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Written by: Krys Warstillo

Digging through stacks of anchor charts and messy little desks for reference materials is exhausting! The Lucky Little Toolkit has all the tools your students will need. It is a great option for BOTH classroom and distance learning. Think of it like a binder that has everything in one place. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING! This student AND teacher toolkit allows each child access to math, writing, and literacy tools independently.

lucky little toolkit

What’s Included In This Teacher Toolkit?

* indicates a digital version is included

  • Addition & Subtraction Mats*
  • Addition & Subtraction Strategy Anchor Charts
  • Base Ten Blocks*
  • Before & After Mat*
  • Clock*
  • Coin Identification Anchor Chart
  • Coins*
  • Comparing Numbers Mat*
  • Days of the Week
  • Dice Cards
  • Fact Families*
  • Fraction Mat*
  • Hundreds Chart & 120 Chart*
  • Money Mat*
  • Months of the Year
  • Number Bond Mats*
  • Number Cars (with & without ten frames)
  • Number Lines*
  • Number of the Day Activities*
  • Number Paths
  • Number Spinners*
  • Number Words
  • Part Part Whole Mat*
  • Patterns Blocks*
  • Pattern Anchor Chart
  • Place Value Chips
  • Place Value Mat*
  • Plus & Minus 1 & 10 Mat
  • Shape Cards
  • Ten Frames*
  • Unifix Cubes*
  • 5 Finger Rule Anchor Chart
  • Close Reading Sheets
  • Comprehension Bookmarks
  • Comprehension Strategies Anchor Chart
  • Reading Log*
  • Phonics Spinners*
  • Reading Spinners
  • Grammar/Parts of Speech Anchor Chart
  • Letter Formation
  • “Magnetic” Letter Tiles*
  • Making Connections Anchor Chart
  • Monthly Writing Prompts*
  • Open-Ended Reading Question
  • Phonics Sound Charts
  • Punctuation Anchor Chart
  • Reading Apps List
  • Reading Graphic Organizers*
  • Reading Journal Template*
  • Reading Questions
  • Sentence Checklist Anchor Chart
  • Sight Words List*
  • Six Syllable Types Anchor Chart
  • Sound Boxes*
  • Text Feature Anchor Chart
  • Types of Sentences Anchor Chart
  • Word Attack Strategies Anchor Chart
  • Writing Checklist*
  • Writing Organizers/Templates*
  • Writing Prompts
  • Binder Covers
  • Binder Section Dividers (editable file included)
  • Binder Spine Labels
  • Class Information Sheets (editable file included)
place value template

Place in Dry Erase Sleeves and Use Dry Erase Markers to Save on Copies

Copies are a precious commodity! The resources in the Lucky Little Toolkit are meant to be put into page protectors or dry erase sleeves, this way students can use them over and over again. The pages are available in both color and black & white.

lucky little toolkit sound boxes template in dry erase sleeve

Reference Pages & Anchor Charts

The Lucky Little Toolkit contains reference pages and anchor charts for your students to use. They can be printed and displayed or given to students in their binders for easy independent reference.

kid sized alphabet chart and templates

Print and Cut Manipulatives

In the age of “we can’t share supplies” print and cut manipulatives are amazing! Students can cut them out as they need them and have their own money, pattern blocks, number cards, unifix cubes, dice, clocks, and base ten blocks to use!

printable ten frame and math manipulatives

Instructional Mats

Keep all those instructional mats in one place! Put each mat into a page protector for individual and wipeable mats. Students can easily access math mats and literacy organizers.

patterns reference chart

Printable and Digital Materials

This binder will help parents working with their child(ren) at home to understand strategies, terminology, and instruction that we use at school. At-home helpers will be grateful for the extra resources and access.

lucky little teacher toolkit digital math manipulatives library displayed on an iPad

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lucky little teacher toolkit


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