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Hands On Literacy Intervention Activities

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Planning for intervention lessons is quick and easy when the materials you’ll need are within reach! The activities from our Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit are designed to be hands-on and engaging for kids, and exactly what teachers need to simplify the planning and teaching of small group literacy lessons.

hands on literacy intervention ideas

Phonemic Awareness Intervention Activities

Sound Boxes

Sound boxes make phonemic awareness a more hands on skill to grasp! Kids choose a card, and use the sound boxes to stretch out the individual sounds as they say the word aloud.

When kids are ready to move into phonics, the sound box routine is easily adapted. Have students spell out the word with letter tiles or letter magnets.

sound box being used as a tools to stretch out CVC words in a literacy intervention lesson
Sound boxes and cards from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Task Cards

Task cards are a good tool for practicing phonemic awareness skills. Use the cards pictured below when kids need to practice listening for medial short vowel sounds in common words.

phonemic awareness task cards for practicing medial vowel sounds
Phonemic Awareness Task Cards from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Phonics Intervention Activities

Word Building Cards & Mats

Here’s an example of something you might have your students practice if they have phonics goals.

The working with words routine is great for getting kids to think about new words in multiple ways. First they place a picture card on their mat and tap out the individual sounds. Next, they’ll need letter tiles to spell the word, followed by drawing and writing it on their own!

working with words literacy intervention routine
Working With Words Mats from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Our literacy kit comes with 48 picture cards to practice building words with short and long vowels.

picture cards for use in phonemic awareness and phonics intervention lessons
Working With Words Picture Cards from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Hands-On Student Toolkits

Another fantastic tool to have ready to go are individual hands-on toolkits so kids can practice new skills in a variety of different ways!

The video below gives a quick peek at some of the hands-on intervention activities (all included in the small group and intervention literacy kit.

Phonics Passages

It’s so important to practice reading newly learned phonics patterns in context. Use phonics passages to take skills practice out of isolation and into true reading situations!

short vowel -all pattern phonics reading passage
Phonics Reading Passages from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Decoding Strategy Posters & Bookmarks

When you teach kids decoding strategies, they will know how to correct themselves when they’re reading on their own! The Lucky Little Learners Small Group Literacy Kit has bookmarks and posters to give kids strategies to use when they come across an unknown word in text.

decoding strategy bookmarks to use in literacy intervention lessons
Decoding Strategy Bookmarks from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

High Frequency (Sight) Word Intervention Activities

When your students have an intervention goal to increase their known sight words, try using the heart words routine!

Step 1 – Select the high-frequency word you want your students to recognize automatically.

Step 2 – Say the new word aloud. Have students: a) repeat the word and b) tap a dot for each sound in the word.

Step 3 – Model matching the sounds of the word that are phonetically regular to the letters they correspond with. Write the letters.

Step 4 – Draw a heart around the phonetically irregular part of the word.

Step 5 – Use individual heart words mats to practice reading, rhyming, sounding, and spelling the new word.

heart word routine for learning sight words
Heart Word procedure and materials from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Fluency Intervention Activities

Fluency Passages

Leveled Reading Passages from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Fluency & Comprehension bookmarks

These bookmarks serve as a reminder to be aware of and practice newly learned skills when kids are reading independently.

fluency and comprehension bookmarks
Fluency Bookmarks from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Phonics Word and Sentence Cards

If you observe that your students can decode words with phonics skills but are still reading on the slow side, use phonics word and sentence lists to practice increasing their reading rate! It’s like traditional fluency practice but with a specific phonics skill to get reading really automatic.

/ch/ digraph phonics word and sentence card for practicing reading fluency
Phonics Words and Sentence Cards from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Comprehension Intervention Activities

Comprehension Dice

Roll the dice to practice new and previously learned comprehension skills!

comprehension dice
Comprehension Dice from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Vocabulary Routine

An area that could be affecting a student’s comprehension is language and vocabulary. This is especially important for kids learning English and/or language impoverished kids. Try this 5-step vocabulary routine to practice new words and phrases.

vocabulary routine for literacy intervention lessons
Vocabulary Routine from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Comprehension Strategy Bookmarks

Comprehension strategy bookmarks work well as mini anchor charts, stored in students’ books. If you’re focusing on a specific comprehension skill through whole or small group instruction, you can refer them to the bookmark to make a point or reference a specific example in a book as it ties to the strategy described on the bookmark.

comprehension strategy bookmarks
Comprehension Bookmarks from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Graphic Organizers

Sometimes a little scaffolding is all kids need to be able to organize their thoughts and apply a new comprehension strategy. One handy tip is to have a set of your best graphic organizers laminated and ready when needed during small reading groups.

Graphic organizers to use with reading groups
Graphic Organizers from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Reading Comprehension Task Cards

There are tons of ways to use reading comprehension task cards with small groups! Kids can use these to review and practice previously learned skills independently, or with a partner. They make great warm-up activities to get the group started. Also, when a particular comprehension skill is the goal, just plan a full lesson around a single card!

reading comprehension task cards to use with reading groups
Reading Comprehension Task Cards from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Open Ended Questions

One idea is to keep open ended discussion questions on a clipboard at the small group table. This way, they’re ready to go with a good variety of conversation starters that deepen kids’ comprehension about the text they’re reading.

Open Ended Comprehension Questions to Use With Reading Groups
Open Ended Questions from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Writing Intervention Activities

Sentence Scrambles

When kids need to practice basic sentence structure and organization, there’s nothing more effective than Sentence Scrambles!

WOW Sentences

This is a fun routine to improve writing when kids need to practice breaking out of the basic, blah sentence habit! Bonus- The sentence flip books are perfect for repurposing for fluency practice, reading quick checks, and more!

WOW sentence writing intervention routine

High Interest Writing Prompts

Help kids improve writing stamina with some fun and low-pressure writing prompts. If you have reluctant writers, try choosing prompts that kids would naturally have a conversation about… and start with that conversation before writing to get the creative juices flowing!

writing intervention high interest low pressure prompt pages
Writing Prompts from the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit

Literacy Interventions

small group and intervention literacy kit from lucky little learners


toothy task kits

Small Group & Intervention Literacy Kit

hands on literacy intervention activities


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