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Second Grade Math Worksheets: Measurement, Data, Time & Money

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Measurement involves many math skills like measuring, money, data, and time. Teachers usually start with hands-on activities to help students practice on their own. Lucky Little Learners has great worksheets that cover these topics. Keep reading to find out how to use our second-grade math worksheets for Measurement, Time, Money, and Data, available in both printable and digital formats!

Measurement Data Time Money Math Worksheets for Second Grade

What's Included?

This enormous resource includes 82 printable 2nd grade math worksheets! The worksheets are perfect for independent practice, with a focused small group, or one on one. Check out what is included! BONUS: You can download each worksheet as needed from All Access!

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Let's Take a Closer Look at the Variety of Worksheets!

Measurement Worksheets

The mixture or measurement worksheets included in the pack offer practice with inches, yards, meters, feet, nonstandard units, centimeters, as well as estimating and comparing lengths.

1. Measurement in Art Class

This artsy practice sheet has students measure in centimeters and inches.

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  • Math Video to Teach Measurement:In this video, a teacher walks students through measuring in inches and centimeters with great visuals.
  • Beyond the Worksheet Activity: Using supplies around the classroom, have students measure them in centimeters and inches. For an extra step, have them estimate the measurements first.

2. Measurement City

Students will compare lengths with a fun city map twist.

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  • Video to teach Comparing Measurements: Scratch Garden always makes the most engaging videos!
  • Beyond the Worksheet Activity: If possible, take your students on a nature walk. Ask them to find different natural objects (e.g., leaves, sticks, rocks) and measure their lengths. Back in the classroom, compare the measurements and discuss which items were the longest and shortest.

Time Worksheets

When it comes to telling time, we've got you covered with A.M. vs P.M., telling time to 5 mins, reading time and digital vs analog clock practice.

3. Puppy Time!

Students will practice telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, and for extra fun, can color in the puppies when done.

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  • Video to teach A.M. vs P.M.: Try this catchy little tune to make A.M. and P.M. stick!
  • Beyond the Worksheet Activity: Write daily activities on index cards. (Eat breakfast, go to school, soccer practice, bedtime stories, etc.) Then, write A.M. and P.M. on index cards. Students will sort the activities into A.M. and P.M. categories.

Money Worksheets

Check out this blog post, devoted to all things money skills worksheets.

More Than Just a Worksheet – Math Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade

second grade math worksheet counting coins
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Graphing & Data Worksheets

Graphing and Data has always been one of my favorite things to teach! There are so many ways to look at data that will keep students engaged. Here is a sampling of ways to use these worksheets.

4. Class Birthdays

Students will get to work with some of their favorite data to discuss, their birthday, and those of their classmates.

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  • Video to Teach About Bar Graphs: Numberock has a great song about bar graphs and picture graphs.
  • Beyond the Worksheet Activity: Students love this activity I call “graph your pencil box”. Put students into groups and have them carefully dump out their pencil box supplies. They will then create a bar graph of how many pencils, crayons, colored pencils, etc., their group has.
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5. Zoo Adventures

A quick sheet to practice using a number line and solving word prolems with a zoo animal theme.

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  • Video to Teach about Number Lines: Numberock for the win again!
  • Beyond the Worksheet Activity: Create a life sized number line in your classroom with tape. Students can walk or hop across the taped number line creating live action number lines!

Perk: Printable AND Digital

These worksheets come with a major perk… They can be printed for a paper/pencil station OR assigned digitally for at home learners or a tech station. Students will love the interactive parts of the digital version.

measurement in art class digital worksheet

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Head over to All Access to get a closer look at our Measurement, Time, Money & Data worksheets.

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More Second Grade Math Worksheets

We have 2nd grade math worksheets for all the essential math skills! Read more about how our Second Grade Math Worksheets are a stress-free way to practice math standards in the classroom for kids and teachers!

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of the full math worksheet bundle:

measurement money time data worksheets


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