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“Brownies” from your Teacher!

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Today is April Fools Day…the day that a lot of teachers enjoy dread!  There have been past years that I try to avoid all of the trickery that goes on but the day still turns out the same.  “Mrs. Olson, your shoes are untied…April Fools!”  “Mrs. Olson, you have a spider on your shoulder…April Fools!”  “Mrs. Olson, I like the hat you are wearing…April Fools!”  “Mrs. Olson, I don’t have any pencils in my desk…April Fools!”  The kids are bonkers regardless so I decided that if you can’t beat it, join it! Every morning I like to start the day with a morning message.  (Side note- yes, we were 2 hours late today because in the spring in Minnesota we get these little things called SNOWSTORMS!)

The kids were pumped about the brownies treat!  “I can’t believe Mrs. Olson made us brownies!”  “She’s such a nice teacher!”  “We must be really good!”  Hee!  Hee!  Hee!  I worked so hard last night on making them…

I must admit that as the day went on and the kids continued to ask me if they were really getting brownies, I was starting to feel some teacher guilt.  Luckily, we were also celebrating a birthday in our classroom today so although they weren’t getting the sweet, chocolate brownies…they were still getting donuts!  I wish I could use pictures of my students faces when I called kids up to get their brownie.  The first student reached in, grabbed the paper, dropped it back on the plate with a smirk, and walked away shaking his head!  Ha!  Ha!  Love it! 

After eating their birthday treats and laughing a bit, they realized that they now had “brownies” that they could use to trick their friends and family…which, I think, was even better than the treat!  Of course, I had to use some of this trickery to my benefit so I incorporated a writing activity into all of the jokes that were played today.  Thank you to 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray for the template!

How was your day?  Did your students play any good tricks on you?  How about you, do you have any good tricks that I can use for next year?


  1. Shar W

    My students had brownies today too, although mine were leftover from last year's batch (good thing they didn't get stale)- I happened to have the little pan that I used last year sitting on a shelf. I told them they could take their treats home to fool their families 🙂

  2. Amber O.

    We also had Brown E's :)…and I told my students the same thing: to take them home and fool family/friends with a "brownie" surprise…they loved it, even if they were a little disappointed! But we also had "fruit juice" with our brownies…cherry jello in clear cups with a straw. When the first student tried to drink it, and shouted, "Hey!" the rest of the class immediately broke out in giggles:) The sting of not getting a brownie was made a little duller by an actual snack of jello. Also, I surprised the students with an early spelling test today. Groans and complaints and confusion, when they were given words they really didn't know well, became giggles and shout-outs when we got to the last word…and several realized if they put all their words together it spelled out "This is not a real test. Happy April Fool's Day!" My last joke was courtesy of The Primary Techie and my students were ROLLING with laughter! You need to put it in your wish list for next year…a seriously funny picture, if you're six and seven (what little kid doesn't think a toilet is funny?!). The best part is they don't even realize they're practicing math facts since they're trying to figure out what the picture is:) It was awesome!


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