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Tools for Planning Reading Interventions

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Written by: Krys Warstillo

This year is a challenging one in a different way than previous years. Students this year are coming into the classroom working below grade level and needing more remediation than ever. No need to panic! Let's do what we do best and meet our amazing little learners where they are. That's why we put together a comprehensive Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit to help you work smarter, not harder. Planning reading interventions doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Read on to learn more about some of the fantastic planning and assessment tools we've got for you.

 Where Do I Begin When Planning Reading Intervention?

Start with a literacy screening to find out which skills need to be targeted. Depending on the curriculum your school uses you may have specific required screening tools. Once your screening is done and you're ready to look at the data, read through the Literacy Screening is Done ~ Now What?! post to help you decide which skills to teach.

Using Planning Pages

planning tools for scheduling and lesson ideas

If your classroom is anything like mine, there is a wide range of reading levels walking through your door every morning. In any given 2nd grade classroom there are students that are reading well above grade level sitting next to students who are still trying to master letter-sound correspondence. It can make planning incredibly difficult. That's why small group instruction is so vital. Once you have completed the literacy screenings, you select skills for individual groups and use the small group planning pages to keep it all straight.

1. Small Group Planner

small group planner

After deciding how you're going to split up your students, laying out each group's weekly target skills in the small group planner page is helpful. It gives you a bird's-eye view of what you'll be teaching each day.

small group lesson planning tools

The small group planner pages are also a great place to take notes on how your lessons went. Was there a teaching strategy that was especially effective with one specific group or student? Was there something that just didn't work? There are a few different versions of this planner, some of which can be used to take notes on each individual student. These notes can be useful when gathering student data to present to outside support or parents.

five small group planning templates

2. Small Group Lesson Plan Templates

If your administration requires more in-depth lesson plans then the small group lesson plan templates might be more your speed. When planning reading interventions they provide you with the space you need to include more detail in your lesson plans. There are two different structures to choose from:

Template #1: I Do, We Do, You Do

small group lesson plan template options

Template #2: Set Up, Teach, Engage, Practice, Show You Know

Use the layout that works best for your learning environment and your planning style!

Keeping Track Of Data

Data-driven instruction is important when we have students coming in at so many different levels of mastery. Knowing who is missing what skill is going to ensure that we are planning reading interventions as effectively as possible. However important it is, it's A LOT to remember and keep track of. That's where student skill checklists come in!

1. Student Skill Checklists

This first set of checklists is teacher-centered. They're easy to use and require minimal prep. Print out a set of checklists or use the digital trackers to keep a running log of which skills each student has mastered. These are great sets of data points for phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing to have. They can be used in lesson planning, parent-teacher conferences, or when preparing for MTSS/SST meetings.

keep track of reading intervention student data with skill checklists

Download Skills Checklists HERE

2. Student Data Booklets

If you're looking to up the ante in terms of accountability and ownership of skills then student data booklets are what you need. Print one out for each of your students so they can take charge of their learning! Students will be responsible for tracking things like phonics skills they've mastered, books they've read, reading stamina/fluency, and their reading goals. The student data booklet can easily be incorporated into any existing ELA curriculum. Just make sure to provide them with a few minutes a day to track their progress and celebrate their successes!

increase student accountability and ownership of learning by using a data booklet to track progress with reading skills

Download Data Booklet HERE

Planning Reading Interventions

The best part of the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit is that there are a lot of choices so no matter what your teaching and planning style is there is something for you!

2 Ways to Get These Resources

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits

Click the following link if you need a little help deciding on hands-on activities to do during literacy interventions.

Go here, if you'd love to see a detailed walk through of what exactly you should be doing during literacy interventions.

tools for planning reading interventions


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