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Activities for Practicing Two-Digit Addition

2nd Grade Skills, Addition, Math, Operations

Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Two-digit addition is a tough concept for second graders. All of a sudden, there are multiple steps and numbers to keep straight, and the concept of addition can go from simple to complicated when kids are first learning this skill. 

For this reason, students typically need multiple opportunities to work with these types of problems before they are able to fully master the concept.  

But I’ve got good news for you!  We have a wide variety of different options in our Lucky Little Learners store to make learning this tricky concept easier on kids and teachers! 

Read on for a round-up of all our best two-digit addition resources.

NOTE: All resources mentioned in this post can support you in teaching both the traditional algorithm method AND other common-core-aligned methods. 

Two-Digit Addition Activities

I would recommend introducing two-digit addition by using base ten blocks. This makes the concept more concrete because it’s very easy for children to visually see the process of putting together the tens and ones. Plus, regrouping is so much easier to understand when kids see it in action this way. Here’s a mat (also featured in this blog post) to help introduce two-digit addition using base ten blocks. 

Download Place Value Mat HERE

Once my students have mastered the concept using base ten blocks, I move on to addition with a two-digit number on top and a one-digit number on the bottom.  

Now that I’ve introduced the concept of 2-digit addition and my students are starting to get a good handle on it, I know they’ll need to practice, practice, practice! 

So, I have a HUGE file of fun worksheets so I never run out of problems for them to solve. If you could use some great worksheets for 2-digit practice, here are our (Brand New!) 2-Digit & 3-Digit Addition & Subtraction Worksheets. 

The worksheets have everything you’ll need for all the two and three-digit addition and subtraction standards: 

  • 2-digit addition with regrouping
  • 2-digit addition without regrouping
  • 2-digit subtraction with regrouping
  • 2-digit subtraction without regrouping
  • MIXED 2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping
  • 3-digit addition with regrouping
  • 3-digit addition without regrouping
  • 3-digit subtraction with regrouping
  • 3-digit subtraction without regrouping
  • MIXED 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

Download 2-Digit & 3-Digit Addition & Subtraction Worksheets HERE

My students love when I share the seasonal color-by-number sheets because it’s a fun change from the typical way we practice math problems in class. I also use these seasonal sheets for morning work and for early finishers. My students are always quiet as little mice while they’re working hard to reveal the fun images. 

Check out the 2-Digit Color By Number Year-Long Bundle and you’ll have resources for every season!

Download Color by Number Worksheets HERE

It never fails to amaze me ~ every single year Math Toothy is my class’s favorite way to practice math concepts!

Maybe it’s because kids get to customize their own Toothy character mat? Or, it could be the challenge of filling their Toothy’s mouth up with teeth for each correct answer…

Whatever it is, when my students know they’ll be practicing 2-digit addition with Toothy, they can’t get enough! 

Download 2-Digit Addition Toothy HERE

Toothy is digital too!

Download Digital Math Toothy HERE

Some years I have students that like to practice two-digit addition in a more hands-on way, so I pull out manipulatives and puzzles.  

Download Math Puzzles HERE

If your students love puzzles but you need a digital option, don’t worry! There is a digital version as well! 

One of my favorite ways to get my students practicing two-digit addition is by setting up math centers each week. This way I know my students are practicing while I’m working with kids who need more guidance. (And they’re excited because centers are fun!)

Keeping engaging centers going week after week can end up being a lot of extra work. So, we have a whole year’s worth of standards-aligned (and highly engaging!) 2nd Grade Math Centers in this bundle.

There are TONS of two and three digit addition activities available too:

Make it fun with Math Games!

Our Lucky to Learn Math Curriculum features dozens of games to get students thinking, learning, and playing with a positive math mindset. Each lesson features a collaborative activity, where students will engage with each other to increase their understanding. Take this example game from Unit 2 to increase addition skills:

Fishing Frenzy: Pass out a card to each student. The students will slowly walk or“swim” around the classroom. Say “CATCH” and then students will stop and pair up with the person closest to them. They will each of their cards and raise their hands when they know the sum. Once everyone’s hands are up, students can “swim” around the room again and repeat by finding new partners. You could also try doing 3 students together, if time permits.

Strategies for Teaching Two-Digit Addition

If you’re looking for teaching strategies, I’ve detailed several in this blog post for teaching addition with regrouping. It’s always good to have multiple tools in your toolbox to help kids better understand this tricky concept!

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