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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Twos Day is a big hit in 2nd grade classrooms! Whether teachers celebrate all things TWO on February 2nd (2/2) or February 22nd (2/22), the creative ideas are flowing! Check out these innovative ideas for Twos Day from teachers all across the world.

twos day showcase

Thank you to our teacher community for sharing your special day in photos for this post!

Twos Day Classroom Decorations

There might be a shortage of two-shaped balloons across the world this month! We love how festive and fun these teachers made their classrooms for Twos Day! Can you imagine how lit up every 2nd grader’s eyes got as they walked through the door?

Photo Credit: Melanie Harenberg

a 2nd grade classroom decorated with giant number two shaped balloons and surprise twos day activity bags on student desks for 2-22-22

Photo Credit: Tiffany Franks

twos day paper chain hanging from the classroom ceiling with a paper number 2 hanging from the end for 2-22-22
Photo Credit: Amber Carver

A hallway display outside 2nd grade classrooms on 2-22-22 to welcome them to twos day
Photo Credit: Ann Lindblad Campbell

Here’s a fun idea for decor AND food… Combine Taco Tuesday and 2’s Day!

Photo Credit: Victoria Martin

Lots of teachers display students when they were two years old. This decor idea doubles as a challenging guessing game too!

whos who when they were two classroom display and guessing game with pictures of the students when they were two years old for 2-22-22
Photo Credit: Bridget White

Twos Day Dress Up

From tutus to ties to tube socks and tie die.. teachers and kids got into the spirit with some creative clothes!

Teacher Jessica Lynn Pierce dressed up and set up to teach 2nd grade on twos day 2-22-22
Photo Credit: Jessica Lynn Pierce

Whole teams of teachers got into the spirit of Two’s Day! Themed 2’s Day T-Shirts were a big hit as you can see!

A team of five 2nd grade teachers dressed up in matching twos day t shirts for 2-22-22
Photo Credit: Cori Curtis

A team of five 2nd grade teachers dressed up in matching twos day t shirts for 2-22-22
Photo Credit: Kara Myers

Twos Day Activities

Who knew it would be so easy to keep kids busy with two-based activities all day?!

Activities pictured below:

Lots of teachers had kids’ desks decorated with goodies like buttons and Two’s Day activity packets for morning work.

a student desk decorated by the teacher with a twosday packet of activities, a number two balloon, a number two crown, a paper ribbon to wear, and colorful streamers
Photo Credit: @thewrightteaching on Instagram

Activities pictured below:

  • Twos Day Crowns
  • We Go Two-Gether Word Search
  • I Spy Twos

Photo Credit: @ak_emmert on Instagram

Photo Credit: @sungyun91 on Instagram

Activities pictured below:

  • I Spy Twos
  • Two-Tally Math

Photo Credit: @momofcurioussid on Instagram

When I am twenty two first I hope I live in Mexico. Then I going to be a president. Go to a restaudon with my girl frend. Last I will get marry and make a family.
Photo Credit: Diana Cammarata Shemen

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Here are some fun and creative Two’s Day activities; perfect for math stations!

  • Money war game and clock bingo
  • Ring toss subtraction
  • Time twister hands on hour legs on minutes
  • Two’s Day crowns with colored highlighters

Photo Credit: Melissa Parrish Reynolds

double consonants popsicle matching activity for twos day 2-22-22
Double Consonants Popsicle Matching Photo Credit: Ann Lindblade Campbell

How much fun would it be to have a Two’s Day themed photo booth station?!

Photo Credit: Amber Carver

Find more ideas and lots of free Two’s Day resources in the blog posts below:

Do you plan to keep the fun going year after year on 2/2 or 2/22? Let us know in the comments below!

twosday classroom showcase of ideas


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