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Geometry Worksheets for 2nd Grade

1st & 2nd Grade Math Skills, Geometry, Math

Written by: Krys Warstillo

If you are looking for some no-prep geometry and fraction practice for your 2nd graders then these geometry worksheets are for you! With over 50 different activities your students will enjoy building on the skills they’ve been learning in class. These worksheets are great for independent work during centers, partner work, or homework.

geometry worksheets for second grade

What’s Included?

There are 50 worksheets in this resource, in both printable and digital formats. These are a perfect option for distance learning or in-class as part of a technology center.

The math skills covered in the geometry worksheets include:

  • 2-D Shapes
  • Quadrilaterals
  • 2-D Shape Names
  • Attributes of 2-D Shapes
  • 3-D Shapes
  • Recognizing Solid Figures
  • Attributes of Solid Figures
  • Recognizing Shape Attributes
  • Fractions
  • Equal Parts
  • Identifying Fractions
  • Partitioning Shapes

This resource also includes a great little geometry mini-book to introduce each shape.

Download Fractions Worksheets HERE

Printable and Digital Geometry Worksheets

Flexibility is so important when adding new resources to your classroom. Luckily, these worksheets are ready for your student no matter where they’re learning from! The printable versions of these geometry worksheets are wonderful print-and-go practice for your students.

hexagon and rhombus geometry worksheets for 2nd grade

Download Here

The digital versions of the geometry worksheets mirror the printable but instead of cutting, coloring, and writing your students will be asked to use drag and drop and type in their answers. If you move the Google slides over to Seesaw or use add-ons like Pear Deck your students will be able to easily draw on the slides as well.

digital and printable geometry worksheets for 2nd grade

A Closer Look At The Geometry Worksheets

2D Shapes

These geometry worksheets include a ton of great interactive practice that your students will love! The activities included are kid favorites like color by shape, roll a shape, and sorting shapes by their attributes. These activities are great because students can work independently with some initial guidance. If you provide your students with a completed version these can also serve as self-correcting practice.

2D shape geometry review worksheets for 2nd grade

Download Here

3D Shapes

This resource includes 8 activities dedicated to 3D shapes. These worksheets range from a simple understanding of the differences between 2D and 3D objects all the way to riddles that ask students to identify a 3D shape based on its attributes. No matter where your students are in their understanding there are no-prep activities ready for them!

3D shapes geometry worksheets

Download Here


Once your students have their shapes down, it’s time to move into fractions. The Geometry Worksheets start with basic knowledge of equal & unequal before moving onto more challenging tasks like naming and creating their own fractions. Finally, it ends with practice dividing shapes into rows and columns.

fraction worksheets for second grade

Download Here

Need More Geometry Resources?

Teaching geometry in 2nd grade works best when a lot of different approaches are used. It’s important to make sure we’re tapping into all those different learning styles. We have a lot more ideas in the linked posts below, in case you need them!

Activities For Teaching Geometry

Children’s Books That Teach Geometry

Download Fractions Worksheets HERE

geometry worksheets for second grade


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