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Top Teaching Resources: Nonfiction Text Features

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Written by: Katie Palmer

A teacher sits down to lesson plan for the upcoming week. Flipping through the manual, they see it is time to teach nonfiction text features. A slight panic develops. How can this skill be made fun for students? Never fear! Here at Lucky Little Learners, we have you covered with some resources to make this skill engaging and FUN to teach! (Bonus, these are LOW prep and can be implemented TODAY!)

Hands On Resources

1. Nonfiction Reading Passages

This GROWING bundle has a handful of passages featuring nonfiction text features as their primary skill. These passages are helpful when working as a whole group, small group or students on their own. (Also, if using these passages for each comprehension skill, students will be familiar with them, thus leading to successful independent work time!) Want to hear more about these passages? Check out THIS post.

2. Text Feature Hunt

Want students to self locate text features? Here is an easy to use idea! Pass out a reading level appropriate nonfiction book to each student. Show an example of a type of text feature, captions for example. Then, set a timer and have students page through their books. When they find the caption they hold their finger on it. Walk around and check after the timer runs out. This can be repeated for several types of features. Students like this activity because of the timer challenge.

3. Nonfiction Text Features Reading Center Activity

Our Literacy Centers bundle has a nonfiction text features center! (As well as covering TONS of other skills. Find the bundle HERE.) Centers are great for independent work, or as whole group led activities. Best part? You can put the answer sheet in a “special” spot in the classroom and let students self correct their center work!

4. Anchor Chart

Anchor charts are AMAZING for visual learners. Making a chart WITH the class will help cement learning on the selected skill. Keep these up during the week (or entire unit) for students to reference. Don’t want to create an anchor chart from scratch? Our Lucky Little Toolkit has a nonfiction text feature anchor chart already created! Check out our toolkit HERE.

5. Nonfiction Text Features Toothy

Have your students played toothy yet? If not, check out THIS post to learn more. It has proven to be highly engaging! The kids LOVE drawing in their teeth when they get a correct answer. (Self correcting=no teacher correcting! BONUS.) The nonfiction text features toothy set is part of our 2nd grade Reading Toothy Bundle. Check out the bundle HERE.

Digital Resources

Nonfiction Text Features Learning Videos

Using a video, while not always ideal, can be a great tool for visual learners and for engagement! Here are a couple videos from YouTube that can be helpful for teaching nonfiction text features.

Here’s a teacher-created video showing examples of different nonfiction text features.

Here’s a song about the physical parts of a book (title, author, spine, chapter headings, etc…)


Games can be great for review after teaching the skill! Here are some great online options.

Nonfiction Text Features Memory: The old classic memory game matching the nonfiction text feature type with a picture example of the feature.

Identify the Text Features: This free game from is great for review that has students find and click on text feature types.

Don’t forget…our Nonfiction Text Feature Toothy, featured in our 2nd grade Toothy bundle, can be played in a digital format as well! Want to learn how to assign Toothy digitally? Check out THIS post.

Hopefully these ideas will get students excited for nonfiction text feature learning! Want more ideas? (Like HUNDREDS more ideas!?) Hop over to our Facebook group, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers.

Remember, together we are better!


Nonfiction Text Features Passages

2nd Grade Reading Passages

Lucky Little Toolkit

2nd Grade Literacy Centers


2nd Grade Reading Toothy

2nd Grade Digital Reading Toothy

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