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5 Reasons Toothy is a Game Changer in the Classroom

How to Use Toothy, Toothy, What is Toothy?

Written by: Jess Dalrymple

A Tale as Old as Time:

Every teacher knows the feeling that gets them right in the gut. You’ve begun centers just minutes ago and the students are getting into their groove. You are beginning guided reading with the ease of a seasoned professional. It flows and you are excited for the learning to begin.

Then, like nails on a chalkboard you hear it, “I don’t know what to do!” it begins to echo from a station beyond your reach and though you’ve gone over the directions you find yourself repeating them yet again. Only to do this as each group gravitates to that station. There is nothing more draining to a teacher's time when it comes to centers than having to re-explain directions time and time again.

That’s where the beauty of Toothy task cards comes in! Your students can look forward to drawing a fun smile while following a consistent routine that leaves the questions focused more on learning and less on how to play.

Read how to play Toothy and set up this activity in this blog post.

Want to see how the game works? Here is a great video on how Toothy looks and is played.

What Sets Toothy Apart?

1. It’s Consistent.

Toothy is a fantastic resource that you can put in your toolbox to pull for a variety of skills that you come to face with in the classroom. And even better – now you can get Toothy digitally as well for your remote learners!

Toothy Task Kits Available:

  • Math
  • Reading/ ELA
  • Phonics
  • Grammar
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Social Emotional Learning

The beauty of Toothy is you can use it for so many subjects. So when your students transition from math to science you have an activity they know how to use with little to no training necessary! Teachers need more time in their day more than ever and having a consistent resource is key in saving your sanity.

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2. Saves You on Prep Time

Nothing can cause teacher anxiety like running to beat the bell to run off that latest worksheet! With Toothy, say so long to those last-second copy runs! 

After the initial prep, you can reach into that teacher's closet and pull out your fun Toothy game to use whenever needed! No more rushed searches for that perfect phonics skill or fretting on your morning drive because you just found out there will be a last-second observation. You are all set with a highly engaging game that's got plenty of potential for learning!

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3. No More Time Grading and Marking Papers

When the rush of centers ends and your students skip off to lunch, the last thing you want to see is a pile of papers looming on your counter that require your attention. With Toothy your students are held accountable with self-checking answers on the back of their Toothy cards. No more confusion on if they or their fellow students are right. They will have immediate feedback to know how their learning is going, and you have peace of mind knowing your students are good to go! 

Grab these Pocket Pal Page Protectors to make Toothy prep and practice super easy! Note: The product contains an affiliate link to Amazon. By purchasing an item on the Amazon site using this link, I will receive a small commission on your purchase. This commission does not affect the price of your item. 

4. Mats to Fit the Season

As teachers, engagement is key – not only to holding our students' fleeting attention but also to know they love learning. The beauty is that Toothy is an activity that keeps your students interested as they mark teeth on the adorable mats that you find in your Toothy packs. There's also a fun hair mat kit if you’re wanting to change it up! 

From mats that you can print to look like your students to seasonal options, you can change and arrange your recording sheet to fit the time of year in your classroom. Imagine mats that sport a smiling Santa, or a mischievous leprechaun. You can see it’s easy to go from season to season without searching for that perfect holiday worksheet. That means time back in your day and less money out of your pocket without losing the fun!

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5. Toothy is Collaborative

As teachers, we are always looking for ways to allow our students to work together and share their ideas and reasonings. Toothy is a great way to get your students talking about what it is they are learning in the classroom, and share ideas as they work through the activity. No more worksheets with little to no feedback from others. Toothy gives students the fun they crave with the learning they deserve. Ready for even more smiles from Toothy? Reward your class with these FREE Toothy Brag Tags, something your students will be thrilled to earn!

Get Your Smile on with Toothy

Toothy is a great resource for collaboration and learning that is sure to leave your students with a smile on their face and engagement for classes to come. Not only does it fit seamlessly into your planning, but it can be just the resource to help cover the standards that we as teachers tirelessly plug into centers.

Put on a smile with a new style of learning and begin prepping your Toothy Task Kits with tips inside this blog post!

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