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Second Grade Math Worksheets: Measurement, Data, Time & Money

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Written by: Katie Palmer

The word measurement covers a wide array of math skills. A few of these skills include actual measuring, money, data and time. Many teachers begin teaching these skills with hands on lessons, which will lead to students being ready for independent practice. When this happens, Lucky Little Learners has you covered! Read below to learn more about LLL’s Measurement, Time, Money & Data worksheets! The second grade math worksheets pack comes with both printable and digital formats!

Measurement Data Time Money Math Worksheets for Second Grade

What’s Included?

This enormous resource includes 82 printable 2nd grade math worksheets! The worksheets are perfect for independent practice, with a focused small group, or one on one. Check out what is included! BONUS: You can download each worksheet as needed from All Access!

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Worksheets!


  • Measurement in Art Class (Measuring Twice)
  • Camp Measurement (Measuring Twice)
  • Centimeter Madness (Comparing Measurements)
  • Estimating Yards (Estimating Yards)
  • Estimating Meters (Estimating Meters)
  • Estimation Gone Buggy (Estimate in Inches)
  • Coffee Shop Comparisons (Comparing Lengths)
  • Inches or Feet (Using Inches or Feet)
printable second grade measurement worksheet
Download Measurement in Art Class
  • Flower Power (Word Problems)
  • Lucky Measurement (Measuring Twice with Nonstandard Units)
  • Measuring Using Centimeters and Inches (Centimeters and Inches)
  • Measurement Tools (Appropriate Measurement Tool)
  • Inches Measuring Camp (Measuring in Inches)
  • Centimeters Measuring Camp (Measuring in Centimeters)
  • Units Measuring Camp (Measuring Units)
  • Measuring Match-Ups (Unit of Measurement)
word problems and measurement second grade math worksheet
Download Flower Power
  • True or False Measurement (Appropriate Measurement)
  • Enchanted Estimates (Estimates)
  • Sea Turtle Estimates (Estimates)
  • Word Problems (Expressing Differences in Length)
  • More Measurement Word Problems II (Addition and Subtraction in Length)
  • Measurement City (Comparing Lengths)
  • Centimeters (Plotting Measurements)
  • Measuring Around the House (Choosing a Measurement)
measurement city themed worksheet for comparing lengths
Download Measurement City
  • Measuring My School Supplies (Measuring in Centimeters)
  • On the Farm (Selecting Measuring Tools)
  • Measuring the Circus (Measuring Twice)
  • Picking the Right Pencil (Comparing Lengths)
  • School Supply Showdown (Comparing Lengths)
  • “Sew” Good at Measurement (Measuring in Inches and Centimeters)
  • Transportation Estimation (Estimating Inches)
  • Tools at the Pool (Using Measurement Tools)
  • Metric Unit Park (Using Measurement Tools- Metric)
estimating meters math worksheet for second grade
Download Estimating Meters

Get Measurement Worksheets HERE


  • A.M. or P.M. (Telling Time- A.M. or P.M.)
  • Beach Day Itinerary (Telling Time to 5 Minutes)
  • What Time Is It? (Time Analog/Digital A.M. and P.M.)
  • I Spy With My Little Eye (Clock Reading Hour & 5 Min)
  • Time Match-Ups (Reading Time)
  • What Time Did You Say? (Time)
  • Opening Times (Telling Time to 5 Minutes)
  • Puppy Time (Time to 5 Minutes)
  • Travel Time (Time to 5 Minutes)
time to 5 minutes worksheet for 2nd grade
Download Puppy Time

Get Telling Time Worksheets HERE


  • Dollars and Cents (Money)
  • Making Cents (Money)
  • How Much Money Do I Have? (Money Coin Values & Tools)
  • Change in my Pocket (Coin Counting)
  • Correct Change- Not Correct (Coin Addition & Subtraction)
  • Word Problems (Solving Word Problems- Money)
  • Money, Honey (Money Word Problems)
  • Money Maker (Counting Money)
  • Counting Money Word Problems (Counting Money)
second grade math worksheet counting coins
Download Making Cents

Get Money Worksheets HERE


  • Class Birthdays (Creating Bar Graphs)
  • Just Beachy (Reading & Creating Graphs)
  • Class Pet Graphing (Reading Bar Graphs)
  • Flavorful Graphs (Reading Picture Graphs)
  • Measuring & Line Plots (Measurement Data & Line Plots)
  • Picking Up Sticks (Measuring & Line Plots)
  • Working With Line Plots (Measuring & Line Plots)
  • Family Line Plots (Data & Line Plots)
  • Popcorn Fundraiser (Bar Graph)
  • Colorful Data (Picture Graph)
ice cream graphing worksheet
Download Flavorful Graphs
  • Carnival Rides (Picture Graph)
  • Exploring Data 3 Different Ways (Data)
  • Movie Snacks (Reading Bar Graphs)
  • Plotting Measurements (Plotting Measurements)
  • Plotting Supplies (Plotting Measurements)
  • Polar Plotting (Plotting Measurements)
  • Sporty Line Plots (Plotting Measurements)
  • Hopping on the Number Line (Adding on a Number Line)
  • Back to School (Number Line)
  • Fish Hooked (Number Line Addition to 10)
bar graph worksheet for 2nd grade
Download Movie Snacks
  • Unlocking Number Lines (Number Line Addition & Subtraction)
  • Number Line Addition (Number Line)
  • Open Number Lines: Addition (Using a Number Line)
  • Open Number Lines: Subtraction (Using Number Lines)
  • You’ve Got Mail (Using Number Lines)
  • Zoo Adventures (Using a Number Line)
  • Costume Party (Word Problems)
  • Craft Time (Addition Word Problems)
  • Let’s Run (Word Problems)
  • “Sew” Much Fun (Measurement Word Problems)
zoo adventures themed number line worksheet
Download Zoo Adventures

Get Graphing & Data Worksheets HERE

Perk: Printable AND Digital

These worksheets come with a major perk… They can be printed for a paper/pencil station OR assigned digitally for at home learners or a tech station. Students will love the interactive parts of the digital version.

measurement in art class digital worksheet

Head over to All Access to get a closer look at our Measurement, Time, Money & Data worksheets.

BONUS Resource: Lucky to Learn Math Unit 7: Measuring Our World

Our team has been hard at work creating a hands on, engaging and meaningful math curriculum that will be loved by students and easy to teach for teachers. We believe we have succeeded! Teachers using LTLM tell us they love how easy it is to project the digital teaching slides and go through the daily lesson routine. Their students love the partner collaborative activity that comes with each lesson. Try the latest Lucky to Learn Math unit focusing on measurement. Students will beg to do math!

Get this Resource HERE

More Second Grade Math Worksheets

We have 2nd grade math worksheets for all the essential math skills! Read more about how our Second Grade Math Worksheets are a stress-free way to practice math standards in the classroom for kids and teachers!

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of the full math worksheet bundle:

measurement money time data worksheets


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      Hello Kristine, Here’s the link to the Measurement, Time, Money & Data Worksheets pack in our shop where you can view pricing and all the details about this resource. These worksheets are PDF printables. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

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