their peers about their assigned style!)

By introducing the graphic organizer as “find it” challenge, students will be super engaged! Want this freebie? Get it HERE!

Want HUNDREDS more ideas to use in your classroom? Check out our Facebook group, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers and start exploring!

Happy teaching!


Leveled Comprehension and Fluency Reading Passages

Figurative Language 2nd Grade Reading Passages

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