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Two’s Day Freebies

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Written by: Katie Palmer

By now you may have heard talk about Two’s Day. But just what IS Two’s Day AND what cool activities are available for your students on this once in a teaching career day? Keep reading for more info on Two’s Day, activity ideas, and Two’s Day FREEBIES to make your celebration rock!

free twos day activities for 2nd grade on 2-22

First of all, what is Two’s Day?

This year February 22nd, 2022 is a written date of all 2’s: 2-22-22. How cool is that? AND to top it off, it falls on a Tuesday! Kindergarten and First grade really hammer out the hundredth day of school, so this year second graders will have their own special day! There has been a lot of chatter in the Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers facebook about this Two’s Day so team Lucky Little Learners sprung into action. Follow the steps below to kick off Two’s Day!

Start With the Ideas

We have already compiled a post full of classroom activities to make Two’s Day ultra special and memorable to your students. The post includes room transformation ideas, snack ideas, read aloud examples, freebies and highlights the activities included in the Lucky Little Learners Two’s Day Pack. See that post here: Two’s Day Ideas.

Grab the Two’s Day Freebies

Of course have a Two’s Day freebie for you! This freebie pack includes three Twosday ideas (and answer keys). Scroll down to grab this free download. Scroll all the way to the bottom for a bonus freebie too!

  1. Two-Tally Colorful

This first freebie activity will have students solving addition and subtraction problems with the answers all being even numbers. (Hopefully students will connect this and say “Hey! The answers are all numbers we say when we area skip counting by 2s!”) Also, students will have to use their eagle eyes and count how many 2s they see on the page as well as do an amazing number trick! (They will want to do this trick over and over and will probably do it to people at home too!)

free math twos day sheet to practice addition and subtraction

2. I Spy Twos

This next activity has students searching for pairs. (There is even a checklist included!) This would be a great morning work (or bell work) activity when students first walk in the door on Two’s Day.

i spy twos activity to find objects that come in pairs for twos day 2-22

3. We go two-gether like..

The last freebie activity works with famous word pairs like peanut butter & jelly or Batman & Robin. Once students come up with the word pairs, they will find their written words in the word search. Bonus activity: have students list more famous word pairs they can think of. It could be a whole class list to work on all day!

free twos day word search activity to find famous pairs that go together

Twosday Pack

If you like the Two’s Day freebies, you will LOVE the entire Two’s Day Pack!

twos day pack of printable and digital activities for 2-22

Included in this pack:

  • Brag Tags special for Twos Day
  • Compound Word activities (two words!)
  • Double Bubble Graphic Organizer (think fancy venn diagram)
  • Math Worksheets including double digit addition & subtraction and early multiplication (x2),
  • Double Consonant Center
  • Double It Dice Partner Game
  • Dynamic Duo Writing Prompt
  • Famous Pairs Word Search
  • Pairs I Spy activity
  • lanyards to wear the day of
  • Number 2 Directed Drawings: turn the 2 into something else!
  • Pattern Blocks “2” activities
  • Shoot for two Basketball Game: using a waste basket hoop and paper ball!
  • Skip Counting by 2s Maze
  • Twenty Years writing prompt
  • Two Syllable words partner game
  • Twos Day Color by Number
  • Crowns
  • Joke of the day Handwriting featuring the number 2
  • Grammar lesson focusing on to, two and too
variety of twos day activities for 2-22 in 2nd grade


All the bonus twos day freebies, including stickers, t shirt designs, certificates and parent letters!

Bonus #1: 3 Free SVG Designs (perfect for T-Shirts or Stickers.)

Bonus #2: Free Two’s Day designs for stickers or buttons!

Bonus #3: Free Two’s Day Certificates

Bonus #4: Free Editable Parent Letter to explain your Two’s Day event


Free SVG Designs

Free Sticker/ Button Designs

Free Two's Day Certificate

Free Editable Parent Letter

Plus – Check out the Two’s Day Activities Pack in our shop and your whole event will be planned and ready to go!


Two's Day Activities Pack

Happy Twos Day!

free twos day 2-22 activities


  1. Nicole

    Love all the thought you put into Two’s Day! So creative!

  2. Nicole

    How do I access the Freebie for Two’s Day?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Nicole, There is a box embedded in this post to access the freebies. Just in case that’s not showing up for you, try this link. Thank you and happy Two’s Day!

  3. Kelly

    Thank you for these wonderful ideas.
    – K

  4. Rachel

    Thank you for this resource! They always are a hit in my classroom and keep my students learning and engaged

  5. Jody

    Can you add pre kindergarten to the certificate? Or make it editable on that part only?

  6. linda skelly

    thank you very much for such a nice packet


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