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Grab ✨ FREE✨ phonics passages in this new post!

Free Phonics Worksheets

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Lucky Little Learners has a product that is perfect for helping students learn those all-important phonics sounds: Phonics Mats. AND…you can try them for FREE! Keep reading to snag your set of free phonics worksheets!

free phonics worksheets to download

What’s the best way to teach the numerous phonics sounds AND have students remember them? Repetitive practice with each spelling pattern and a familiar routine is the way to get off on the right foot!

free phonics mat for /cl/ blend

But first – if you want to read more about ramping up your classroom phonics game, check out these posts: Phonics Mats , Engaging & Easy to Prep Phonics Centers, Digital Phonics Passages OR 7 Ways to Make Phonics Fun.

4 phonics activities to make learning hands on and fun

How to use Phonics Mats

Phonics Mats can be used as a whole group, small group, or individual activity.

Student completing phonics mat activities for /ay/ spelling pattern

Phonics Mats are fun to use for choral reading! Each mat includes a short text featuring the spelling pattern, and directions to read the passage three times. Choral reading comes in handy for the first of three readings, or for all three with struggling readers who need more scaffolding.

student completing phonics mat activities for /oo/ spelling pattern

You can use the short text for timed fluency reading too!

sample phonics mats for /oo/ and /th/ spelling patterns

Easily assign these as a no prep phonics center. The phonics activities vary from mat to mat, so your students won’t ever get bored!

phonics mats for spelling pattern practice

There are mats to cover many different sound groups, and include over 130 passages/mats! Students will get familiar with the consistent format, and will be able to work independently.

phonics mats bound in workbooks

Phonics mats are available in printed AND digital versions!

digital /ee/ phonics mat displayed on an iPad screen

Check out the video below to get an in-depth look at the printable and digital formats of the phonics mats!

Phonics Mats Freebie

Want to try these free phonics worksheets with your students? Click below to score a set of (4) free mats for the consonant blends: /cl/, /bl/, /fl/, /gl/.

Purchase Phonics Mats

If you’re ready to snag the whole set, click below to purchase in our shop!


1st Grade Phonics Mats

toothy task kits

2nd Grade Phonics Mats

Happy teaching!

free phonics worksheets


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