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Written by: Angie Olson

A classroom morning routine is the key to starting the school day. Routines provide students with a predictable structure that sets them up for success every single day. We've gathered A TON of morning routine tips and ideas from the teachers in our 1st grade / 2nd grade Facebook groups that will give you some ideas for your students.

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Classroom Morning Routines and Ideas

1- “Come into the room at 7:45. Watch some PBS kids while they wash their hands, do their lunch counts, and eat their breakfast. Then announcements start at 8:00. Morning routine until 8:15 and then we start our day!” -Bailey A.

2- “Hang up backpacks, put take home folder in seat sacks. Get breakfast. Eat. Pledge, lunch count, check folders.” -Jamie Z.

3- “They come in and do morning work (at this point it is coloring mystery pics) but I hope to incorporate spiral morning work! This works great with our staggered arrival.” -Katie P.

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Morning Work Weekly Themes

4- We have a 25 minute arrival period before the bell rings so this year we’re doing a different morning work every day to shake things up and make it fun and exciting every day!” -Taylor S.

  • Make-It Monday: we put a directed drawing on the smart board and the kids draw/color it. 
  • Technology Tuesday: each kid gets their computer and plays on an approved site.
  • Write About It Wednesday: we post a would you rather writing prompt and they write in their mini-journals.
  • Read-to-self Thursday (haven’t come up with a creative title yet 🙃): kids get their book boxes and read! 
  • STEM Friday: we have individual STEM bins for kids (I used the Michaels “toothy” bins) and work at their desks! 

5- “We do a 20 minute morning meeting first thing, all grades K-5.” -Jocelyn K.

6- “They can come in any time after 7:45. They put anything in their folders for me in a tray and can get breakfast to bring back to the room. Then after finishing any unfinished work from the day before, they do spelling practice and then can choose Lexia, IXL, Read to Self, or morning tubs until after announcements around 8:25!” -Zach D.

7- “Kids enter from classroom exterior door as they arrive. They go directly to their desks and read on an online platform or from the book bins I curate for them each week. We take attendance and place lunch orders. Then morning meeting circle, greeting, group community-building activity, sharing, and morning message.” -Jennifer A.

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8- “I have them do a handwriting worksheet and we have morning meeting.” -Kayla K.

9- “We come in, I pass out breakfast, they watch the morning announcements as they eat, then I take their lunch orders, we go to the restroom and get our day started.” -Sara

10- “When they come in, they sit at their desks with their backpacks. I read a book aloud—something that goes with our science or social/emotional learning. Then as announcements come on, they go to their cubbies in small groups.” -Danielle A.

11- “We have a soft start/morning tubs. They have 10-15 to chill. We have school announcements. Then we have morning meeting on the carpet. I tell them what’s going on for the day and they each have an opportunity to share their news. Then we do The Phonics Dance and our Picture of the Day. We usually have an hour left for whatever our shared reading is and our reading groups.” -Maria K.

12- “Backpacks on hook, lunch on floor, water bottle on shelf, lunch card in lunch choice pocket, greeting with teacher, desk to watch school wide FB live with principal on projector- 10 minutes, write sight word of the day and hang on board, good morning song, stand on tiger paw sit spots in circle time for Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting (student greetings, student of the day oral sharing/peer questions, activity- song/game/Go Noodle, message- schedule review), student of the day shares calendar date quickly, student of the day leads Potato Head Rule Review Whole Brain Teaching Style, Lucky Duck (random secret student name draw) then off to instruction which is whole group phonics lesson/practice, whole group writing lesson, 30 minutes write time, then AM recess and whole group bathroom break before the next instructional block, which is an hour of reading groups.” -Kathleen T.

13- “Spiral review as they come in, check it, do calendar, 2 or 3 kids share.” -Amanda L.

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14- “Put your bag at your desk, check for any notes for the office. Wash your hands, sit down and eat your breakfasts. If you aren’t eating, play a learning game on your tablet until announcements.  I go around for trash during announcements & then take lunch orders (hot vs cold and how many need milk). Then we do Tiger Time (morning meeting), which differs depending on the day. Most of the time, it’s a SEL book or questions.” -Susie S.

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