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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

Peer-to-peer sharing is a commonly used practice in elementary classrooms. Many teachers utilize “think-pair-share” or “turn and talk” during core classes. But what if encouraging student-to-student conversations in a relaxed way could improve student learning overall? That’s exactly what 30 Second conversations aim to do. These morning meeting conversations can be a game-changer in your classroom. Read on to find out how 30-second conversations work in the elementary classroom.

set the foundation for optimal learning all day with morning meeting conversations

What is a 30-second conversation in elementary school?

A 30-second conversation is as simple as it sounds. Students are paired together and engage in conversation for 30 seconds. When used as part of a morning meeting routine, teachers can provide students with a conversation prompt to guide the discussion.

Two options for delivering morning meeting slides by Lucky Little Learners: displayed on an iPad and printed on a ring for quick and no prep conversation starters to start the day.

Try to choose an open-ended conversation prompt, and not a prompt that requires a simple yes/no or choice answer. The ideas for conversation prompts can be as simple as “What did you do last night?” Here are some other ideas to start conversation between peers:

  • What do you like to do after school?
  • Tell me about a funny episode of your favorite TV show.
  • What is something you want to learn how to do?
  • What does your “best day ever” look like?
  • Tell me about your friend/sibling and what you like to do together.
six conversation starter slides from the Lucky Little Learners morning meeting slides pack

With guidance and practice, students become more familiar with conversation skills like asking questions, responding to questions, and engaging in active listening. Looking for more conversation starters? Check out our morning meeting task card and writing prompt set. Use these versatile cards for 30-second conversations, morning meeting sharing, or journal writing prompts.

Download HERE

Benefits of 30 Second Conversations:

  • exposure to oral language patterns, tones, and expression
  • practice for expressive and receptive language
  • exposure to vocabulary and grammar skills
  • taking turns and learning common conversational courtesy
  • allows students to express their opinions in a low-risk environment
  • helps to foster a classroom environment of mutual respect
  • helps to foster social emotional skills, like empathy
a morning meeting conversation prompt displayed in the front of a 2nd grade classroom

This practice benefits all learners but may be especially helpful to English Language Learners. Additionally, fostering positive peer-to-peer interaction can boost students’ receptiveness to new material and increase their comprehension.

Looking for more ways to start the conversation? Our list of Morning Message Ideas can help!

30 Second Conversations in the Classroom

Many Lucky Second Grade Teachers are already using peer-to-peer conversations in their classrooms. Says one teacher,

“In my class I call the discussions during morning meeting ’30-second conversations’. The idea was inspired by the LETRS training. I give them a topic and they turn and talk with another student practicing specific speaking & active listening skills. It allows all students to talk, gives my ELL students a chance to practice the language with their peers, and helps them build communication skills. After they take turns talking to each other a few are called on to share with the whole class.”

Have you tried 30-second conversations in your classroom yet? See what other teachers are saying about it in our Facebook Communities for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Teachers

More Conversation Starter Ideas


motivational monday message routine in which students pick a classmate and write a motivating message to them on a sticky note


top 2 tuesday morning conversation starter routine in which students write 2 ways they can be a good friend on sticky notes


What Will You Do Wednesday conversation starter in which students respond to a common social situation with what they would do if it happened to them

Any Day

What Makes You Feel Loved morning conversation starter with students' responses on sticky notes

Bonus Download – Growth Mindset Reading Passages

Love these ideas for 30-second conversation starters? Try our Growth Mindset Reading Passages too! Each passage gives a social scenario that students can relate to. At the end of each scenario, the student is given a question or two that ties in with the lesson in the passage. Students will read, reflect, and respond to the story. Growth Mindset passages encourage students to do their best, believe in themselves, accept challenges and know that mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

Download Growth Mindset Passages HERE

Morning meeting conversations can be as simple as 30 second prompts to spark a conversation with a partner and provide a strong social learning routine to set the stage for a great school day.


  1. LauraLee

    Thank you. I love all of your products. I feel that they truly saved me last year during virtual teaching.

    These conversation starters are so wonderful because my 2nd grade babies have a difficult time just communicating this year.

    Thank you for caring about teachers and students. 💜

  2. Jenny

    Love the conversation starters ! I preach about kindness and it still seems my 2nd graders are intentionally mean . Whew wee I hope this helps ! Thank you !!

  3. Jessica Walthers

    I’d love morning meeting conversations and more conversation starter ideas.


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