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Figurative Language 2nd Grade Reading Passages

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

As students begin to read more complex texts they will encounter figurative language. This can be tricky for kids because they can’t interpret these words and phrases literally. A great way to practice this tricky skill is in context with 2nd grade reading passages – designed specifically with figurative language in mind!  

Our Lucky Little Learners team of master teachers has created a set of figurative language reading passages to help out! The best part is that each title in the set comes in three different leveled versions. This means that every student in your class can participate regardless of whether they are reading above, below, or at a 2nd grade reading level. The passages also include targeted comprehension questions so you can see at a glance whether your students are grasping the concept. 

If these sound like just the thing you could use in your reading teacher toolkit, take a closer look at what’s included and how you can use the figurative language reading passages below!

What’s Included in the Figurative Language 2nd Grade Reading Passages Resource?

  • AT grade level: 12 fiction titles & question pages
  • BELOW grade level: 12 fiction titles & question pages
  • ABOVE grade level: 12 fiction titles & question pages
  • 6 of the question pages focused on figurative language
  • 6 of the question pages focused on mixed comprehension skills
  • Answer keys
  • Digital version of each passage & questions (Google Forms)!  *Can be used on any device and assigned with any platform!

Download Figurative Language Passages HERE

Use the Passages for Comprehension Practice 

Your students will have plenty of targeted figurative language practice at their reading level! 

There are 12 engaging titles, each offered in three versions to support different reading levels in your classroom.

The Titles: 

  • Warming Up
  • A Substitute
  • Getting Ready
  • Saturday Morning
  • A Bad Day
  • Video Games
  • First Race
  • A New Scooter
  • Snow Day!
  • A Strange Morning
  • Baseball Game
  • Kate’s New Job

Here’s a closer look at one of the passages so you can see what the different levels look like: 

There are also question pages with 6 questions for each title. Bonus – these are also differentiated so each and every student can practice answering figurative language questions at their just right level!

Also, we’ve got you covered on more than just figurative language! There are mixed review comprehension questions for six of the twelve titles as well. 

Use the Passages for Fluency Practice

We all know that comprehension is just one piece of the reading puzzle. That’s why we included a word count and fluency tracker on each reading passage! You can easily use these reading passages for repeated readings and fluency practice – on your students’ instructional levels! 

Go to THIS POST to learn how you can use these passages for fluency assessments.

Go to THIS POST for easy-to-implement fluency strategies you can put into practice in your classroom. 

More Ways to Use the Reading Passages

Looking for reading homework, interventions, or assessments?

These skill-focused passages and question pages are perfect for any of the above! You can easily use these in small groups, at reading centers, with reading partners, and so much more.

Here’s a fun idea – take your students on a story hunt for figurative language using these passages! CLICK HERE to learn more about this strategy. 


2nd Grade Reading Passages for 15 More Comprehension Skills

We have reading passages for all the comprehension skills you’re teaching! 

  1. Cause & Effect
  2. Character
  3. Fiction Text Evidence & 5Ws
  4. Nonfiction Text Evidence & 5Ws
  5. Nonfiction Compare & Contrast 
  6. Fiction Compare & Contrast
  7. Figurative Language
  8. Illustrations & Text Features
  9. Main Idea & Details
  10. Illustrations & Inferences
  11. Moral & Summarizing
  12. Sequencing
  13. Nonfiction Text Structure 
  14. Point of View
  15. Fiction Story Structure
  16. Vocabulary & Context Clues

Take a closer look in THIS BLOG POST.

Download Figurative Language Passages HERE

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