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How to Quickly and Easily Create Brag Tags

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Written by: Angie Olson

By now you’ve probably purchased a set or two (or ten…it’s okay, I’m addicted too) of brag tags and maybe you’ve even ventured into the editable ones. Well, great news, you can now create your own brag tags!

Video tutorial to help teachers create their own brag tags quickly and easily.

If I’m being honest, when I first started making brag tags, I didn’t quite understand why I was getting so many requests for the editable brag tags. In my mind I didn’t understand why teachers would want to purchase something that was going to require them to put in additional time and work to make them when they could just have the print and go version.

But then, it started to click…

Editable brag tags are great for those special events that are unique to your classroom or even school and you can’t find them on TPT. For example…

  • Hornet Pride
  • Great Listener at the Apple Orchard Field Trip
  • Rusty’s School Tools TV Assembly Behavior
  • Great Manners at the Detroit Lakes Museum
  • Mrs. Olson is Proud of you

Okay, okay, I get it now.  Editable brag tags are hugely beneficial to have on hand. So that lead me to the next series of emails from teachers… “Angie, what’s the quickest way to make these editable brag tags?” “Do I have to edit the text for each one?” “Are there any short cuts that will help this process be quicker?”

As always, I listen to what teachers want and try my best to make that happen so I made you a video tutorial. This quick and easy 6 minute tutorial will give you some of my best kept secrets and short cuts when it comes to editing the text on the brag tags. Check it out!

If you are in need of some brag tags, here are the sets that I currently offer:

Feel free to pin the image below so you can save this tutorial for future reference.

Video tutorial to help teachers create their own brag tags quickly and easily.

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  1. Nita

    Wow! Loved the grouping tips!! Thank you!!


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