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Using the Q&A Feature on Google Slides

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Written by: Angie Olson

Google Slides has a feature that makes it easy for you to get responses from every student in your class, even the ones that struggle to speak out. The Q&A feature on Google Slides has so many practical uses for students, even in primary grades. Here’s how to get started using the Q&A feature on Google Slides.

Why Should You Use the Q&A Feature on Google Slides?

The Q&A feature on Google Slides isn’t just for having your students ask you questions about a certain topic. You can use this tool to present at staff meetings or at “Meet the Teacher” or curriculum nights for parents. In addition, you can flip the script and post your own questions for students to respond to! It’s so easy to use the Q&A Feature on Google Slides.

Step 1: Select your Google Slide Presentation

Choose a presentation well suited for Q&A. There are so many options!

Morning Meeting Slides:

Use Morning Meeting Discussion Slides to ask your students engaging questions that get them practicing their writing skills. “What is your favorite thing about school?” OR “What do you like to do at recess?” are questions that most of your 25+ second graders will want to answer. Rather than have every child shout out their answer or wait patiently raising their hand, the Q&A feature on Google Slides lets every voice be heard. 

Meet the Teacher Slides:

For Back to School or Meet the Teacher presentations, allow parents to ask questions using the Google Q&A feature as you share yours slides virtually or in person. You’ll be able to see what questions are being asked so you can address them as they come up or at the end of the presentation.

Content Specific Presentations:

When you are presenting new material in class, your students are bound to have questions. Rather than interrupt the lesson, they can type in their questions and you’ll be able to respond at an appropriate time.

In addition, you can also use the Google Q&A feature by having students type their own responses to specific content-related questions. Have them type solutions to math equations, use spelling or vocabulary words in a sentence, or answer reading comprehension questions.

Step 2: Use Presenter Mode

To get started, go to the “Present” button. Next, click the arrow to the right. Finally, choose “Presenter View”. You’ll get a second window with the Presenter View alongside your full presentation screen. 

Step 3: Engage Audience Tools

Next, click on Audience Tools in the Presenter View screen. On means you’re accepting questions. You can choose to accept questions from just people in your G-Suite or anyone who has the presentation. Go to the bottom of the screen and click Start Now. 

Step 4: Share the Presentation and Website Address

On the main presentation it will have a website address. Parents and students go to the website address on their device. When they arrive at the site, they’ll see a box to ask a question or type an answer as you are presenting. 

Step 5: Start the Q&A!

For classroom use, your kids all want to share their stories. Rather than call on every single child to have them tell you their answers, you can present the question on your Google Slide presentation and the students can type their responses in the “Ask a Question” box on the Q&A slide. Students can answer anonymously, or you can have them leave the box checked to share with their name (when they are logged in their Google account).

Step 6: Review the Questions and Answers

You can see the answers when you go back to your presenter screen under the audience tools. If you find an answer you want to share with the entire class, you click present, and it shows to the entire class. This is also great if you have a presentation where students, parents, or staff members are asking questions. You can share the question and respond to it verbally to the class.

As long as you are allowing responses, your audience will see the website on the screen. When you are no longer accepting responses, go ahead and turn off the accepting responses button in the presenter screen. 

After your presentation, you can see all the questions in one place. Just go to Tools and Q&A history to get a rundown of every question (or answer). 

I absolutely love using the Q&A Feature on Google Slides. Try it out in your classroom with students, parents, or even staff presentations! How will you use the Q&A feature in your classroom?

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