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Interactive Bulletin Boards For the 2nd Grade Classroom

Classroom Setup

Written by: Katie Palmer

Does your classroom have a lot of bulletin board space? Does it have not enough? Do you HATE putting up bulletin boards? Do you let them collect dust throughout the school year so you don’t have to change them? This post will show you how you can create more bulletin board space (if needed) and how to make them interactive bulletin boards (think of them as teaching tools)! So, read on to amp up your bulletin board game!

Creating More Bulletin Board Space

If you lack actual bulletin boards but have wall space, here is an option! These faux bulletin boards are simply paper hung with tacks (could use removable adhesive hooks too). They stayed up perfectly all year!

bulletin board paper displays hanging from the ceiling tiles

Portable Bulletin Boards

If you simply don’t have the wall space for fake bulletin boards, then this next idea is perfect for you. This ideas was shared by Jessica McKamie. (Original idea from Tik Tok.) She created a math telling time bulletin board on a poster board. When she no longer needs the bulletin board, she simply folds it up and tucks it away for the next year. Genius!

telling time interactive bulletin board
Photo Credit: Jessica McKamie

Interactive Bulletin Boards for Each Subject

The following examples of bulletin boards are a mixture of fellow teachers in our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers facebook group and Team Lucky Little Learners ideas.


Math Stations Board

Check out this amazing math rotations interactive bulletin board from Alayne. Alayne says, “I add anchor charts on top of that anchor chart section when we go to a new concept. The right side of the board has the student names (blocked out for the photo) and center rotations (close-up in second photo). I adjust the groups according to each unit’s pre-test. Along the bottom of the board are bigger laminated sheets showing the centers where I write any necessary directions.”

interactive math board
Photo Credit: Alayne Jayne
math station rotation display
Photo Credit: Alayne Jayne

Number Posters

Showing numbers in more than one way is important, this is called subitizing. Subitizing is the ability to automatically recognize a number of objects without having to count them. Lucky Little Learner’s newest number posters, part of our Classroom Visuals Pack including both the standard number forms as well as ten frame numbers.

ten frame classroom number poster from the Lucky Little Learners Classroom visuals pack


Sound Wall

A sound wall is SO much more than a word wall! A sound wall is an interactive reading tool. The teacher will add sounds as the year goes on, and students will use the visual sound posters to form the sounds correctly.

sound wall with mouth picture cards

To learn WAY more about Lucky Little Learner’s sound wall, check out this post: Let’s Talk About the Classroom Sound Wall.


Writing Goals Board

Students can struggle with writing and reaching their writing goals. Why not create a visual for them? The Writing goals bulletin board set is a great way to show students what great writing looks like. Read more about this here: How to Help your Struggling Writers This Year.

Download HERE

Social Studies & Science


This next interactive bulletin board idea would work for ANY subject area, but we love it for Social Studies or Science! Jennifer Lawson shared this idea in our facebook group. What a great way to display the Toothy skill of the week!

bulletin board to store toothy cards and game mats for the skills of the week
Photo Credit: Jennifer Lawson

Miscellaneous Bulletin Boards

Class Photo Timeline

This might just be my favorite idea in this post. Start the year with a blank bulletin board and add photos of your class as the year goes on. What a great way to remember all the fun had during a school year. Thanks for the idea Angie Mason!

student and class photo collage board
Photo Credit: Angie Mason

Class Birthday Board

Students love talking about and asking about their birthdays…all year long! LLL’s birthday display board has three different options, including different layouts and sizes. A few ways to use these:

  • Use the editable powerpoint files to type in student birthdays.
  • Laminate the monthly mats and write on them each year.
  • Print them on scrapbook paper
  • Digitally add (or glue on) student pics on their birthday months
student birthday board

We love how versatile this birthday display is!

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Objectives Board

Shared by Morgan Lynn, this write on and wipe off interactive bulletin board makes changing out objectives a breeze! If you don’t want to write them out, simply print out the objectives and slip them into the pockets. Simplicity=winning.

objective board with five plastic sleeves so objectives can be easily changed
Photo Credit: Morgan Lynn

Here isa way to up your objectives board game: I Can statements. Our new Classroom pack has TONS of I Can statements for math, writing, reading, phonics and grammar.

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toothy task kits

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toothy task kits

Anchor Charts Galore!

Check out this cute way to store, and still be able to reference, your anchor charts all year!

anchor chart display to show what the class is learning
Photo Credit: Taylor Sawyer

Classroom Jobs Board

Having classroom jobs gives students ownership and responsibility in the classroom. Having a little bulletin board with rotating jobs will keep kids invested in their job of the week. Download the Classroom Helpers templates below!

classroom helpers board

2 Ways to Get This Resource

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

Or... Buy the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits

End of Year Countdown

Check out this great countdown bulletin board by Ashlee Gibson. Simply pop a balloon with end of year activities, one for each of the last ten or so days.

let's end the year with a bang bulletin board with balloons to pop each day to count down till the last day of school
Photo Credit: Ashlee Gibson

Ideas for end of year activities:

  1. Glow Day-a day for everything glow-in-the-dark!
  2. Classroom Transformation: check out our transformation ideas-Camp Read-a-Lot, Beach Day or Restaurant Day!
  3. Bubble Day-have fun with bubble gum AND regular bubbles
  4. Art Day-do a special art project
  5. STEAM Day-extra science experiments
  6. Tie Dye Day-have students tie dye shirts, bags, hats, etc.

The list could go on and on…to find more end of year ideas for next year, search in our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook group.


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