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Phonics Activities for Remote Learning

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Written by: Angie Olson

Phonics is still the go-to way to teach young readers! During remote learning, it’s still important to help your students keep up with their reading skills. For K-2 students, the summer slide is real. Don’t start summer early. Keep sharing phonics activities for remote learning to help them continue to grow as readers. Whether they are reading new books, working on fluency skills, or reviewing sounds, your readers will enjoy these phonics activities shared remotely. 

Phonics Mats

My popular phonics mats have gone digital! That means you can upload the digital phonics mats for either 1st Grade or 2nd Grade via Google Classroom for your students to read and complete.

Each of the 131 passages includes targeted practice of one sound within the grade-level text. The mats focus on multiple skill areas and learning targets including phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and alphabetical order.

Students begin by reading the passage three times for fluency practice. Next, they find the words that support the phonics patterns within the passage. Then, students arrange a small list of words in ABC order.  Finally, students color the pictures that have the focus phonics pattern on the page. 

When uploading to Google Classroom, simply make a copy for each student. Share instructions via Zoom or a screencast video to help your learners understand how to use digital phonics mats.

Read Beginning Reader Books

Share beginning reader books with your lucky little learners! These leveled books focus on repetition while reading. Each book focuses on a certain phonics skill or sound and repeats the pattern throughout the text. These are high-interest books that are appropriate for PreK-2 readers. Each book pack comes with 25 titles like “Hello, Beach” or “Fun with Mud”. 

Digital Phonics Toothy

Students love Toothy! With the Digital Phonics Toothy task cards, students solve 24+ problems on a digital task card within every skill. Each problem has three answer choices. If the answer is correct, a tooth gets placed in Toothy’s mouth. If the answer is not correct, it’s time to try again!

Students will review short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, CVC and CVCE pattern words, blends, diagraphs, open syllables, closed syllables, and more! There are more than 70 different phonics sets for your lucky little learners to practice and explore with Digital Phonics Toothy cards! 

Because Toothy activities are self-correcting, they are perfect for students to use for phonics practice at home. Want to preview the activity? Check out the FREE Long I Vowel teams Digital Toothy! Your students and their parents will love working with Toothy.

Online Read Alouds to Teach New Phonics Sounds

Click on the image below for a long list of our favorite read alouds for teaching phonics skills. We’ve provided a link to the online read aloud too!

Your lucky little learners are ready to practice their phonics skills at home! Make sure to share these special activities with parents and your young learners alike. During distance learning, you may want to offer your students options. For example, you may share a digital phonics mat or digital Toothy for a particular sound. Demonstrate the skill and task via Zoom or a screencast for students and parents to view on Google Classroom, Seesaw, or via Zoom. What phonics activities will you share with your students?


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