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Math Resources for At-Home Learning

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Written by: Angie Olson

Whether you’re teaching your lucky little learners from home or providing supplement materials for summer learning, you’ll want to find lessons and activities that are engaging and fun! Students have been spending a lot of time in front of screens, so your math resources for at-home learning should not only reinforce concepts but also keep your learner’s minds engaged! These math resources for at-home learning will get your primary students excited about math while they’re away from the physical classroom.

Digital Toothy Math

You’ve probably read about my Digital Toothy task cards before. Digital Toothy Math is one of my favorite ways to practice  math skills with at-home learners! 

Here’s how it works. Students solve 24+ problems on a digital task card within every skill. Next, they choose the answer from three choices. If the answer is correct, a tooth gets placed in Toothy’s mouth. If the answer is not correct, they use their strategies and go back to the problem to solve it again until they find the correct answer.

One thing I love about the Digital Toothy Math task cards is that they cover everything from basic addition to arrays (and all primary concepts and standards in between)! There are more than 70 different math sets in the Digital Toothy Math bundle. You can assign tasks to different groups based on their needs or share skills with the whole class. Digital Toothy Math is my go-to for at-home math learning!

Color by Number

Even with all the amazing technology resources available to our students, it’s still nice to get a screen break sometimes! I love using color by number to review basic, 2-digit, and 3-digit addition and subtraction. This 190+ page bundle of color by number math sheets will give your students a screen break and incorporate art and motor skills. 

Coloring is such a relaxing way to spend time at-home! Your students won’t even realize they are learning and reviewing math skills with these vibrant pictures and coloring fun! Upload the files to print to Google Classroom or send them home to your students in the mail. Differentiate with the basic facts bundle or challenge with the 3-digit addition and subtraction bundle.

Spiral Math Review

Reviewing with your students is so important, but it’s equally important to meet them where they are at. Not every student learns at the same rate, and that’s especially true at this time of distance learning. The spiral math review is perfect for distance learners with three levels of differentiation for each skill review: below, at, and above grade level. 

What I love about this resource is that it has lessons and review sheets for the whole year at each level. So if you have a student who is proficient at shape attributes but is struggling with telling time, you can give them the at-level and below-level sheets, respectively. Share these resources and model how to use them with your students through your online learning platform (like Google Classroom or Seesaw).

These math resources for at-home learning are perfect during this time of distance learning. They can also carry your students through the summer and into the fall if needed. In addition, when parents ask for materials to help their students with math at-home during the traditional school year, these are excellent resources to provide. What math resources are you using for your at-home learners?


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