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Free 2nd Grade Math Centers and Launch Kit

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Written by: Angie Olson

Here at Lucky Little Learners, we are always looking for ways to bring the fun of learning to our math lessons! So that’s just what we have done with our engaging 2nd grade math centers. Your students will have so much fun with these bright-colored and fast-moving activities for practicing 1-digit and 2-digit addition. Plus, we’ve included a bonus – a downloadable launch kit to help you organize and launch math centers in your classroom! Read on for a sneak peek at two of our favorite activities for practicing addition and subtraction in these free 2nd grade math centers!

free 2nd grade math centers and launch kit

What’s Included in the Freebie

There are 3 parts to this jam-packed freebie:

  • Center Activity #1 – Addition to 18 Bus Puzzles
  • Center Activity #2 – 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction True or False
  • Launch Kit – Math Tub Labels, Math Folder Cover, Center Rules/Expectations Charts, Parent Letter, Student Reflection Sheet, Editable Center Groups Template

Center Activity #1: Addition to 18 Bus Puzzles

Math facts are essential to master in second grade! The first of two center activities included in this free set will get your students ready to jump on the learning bus with 1-digit addition practice.

  • Student Friendly Instruction Sheet
  • 24 Printable Math Fact Puzzle Pieces (provided in both color & black and white)
  • Recording Sheet
  • PLUS – all of the above in Google Slides format
bus puzzles center game in digital and printed formats

Center Activity #2: Addition & Subtraction True or False

  • Student Friendly Instruction Sheet
  • (32) 2-Digit Number Sentence Cards (provided in both color & black and white)
  • True & False Cards for Sorting
  • Recording Sheet
  • PLUS – all of the above in Google Slides & Seesaw formats
true or false 2 digit addition and subtraction math center activity

Getting Your Centers Ready

Printed Centers:

Getting these centers ready takes no time at all!

  1. Print, laminate, and cut out the puzzle pieces.
  2. You can store these in a plastic bag, a plastic pencil case, envelopes, or folders.
  3. Print out the recording sheets and the instructions and your students are ready to play the game with little to no questions asked.
prep the printed version of the free bus puzzles math center by printing and cutting out cards

Digital Centers:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your Google account.
  2. Click on the link for Google Slides on the “Digital” PDF document.
  3. Choose “make a copy.” This will save the center to your Google Drive.
  4. Click “share” once the Google Slides is open. Change the setting to “anyone with the link can view” so students can access it.
  5. Assign the center in your Google Classroom by creating a new assignment and attaching it from your Google Drive. Select “make a copy for each student.”
true or false 2-digit addition math center displayed on an iPad

Playing the Bus Puzzles Center:

The best part of this free 2nd grade math center is that it is one that students can easily do independently during centers. Students will lay out the front pieces of their bus on the floor or desk in front of them.

school bus puzzles to practice addition to 18 math facts

Your students will then match the back of the bus with the answer that solves the addition fact. There are 24 total questions so you know they are getting plenty of practice! As they solve their questions they can record these on their recording sheet so you have accountability and can check their work!

addition to 18 recording sheet

For such a short amount of time spent setting up this activity, you’ll be amazed at how much fun students have putting the puzzle pieces together!

school bus puzzles to practice addition to 18 math facts

Note: Use the same directions with digital centers. Students will drag and drop the cards in Google Slides to complete each activity.

digital bus puzzles math center displayed on an iPad

Playing the True or False Center:

Students will select one card at a time and solve the problem.

sort 2 digit addition and subtraction number sentences in true or false categories

Next, students place the number sentence card in either the “true” or “false” category.

32 number sentence cards to sort into true or false categories

Last, students record the number sentence in the correct category on the recording sheet.

true or false recording sheet

These centers, like our other math centers, are the perfect mix of easy-to-set-up and fun to play!

Bonus: Math Centers Launch Kit

You’ll be all set up to implement math centers in your classroom with these launch kit templates!

  • Math Tub Labels (just looking for the labels? Click here to download the monthly labels!)
  • Math Folder Cover Sheet
  • Center Rules/Expectations Charts
  • Parent Letter
  • Student Reflection Sheet
  • Editable Math Center Groups Form
2nd grade math centers launch kit components

Read these posts about how to organize, launch, and fit math centers into your daily schedule.

free editable math center group sheet

Ready to Grab This Freebie?

Sign up below to try these math centers and launch tools!

If you are already hooked and ready to dive more into the second grade math centers, follow THIS LINK to take a look at all of the options in our All Access Resource Library!

free 2nd grade math centers and launch kit


  1. Christian Olmo


    I am an 8th grade math teacher in Baltimore County. I am helping my friend who is a teacher as well who teaches special ed. We found your video on youtube about subtraction with regrouping. We loved the subtraction mat that you had in the video. You said it was free on your site but we cannot find it. Could you please help me in finding it?

    • Bailey Jordan

      ​Hi Christian! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey J.
      Lucky Little Learners

  2. Betzaida Figueroa

    I have been teaching for 30 years middle and high school, this year, I took a further step, I am teaching 2nd grade and I love it. I need some ideas. Thanks!

  3. E

    Oh no…. The link does not work and I have trouble signing up to get the freebie. The “I want this” button just shows up again after I press it… This resource is amazing!

    • Jess Dalrymple

      I’m so sorry the link is not working for you! I believe I fixed this issue in the post, but just in case, here is another way to access this freebie. Thanks for reaching out about this!


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