How to Prep Toothy Task Kits

Do you own Toothy Task Kits and wonder how to quickly and easily get them prepped and ready to go for your students?  We have created the perfect tutorial that will do explain exactly that.  We’ve also included the most FAQ’s and answers so you can ensure that Toothy is successful in your classroom.


Toothy FAQ’s

What are all the different Toothy Task Kits you have to offer?

We have a wide variety of Toothy Task Kits in our TPT store.  Listed below is each bundle with a clickable link to take you to the listing.

Where can I get the rainbow containers?

I got mine from Michael’s.  You can get them online or in the store.  Words of advice…don’t pay full price.  They are OFTEN on sale.

Do I have to use the rainbow containers?

Definitely not!  Teachers have used plastic baggies, envelopes, and manilla folders.

How many containers do I need for each bundle?

Each bundle needs approximately 2 containers.  The Math Bundle has the most files and if all the files in this bundle are printed, you will need 3 containers.

Are the activities the same in the different math bundles for each grade level?

There are Toothy Math Bundles for Kindergarten, First/Second, and Third Grade.  There are some crossover in skills but the actual math problems are different with the exception of a couple of activities.

Are the Toothy activities aligned to the standards?

Yes!  The standards were my structure when I was creating all of the Toothy Bundles.

Is there a discount if our entire grade level wants to purchase Toothy?

Yes!  When purchasing the Toothy Task Kits, there is an option to purchase multiple licenses and these would be given at a discount.  This can be done within your TPT account.

Are the activities differentiated for different levels?

Most of the Toothy activities have two levels for differentiation.  This allows for teachers to meet a variety of needs in the classroom.

What is the best time of day to use Toothy activities?

This is personal preference.  Toothy can be used as an early finisher, morning work, center activity, independent practice, partner game, or intervention.

How do you store the Toothy mats?

I print the generic Toothy mats and choose to have students use the Smart Pals Pocket Protectors because they write and wipe easily.  Although this is not necessary, it makes for a great option.  Other options are to laminate or use sheet protectors.  When storing the Toothy mats, I keep them in a folder next to the Toothy containers.  Some teachers choose to allow their students to color and personalize their own Toothy mats (see picture below).  This is a great option as well.

Do you have a digital version of Toothy?

Yes, well, kind of!  There is a way to bring the Toothy activities into the SeeSaw app.  The picture below shows how this can be done!

Do you have other Toothy mats?

I do!  We now have Holiday Mats and Animal Mats.  These make for a great option to provide variety throughout the year.  Kids are loving them too.

How many copies of each game do you make?  How many will fit in each container?

This is another personal preference decision.  The first set that I introduce, I make sure to have enough copies of each so that the students can play it as a partner game.  The rest I have one copy of each.  Some teachers have chosen to print more than one copy.  If printed on regular paper, approximately 3-4 sets of cards can fit in each container.

Do you have any free samples of Toothy for me to try before I purchase a bundle?

Yes!  I have a free Money Toothy Task Kit for you to try out.  Within the file is US Money, Australian Money, and Canadian Money.


Do you have any other blog posts about Toothy?

I do!  This post explains how to play, materials needed, how to organize, and more:  Toothy Task Kits Post




  1. Val Cabanilla

    Hi Angie! I’m almost set prepping the all the Toothy kits for my 2nd graders. I can’t find the helper cards for the following kits and am wondering if I missed them somewhere.
    beginning L blends beginning R blends
    ending L blends short vowel sounds
    ending N& MP ending s blends
    ending T blends
    Thank you so much for all you do!

    • Angie Olson

      Please make sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the files by going into your TPT purchases and downloading it again. Thanks

  2. jorasmith

    I am absolutely loving using toothy grammar, phonics and math this year in 2nd grade! I know that at one point you had shared how to get the checklists for all toothy kits and I was wondering where I can find them. I had an issue with making the phonics and grammar kits so I am wanting to be sure that I have everything made. Can you let me know how to find the checklists please? Thank you!!!

    • Angie Olson

      Toothy checklist

  3. Christina

    For printing, does the answer need to be on the back of the problem. Or does the answer need to be on its own paper.

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Christina!

      I print mine like flashcards, so question on one side, answer on the other. I hope this is helpful! Have a great day!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners

  4. Christina

    Does the answer sheet have to printed on it’s own individual sheet or the back of the questions?

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Christina!

      I print the answers on the backside of the question so that they are like a flashcard for the kids. I hope this is helpful! Thank you for reaching out!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners

  5. Beth Kickert

    Can you send a link for the storage containers? I am having trouble finding them. Thanks.

  6. Maria Herrera

    Good morning,
    Do you print this on card stock and/or do you laminate them?

    Thank you,

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Maria!
      I typically laminate my Toothy kits so that they are easier to use and re-use, but if this is unavailable to you then card stock is a great option! Thanks for reaching out!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners


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