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Teaching Kids to Use Linking Words

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Planning and preparing grammar lessons can be a struggle with a capital S! It can be difficult to keep students engaged in their grammar lessons and centers. One such grammar lesson that can be difficult to get students excited about is linking words. Never fear, there are PLENTY of resources out there to keep your lessons rockin! First, let’s dive into what linking words are. Then, let’s look at some engaging and useful resources you can start utilizing today.

ideas for teaching kids to use linking words in writing

What are Linking Words?

Linking words, also called transition words, are used to link two sentences together or to link two different ideas. They can also show the order of things: first, next, then, last. Learning how to use linking language while writing can improve the readability of student stories and assignments. Basically, writing has a better flow when it includes linking/transition words. 

Activities for Teaching Linking Words

How can we engage our students in this skill? Below are just a few ideas to get your classroom buzzing about linking words!

Online Activities

  • Visual Sequencing Lesson: This AMAZING and super engaging idea comes from the Balanced Literacy Diet. A variation is to teach any transition or linking words! What a FUN way to teach transition words that is sure to bring about some giggles and learning. 
  • Linking Sentence Activity: it is common for elementary writers to write many short sentences. Teaching them to use transition words to combine sentences with a similar idea makes their writing easier to read and understand. has a freebie worksheet to write a linking words sentence about their favorite ice cream flavor. Teachers could use this as a projected, whole group example and students could easily recreate a similar graphic organizer in a notebook about any topic the teacher picks! Grab the linking sentences activity here.

Sequencing Cards

Have students practice by ordering sequencing cards. This hands-on lesson gets students engaged with real life examples. This free resource contains 17 sets of sequencing cards. Perfect for a partner project or as a whole group review. Teachers could have students orally use the transition words they would use with the cards OR have the students write out their transition words paragraph. Here are the cards courtesy of Daily Sparkle:

sequencing cards for teaching linking words

Literacy Centers

Now that students have been introduced to linking/transition words, it’s time to apply their knowledge. Lucky Little Learners has a Literacy Centers Bundle that covers transition words, as well as 140 other reading, grammar, phonics and writing topics.

These kid-approved center activities are a GREAT way for students to review concepts they have already learned. They are perfect for small group tailored instruction, independent work time (this frees up the teacher to work with small group/individual students!) or a whole group review. Check out all things Reading/Writing Centers in our shop!


sound wall and phonics posters

2nd Grade Writing Centers

sound wall and phonics posters

2nd Grade Literacy Centers

Extra Resources to Make Learning Fun

Here are some fun extra ideas for your reading/writing block! Click on the images below to learn more.

teaching narrative writing in the primary classroom
second grade literacy center activities for reading writing grammar and phonics
writing centers for second grade
no prep writing pages for 2nd grade
tips from teachers about how to teach sentence writing

Happy Teaching!

ideas for teaching kids to use linking words in their writing


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