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5 Math Games 2nd Grade Kids Love

2nd Grade Skills, Math, Operations, Small Groups & Math Centers

Written by: Angie Olson

Who says math instruction can’t be all fun and games? Using 2nd grade math games in the classroom is a fun and engaging way to reinforce important skills objectives. Think that these activities are just a game? Think again! Using math games as part of the math block is not only fun but can also:

  • improve students’ attitudes toward math
  • increase mathematical logic and reasoning skills
  • foster a sense of community and fair play
  • motivate reluctant learners to achieve skill mastery
  • increase participation in reaching math objectives

Setting up and implementing math games can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you follow these suggestions for the best 2nd grade classroom math routines. Keep reading to learn more about five teacher-tested and student-approved math games!

1. Card Games

flip and compare place value card game

Students love playing card games, and it is something they can easily carry over to home practice. (Hot tip: Teachers can find affordable decks of cards at dollar stores.) Teachers love using card games during math instruction because there is little to no prep involved & the students are actively engaged and working on mastering math skills. 

We Are Teachers put together a great list of 28 Math Games That Turn Students into Aces. 

2. Toothy

There is SO much to say about Toothy, so let’s keep it simple. Toothy is an amazingly engaging game for students, and can be used with ANY concept! If you are new to Toothy, start here: Toothy Task Kits.

Kids will love creating those tooth-filled smiles and will be working on standards-based activities! BONUS: Toothy is self-checking when printed/copied double-sided!

Try a Math Toothy Activity

3. Seasonal Centers

Students love all the seasonal things! Lucky Little Learners has seasonal math centers for the whole school year! Each month includes 10 centers all working on standards-based activities.

Try a Math Center

4. Math Puzzles

Math puzzles are always a hit in the classroom! (And what a great way to build math routines while working on a skill!) With several versions available: black and white, color, scrambled or non scrambled, there is a way to incorporate this into any classroom!

Read more about math puzzles: Math Puzzles In The Classroom.

Try a Math Puzzle

5. Esti-Mysteries

An amazing (whole group) math game to do with your class is an Esti-Mystery! Put together by Steve Wyborney, these math games work on estimation, skip counting, even and odd….and on and on! Incorporate these daily or once a week. Your students will love it! Head over to his blog to check them out: New Esti-Mystery Resources Every Day!

BONUS: More FREE Math Games and Routines for Your Classroom

1. Spin and Stack is a game that can be used when teaching students about fractions. More specifically, it’s great for estimating fractions to the nearest one, zero, and half.

Math games, tips, and freebies for your 1st and 2nd grade classroom.

2. Interactive Notebooks: Try this interactive notebook sample! This particular activity works on three-digit numbers.  The students will build the number with base ten blocks, spell it using word form, and expand it with expanded form. 

Another freebie from the shop is a sample from the Place Value Interactive Notebook.  This particular activity works on three digit numbers.  The students will build the number with base ten blocks, spell it using word form, and expand it with expanded form.  Try a free interactive notebook sample in this post.

Hopefully, these math games make your math block even more enjoyable and effective! Happy teaching!


  1. Cheryl Hagedorn

    Hi Angie, I love the game ideas! I do have a question for you however. I was going to buy the 2nd grade reading passages on the TpT sale but saw the option for getting 16 weeks of a free sample. As a tutor, this option fit better than a whole year of them, so I signed up for them. I got the page that said they were being sent to my inbox, but they have never shown up. I checked the spam folder on our computer and they were not there either. Are these not available anymore?

  2. Cherice

    Are these available on All Access?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Hello, Cherice! Yes, they sure are. If you click on the pink “download” button under the activity, you’ll be able to view and download it in All Access. Thanks!


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