How to Assign Digital Toothy to your Students

Students and teachers all over are learning a new normal as they navigate the world of distance learning. Thankfully, resources like Digital Toothy Task Cards are proving to be a huge life saver! This post is going to show you the two most common ways teachers are assigning these activities to their students: Google Classroom and SeeSaw

Assigning Digital Toothy Using Google Classroom

Assigning Digital Toothy Using SeeSaw

Assigning Digital Toothy to Class Dojo

Assigning Digital Toothy for NO Google Account

Assigning Digital Toothy from My Drive to Canvas

Printable Directions for Google Slides

If you use Google Classroom or SeeSaw, these step by step visual directions will be helpful to you. Click the yellow button below to download the directions.

Printable Directions for PowerPoint

If you use iPads in your classroom, these step by step visual directions will be helpful to you. Click the yellow button below to download the directions

Digital Toothy Task Cards

Would you like to send these out to your students? We are creating a new Digital Toothy Task Card Bundle every three weeks with plans to create for all the skills for grades K-3. Click the links below to purchase your own Digital Toothy Task Card Bundles.

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  1. Dana Hilmoe

    Thank you so much for the Seesaw instructions! I can’t wait to try them next week.

  2. Erin Mansuetto

    Thank you so much– I was stuck thinking it was a PDF! I had no idea it says view as a google doc which makes it a slide presentation! Really appreciate the tutorials in this distance learning “new” world!

  3. Kristie Rindlisbacher

    You are amazing! Like truly amazing…I have needed this post for the last year – I’ve been trying how to do this and you just saved my world in teaching me how to add google slides into seesaw! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sharing your brilliance with the world!

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Elizabeth!
      Yes! Digital Toothy can be used with canvas, there is actually a video in this post explaining how to do so. Reach out to [email protected] if you have any other questions! Have a great day!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners


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