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Written by: Angie Olson

Using digital math and literacy centers with your lucky little learners helps them practice skills related to reading, writing, number sense, basic skills, and more! How can you make your digital Math and Literacy centers even more engaging for your students? Add them to SeeSaw, of course! Learn how to use digital Math and Literacy centers on SeeSaw with these easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Find your PowerPoint file.

To begin, open the PowerPoint file you want to use for Digital Math and Literacy Centers on SeeSaw. Check out the 2nd grade Digital Math Centers or Digital Literacy Centers from Lucky Little Learners!

Since the Digital Literacy Centers are created with Google Slides, be sure to File – Download as Powerpoint before completing the next step. 

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Step 2: Remove Text Boxes and Export Files

First, take the text boxes off the Powerpoint slides. The easiest way to do this is to drag your cursor around all the text boxes and click delete. 

Next, make sure the moveable pieces are not on top of the slide background. 

Your next step is to go to File-Export as a PDF or image. Choose PNG as your image file since text in the images will convert better.  Next, click save every slide and export. This will save each of the slides as its own image so you can upload the slides to SeeSaw. If you choose to keep the moveable pieces to upload to SeeSaw, right click save as pictures (save as png images on your computer). If you don't want to do that and your students can write or type, don't worry about taking the time to do this.

Step 3: Upload Digital Math and Literacy Centers on SeeSaw

You're almost there! Next, go to SeeSaw. Create a new activity. Name the activity something that makes sense for you and your lucky little learners. Then, click add template and upload. Select the background slides you saved as images and upload. You must start with 10 or less, but you can do more later. 

Next, click the green check. Each of the slides is now a different page. Now, your students will have access to the SeeSaw tools to draw and add images or audio to the slides. You can insert text boxes ahead of time if that's something your lucky little learners may struggle with. In addition, you can duplicate the text boxes to make it go faster. 

You may also choose to instruct your students to use the markers and write the answers on the center images. If you choose to use moveable pieces, click the photo icon then grab the images and put them in your SeeSaw page. 

If you don't have the moveable pieces, make sure you change the instructions to reflect that. Insert a text box to add or change instructions as needed. 

Using digital Math and Literacy centers is a game changer in the primary classroom! First, your students have access to all of the materials on one convenient platform. You can easily monitor and grade their work. Also, parents have the convenience or viewing assignments with the SeeSaw Family app. How will you use digital Math and Literacy centers with your lucky little learners?

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