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Classroom Management with Brag Tags

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Classroom management can be tough, but it does NOT have to be hard, negative, high maintenance, or expensive.  So often teachers go home tired, crabby, and frustrated with their students’ behaviors.  Say goodbye to that stress because here is the answer: brag tags for classroom management!  Seriously, brag tags can be a complete game changer! Read on for everything you need to know when it comes to implementing brag tags in the classroom.

What are brag tags?

To put it simply, brag tags are a tag that students can earn for making positive choices and meeting goals. Brag tags are easy to prep and can be printed on paper and laminated, or printed on card stock and not laminated. (Both are great options.)  

writing wizard and roaring great ideas brag tags

Here is a gist of how brag tags work:

  • Teachers show students what brag tags are in the beginning of the year
  • Teachers model desired behaviors to earn brag tags
  • Students work hard to demonstrate these behavior
  • Students earn brag tags

Extra Tip: Take a picture or screenshot a brag tag that targets a problematic behavior in your classroom. Hang it on the board, by the classroom door, or any other high traffic area in your classroom. Tell students this is the brag tag of the week to work towards. Students will be reminded of the desired behaviors when they see the large brag tag!

Brag tag of the week I can cooperate display

Most Popular Tags

Lucky Little Learners has TONS of Brag Tags ready for you! Some of the most frequently used brag tags in the classroom are:

  • 100%
  • Stellar for the Sub
  • Quiet in the Hallway
  • Writing Wizard
  • My Teacher is Proud of Me
  • Super Partners
  • Managed Big Feelings
  • On Task
  • Clean Work Area
  • iPad Expert
  • Field Trip Behavior
Stellar for the sub, managed big feelings, iPad expert, and writing wizard brag tags

Brag Tags Galore!

Of course the above are not the only brag tags our team has available. Here are SOME of our bundles of brag tags for students:

  • Character Traits brag tags
  • Animal Friends brag tags
  • Food Puns brag tags
  • Multiplication & Division Fact Master brag tags
  • Holiday brag tags
  • Motivation brag tags
  • Addition & Subtraction Fact Master brag tags
  • AR brag tags
  • Animal Compliments brag tags
  • STEM brag tags
  • Alphabet brag tags
  • Super Friends brag tags
  • MANY more!
Subtraction Fact Master, Roaring Great Ideas, and Super Friend brag tags

Make Your Own Brag Tags

Even though Lucky Little Learners has a HUGE selection of brag tags, many teachers like to customize their own. There are a few options for this.

Start from Scratch

If you are a DIYer, it is possible to make your own brag tags. Here are the steps:

By Hand
  • Pick your preferred paper and draw grid lines. The number of rows and columns depends on how big you want your brag tags to be.
  • Write student names, sayings, draw pictures, put on stickers, or whatever you want on your brag tag.
  • Cut out the tags and punch holes (if using chains)
hallway buddies, sweet short story, fry-day no homework pass, teacher assistant handmade brag tags
On the Computer
  • Use your preferred program to insert a table. Play around with the size and number of cells in the table.
  • Insert a text box and type your desired brag tag title, etc..
  • Print, cut out and store!

Editable Brag Tags

Or, skip all the above prep and use our editable brag tags! With the editable tags you can type in student names, or change the brag tag title. If this sounds intriguing, check out all of our Brag Tags below!

digital hallway hero brag tags

2 Ways to Get This Resource

All Access member? Download free.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundles in our shop.

toothy task kits

Brag Tag Training

Sounds amazing and easy right? Well, it is!! Let’s dive into WAY more details in the first of three Brag Tags training videos sprinkled throughout this post that we have prepared for you.

The Perfect Classroom Management Tool

Brag tags are often referred to as the perfect classroom management tool but why?  Besides the fact that students treat brag tags like they are gold (for real), here are some other reasons:

  • They work amazingly
  • Affordable-can even be free if you DIY them
  • Easy to manage
  • Focus on the positive
  • Kids love and respond to them

Make a List

So, where should a teacher start?  Start with a list!  Sit down and brainstorm the areas of the classroom that are a struggle.  Do students struggle with raising their hand before they speak?  Do students have a hard time with their writing stamina?  Is the class quiet in the hallway?  Are your students struggling with behaviors when a substitute is in the room?

Once the list has been made, find a set of brag tags that meet these specific needs!

Brag Tag Storage

Next, decide how and where to keep your students’ brag tags.  Here are some possible options:

Student Storage

  • Necklace chains
  • Lanyards
  • Shower hooks
  • Rings
  • Brag tag books-glue them in!
  • Library pockets
  • Bracelets

Teacher Storage

Now, where to store the teacher’s stockpile of brag tags for the year? Here are some possible options:

  • Pocket chart
  • Craft storage
  • Jewelry hanger
  • Brag tag drawers


An effective classroom management system is visual.  Think about your classroom and decide a place to hang your students’ brag tags so they are reminded of their desire to make good choices.

Prep Tips

After several years of implementing brag tags in my classroom, I have come across some tips that will help make this process quick and easy!

  • Prep over the summer or breaks if possible
  • Punch the holes ahead of time
  • Laminate and then cut
  • Allow spouses and other family members to help

How to Implement

When it is time to introduce students to brag tags, here are some very important steps:

  • Send a letter home to the parents
  • Go through the brag tag anchor chart
  • Be consistent
  • Highlight a few each day
  • Get excited

The Do’s

  • Start small
  • Prep before school starts or during a break (Enlist help!)
  • Stay consistent
  • Stay positive
  • Encourage “buy in”

The Dont’s

  • Overthink it
  • Get overwhelmed
  • Try to do it all-choose a few at a time to target behavior problem areas
  • Take them away as a consequence
  • Keep track of everything

Everything Brag Tags Post

Before we dig into the FAQ’s, you MUST check out this one stop shop Brag Tags post!

FAQ’s and Answers

Have questions? Check out our most frequently asked questions with answers!

Should I use card stock or paper and then laminate?

This is entirely personal preference.  Both work great!

How can I use brag tags as bucket fillers?

Blank brag tags work great for bucket fillers!  Check out this post: How to Create a Bucket Filler Classroom.

Where do I buy the chains and drawers?

Chains, drawers, and all other brag tag necessities can be in this previous post: Brag Tag Supply Links.

Do you have any free brag tags that I can try?

Yes, you can download free brag tags and receive helpful tips here.

What’s the best way to transport them to school?

Saran wrap is your friend.  If the brag tags AND drawers are being prepped at home, wrap the drawers with saran wrap before bringing them back to school to avoid any mishaps.

How do I use the editable brag tags?

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial on creating your own brag tags:

Or check out this post: How to Quickly and Easily Create Brag Tags

Do you send the brag tags home and if so, when?

This is personal preference but I send them home at the end of the year.  I think it is crucial that you don’t take them back to reuse them for next year.  The students have earned every single one of the brag tags and should be able to bring them home with pride.

How do you handle the holiday brag tags?

Here’s and idea for holiday party days: Wear them around your neck and tell the students that you are watching for <insert specific behaviors> throughout the day.  Those who show those will earn a tag.  Wearing them around the neck creates that nice visual on those crazy days!

Or, simply hand out a holiday brag tag to each student on the holidays as a gift.

Should I implement brag tags if I am a first year teacher?

Absolutely!  Brag tags will make your first year of teaching much easier! Remember, start small. Choose a few brag tags to start with and add more as the year goes on.

How do you make the drawer labels?

Simply cut down the brag tag so that only the words are showing.  Use Scotch tape to attach the tag to the outside of the drawer.

toolbox designed to store brag tags

How do you hand them out?

I hand them out in the moment.  If I am teaching, I train the kids to grab their brag tag and set it on their desk until I am done with direct instruction.

Can a student get more than one of the same kind of brag tag?

Yes and don’t bother keeping track of who gets which brag tag because that’s a lot of work.  Students will love receiving more than one of the same brag tag.

Do you have any tips to help remember to pass them out?

Yes, I have a lot of practical tips that you can implement right away.  You can read these tips in this post: 13 Surefire Ways to Remember to Hand Out Brag Tags

How many brag tags should I print?

This varies from teacher to teacher.  It all depends on how many students you have, how many brag tags there are in total, and how often you give them out.  I hand out about 2-3 brag tags per week per student.

What’s the best way to print?

If you are able to print at school, this would be my suggestion.  Otherwise, the HP Ink program is the way to go!

How many pages should I print for the brag tag book?

Again, personal preference and depends on the factors that are mentioned in the question above.  You can take a closer look at the brag tag book here.

How many brag tags do you give out each day?

I give out approximately 2-3 brag tags per week per student.  No, I don’t keep track of who gets which brag tag or how many each person has earned.  Does that mean that some students will have more brag tags than others, yes.

Do you give them out during a specific time or all day?

I hand them out in the moment but some teachers prefer to do this at the end of the day or end of the week.  It all comes down to personal preference.

Do you still use other systems like Class Dojo?

Yes, Class Dojo is the system that works best for me.  I use it the most at the beginning of the school year to help manage the negative behaviors and choices but I find that as the brag tags become a motivating component to the classroom, the negative behaviors decrease and I rarely rely on Class Dojo by the end of the year.

Where can I get brag tags?

Visit our All Access Resource library to see all of our brag tag options!

2 Ways to Get This Resource

All Access member? Download free.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundles in our shop.

toothy task kits


  1. Angie Litke

    Totally planning to use these next year. Excited to implement them.

    • Angie Olson

      Awesome, Angie! You won’t regret this decision! Your students will love brag tags!

  2. Alexis Bassett

    Hi Angie! I am starting the printing process of the tags. How many of each do you recommend having? Do you give the same tag out multiple times to students?

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Alexis!
      Thank you for your message. I distribute brag tags “in the moment”. I tell the child which tag they have earned and they go over to the drawers to grab it. They are all pre-punched so that they can be added to the necklace right away. If I am in the middle of instruction, they put their brag tag on their table until a better time. I don’t keep track of who gets which brag tag and when so they will end up getting more than one of the same kind of tag. Hope that helps!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners

  3. Kori

    I am finishing up my education and look forward to teaching my own classroom soon. I am excited to try this. Classroom management is an area that my instructors have consistently mentioned is both very important and very difficult and that experience will help. I am hoping a great system like this will be a wonderful first step!!

    • Morgan

      Is there an incentive for receiving so many brag tags? Or is the incentive just simply earning them? Thinking about a way to make this more exciting if they get “bored” of just the brag tags.

      • Jess

        Hello Morgan! No incentive. Just brag tags. I’ve found that if the teacher is excited, the kids are excited. I used them for 4 years with great success! I think you will enjoy using brag tags in your classroom!

  4. Heather

    I want to use these brag tags. I have 21 children in my class usually. I want to have them prepped. How many of a tag should I have prepped?

    • Bailey Jordan

      ​Hi! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey Jordan
      Lucky Little Learners

  5. Ken

    Mine are printing to small and not filing up the page. I know I read somewhere that I need to save them as a pdf, but I tried that with the same outcome. Help! 🙂

    • Bailey Jordan

      ​Hi Ken! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey J.
      Lucky Little Learners

  6. Andrea

    Has anyone used these in a sped self-contained classroom?

  7. Julianna

    Hi Angie,
    where can I find a printable version of the “Brag tag of the week” poster, if there is one?
    Thank you so much!

  8. Ann E Schupp

    Can you use Brag Tags for preschoolers?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Ann, You could absolutely use brag tags for preschoolers!

  9. Roslyn Salley

    I would like to implement brag tags in my class this year. How do I get free tags to print and the parent letter?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Hello Roslyn, You can get free brag tags emailed to you by signing up HERE. Here is a link to the free parent letter. Thanks for your interest!


    Hello! Where can I find the “Brag Books” bulletin board letters that are shown with the brag books display?


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