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April Fool’s Day Ideas for 2nd Grade

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Every year it rolls around… April Fools Day. The day that a lot of teachers enjoy and/or dread!  A teacher may try to avoid all of the trickery that goes on, but the day still turns out the same.  “Hey teacher, your shoes are untied…April Fools!”  “Mrs. Olson, you have a spider on your shoulder…April Fools!”  “I like the hat you are wearing…April Fools!”  “Oh no! I don't have any pencils in my desk…April Fools!”  The kids are bonkers on this day. How about this – if you can't beat it, join it! This post will share an EASY brownies from your teacher” activity PLUS other April Fools ideas students and teachers are sure to enjoy!


I) Brownies from the Teacher Prank

Start your day with a morning message such as this:

The kids were pumped about the brownies treat!  “I can't believe Mrs. Olson made us brownies!”  “She's such a nice teacher!”  “We must be really good!”  Hee!  Hee!  Hee!  I worked so hard last night on making them…

At the end of the day, it is time for the prank reveal.  I wish I would have taken pictures of my students faces when I called kids up to get their brownie.  The first student reached in, grabbed the paper, dropped it back on the plate with a smirk, and walked away shaking his head. Very fun!

After laughing for a bit, they realized that they now had “brownies” that they could use to trick their friends and family. (Which might be even better than the treat!)  Bonus tip: use some of this trickery to your benefit by incorporating a writing activity of all of the jokes that were played.

II) April Fool's Books

There is a book for everything and April Fool's Day is no exception. Here are a few of our favorites.

April Fool! Watch Out School

A cute story by Diane deGroat about an April Fool's school day with Gilbert and friends.

April Foolishness

In this cute story, grandkids try playing April Fool's pranks on their grandpa, who is on to their tricks.

Ellie May on April Fool's Day

This story is super relatable as it is about Ellie May, a 2nd grader, who is excited to target a fellow student with pranks. This book is funny and focuses on friendship skills as well.

III) April Fool's Videos

Use these videos to bring a little fun to your day.

April Fool's Day Facts for Kids

This fact filled video from Homeschool Pop will fill student minds with fun facts about the holiday.

April Fool's Day Story

This animated story from Little Fox about an April Fool's day in the classroom will be engaging for kids.

April Fool's Day Riddle Game

This exercise video by Kid Fitness Challenge will have students up out of their chairs moving around and solving riddles.

IV) Other April Fool's Day Activities

Besides “brownies”, what are some other fun April Fool's activities to do with your class? Here are a few options.

Tricky Spelling Test

This prank idea, thought up by Joe Dombrowski, and since replicated by tons of teachers, is so funny! Tell your students they will be taking a surprise spelling test. When they are ready, make sure the words are way too difficult or use silly words. Watch their confusion turn to laughter.

April Fool's Day Free Reading Passage

Team Lucky Little Learners created a free reading passage to use on this funny day. Head to this link: Free April Fool's Reading Passage or sign up below to snag your freebie.

Backwards Names

This idea requires a bit of prep work, but it is worth it. Take down or cover up their names where ever they are in the classroom. Replace them with their names written backwards and call them this name all day! Also, insist your students call you by your new backwards teacher name.

(Mrs. Olson)

Unsearchable Word Search

Creating a word search that does not include even one of the listed words is sure to get a giggle. Create your word search on our All Access site. Cover the actual word list at the bottom before copying. Type a whole new list of words. Watch their confusion turn to laughter!

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Let us know, did you use any of these tricks on your students?  Did your students play any good tricks on you?  Do you have any great April Fool's ideas for next year?!

Happy teaching!


  1. Shar W

    My students had brownies today too, although mine were leftover from last year's batch (good thing they didn't get stale)- I happened to have the little pan that I used last year sitting on a shelf. I told them they could take their treats home to fool their families 🙂

  2. Amber O.

    We also had Brown E's :)…and I told my students the same thing: to take them home and fool family/friends with a "brownie" surprise…they loved it, even if they were a little disappointed! But we also had "fruit juice" with our brownies…cherry jello in clear cups with a straw. When the first student tried to drink it, and shouted, "Hey!" the rest of the class immediately broke out in giggles:) The sting of not getting a brownie was made a little duller by an actual snack of jello. Also, I surprised the students with an early spelling test today. Groans and complaints and confusion, when they were given words they really didn't know well, became giggles and shout-outs when we got to the last word…and several realized if they put all their words together it spelled out "This is not a real test. Happy April Fool's Day!" My last joke was courtesy of The Primary Techie and my students were ROLLING with laughter! You need to put it in your wish list for next year…a seriously funny picture, if you're six and seven (what little kid doesn't think a toilet is funny?!). The best part is they don't even realize they're practicing math facts since they're trying to figure out what the picture is:) It was awesome!

  3. Beth E

    Similar to the spelling test, I’ve given those direction tests. They have to read everything before getting to the last one. Throughout the test there are things like ‘Stand up and Moo.” And the last question is ‘Write your name on the top of your paper and turn it in.”

    Another hysterical joke is to have them search for the Sloof Lirpa (bird that only comes in the Spring). Look that one up!


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