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Adjectives, Adjectives, Adjectives!

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I feel like a nerdy teacher saying this, but I LOVE teaching adjectives!  There are so many fun activities that can be done with adjectives and I am here to show you one of my favorites!  If you read through to the end of this post, you will have access to my Mystery Adjective Bag FREEBIE too!

Let’s get started!  Here is the final product…awesome, right?

 Step 1:  Give your students a sheet of white construction paper or card stock and have them draw a portrait of themselves.  Make sure that they include their entire body in their drawing and explain to them that they need to try to use their entire sheet of paper (it will be easier to paint).

Step 2:  Use watercolor paint to paint the portrait.  I show the kids how yellow, brown, orange, and a lot of water mixed together helps to make the color of the skin.

Step 3: Once the watercolor paint dries (it dries quickly), then have the students trace over their pencil lines with permanent marker.

Step 4:  After the portrait has been traced with permanent marker, the student needs to cut out the body and glue onto a piece of colored construction paper.

Step 5:  Once the portraits are glued onto construction paper, the students compile a list of adjectives that describe themselves.  I had my students make a list of 15 adjectives and then go back and circle their 6 top favorites.  Once they chose 6 adjectives I checked them over to make sure that they are spelled correctly and then I gave them 6 address labels for them to write their adjectives.  Then the students put the labels around the outside of their portrait.  Aren’t they cute?

Thanks for stopping by and reading through to the end of this post!  I would like to offer you my Mystery Adjective Bags FREEBIE…click HERE or on the picture below…ENJOY!


  1. Jennifer Reynolds

    What a great activity! I am pinning it to use possibly around Grandparent's Day! It would be fun for my students to give them to their special guests…..or maybe even MAKE them for their special guests! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News

    What a great find. We've been working on adjectives for the last 2 weeks and have 1 more week to go. This will make a great hallway display to celebrate our learning. Thank you. (P. S. Maybe we'll even send them to our pen pals.)

  3. adriana leikind

    I love how detailed your blog post is! The pictures are wonderful! I'm absolutely going to try this activity in my classroom this year! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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