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Written by: Angie Olson

The key when planning your 2nd grade math schedule is to keep procedures and time consistent from day to day. This way students know what to expect whether you're there or a sub is there in your place. Also, if the flow is predictable, kids can spend their energy on learning math concepts instead of new routines.

In this post, we'll walk through the components of a sample 2nd grade math block, given a 60-minute block of time.  If you have more than 60 minutes, lucky you!  If you have less, you may decide to shorten certain components or break the block apart so you can sprinkle the math routines throughout the day.

Let's take a closer look at what an effective 2nd grade math schedule can look like.

second grade math schedule components

Sample 2nd Grade Math Schedule

5 Minutes: Math Warm Ups

Math warm ups are a great way to get students thinking about math.  Warm-ups come in a variety of different packages such as number talks, partner problems, math fact flashcards, quick games, etc.  The key is to focus on something that is math-related that gets everyone in a math-ready mindset.

second graders playing math toothy as a warm up activity

15 Minutes: Whole Group Lesson

Next up is the whole group lesson.  Start with the essential question or learning target.  Then, hook students in with a song, anchor chart, short math video clip, or story.  Take a look at our blog post library of math videos to teach all the 2nd grade skills!

From there, you are teaching and demonstrating the new math skill for the day.  The smartboard and document camera come in handy during this time!  One idea for keeping your students engaged is to give them markerboards so they can go through problems with you. 

student solving a math problem on a white board

Whole group lessons taught on the rug work well so kids are close by when you notice multiple errors and corrections need to be demonstrated. Also, you can strategically place them with ideal partner combinations and listen in when it's turn and talk time!

teaching from the floor during whole group time

15 Minutes: Independent Practice

After the whole group lesson, send students to their desks or other workplaces around the classroom for independent practice.  This can be as simple as a worksheet from the math curriculum or an interactive math notebook activity

While students are working independently, teachers can move around the room to work with small groups or individuals who would benefit from extra attention. 


  • Have students bring their assignment up to be corrected.  When you correct them in the moment, the immediate feedback will stop bad habits before they start! 
  • Once students finish, allow them to go right into their math center choice for the day.  No more figuring out what to do with those early finishers!

25 Minutes: Math Centers

Math centers are the next part of the math block.  This is often kids' favorite part of the day because they get to be creative and hands-on with their learning!

Here are some awesome math center activity ideas for you.

math center addition to 18 puzzle building game

If you're looking for more info on getting your centers up and running, check out these posts:

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10 Minutes: Clean Up and Reflection (if time)

The last 10 minutes of the 2nd grade math schedule is clean up and reflection.  This is a time for students to get the room put back together, organize their math folder, and finish a quick journal entry on how their center time activity went for them. Another reflection activity that also serves as a formative assessment is to have students complete math exit tickets!

math exit ticket for 2nd grade

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second grade math schedule


  1. Amy

    At what time do you have students do exit tickets? During independent work? After group with teacher? Or during reflection? Thanks!

    • Bailey Jordan

      ​Hi! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey Jordan
      Lucky Little Learners

  2. Eddie Mae Ntifo

    How do I use Math centers with kindergarten ? There are students who always need help in Math .

    • Bailey Jordan

      ​Hi! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey J.
      Lucky Little Learners

  3. Tara Ruggiero

    Do you have a 3rd-grade math centers bundle?

    • Jess

      Hello Tara! We do not have a 3rd grade math centers bundle at this time. Thank you for your interest!


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