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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

Are you using small group instruction in your classroom? If so, then you'll agree – this is where the magic happens! Students get a targeted lesson to improve their skills in a small, supportive, group setting. But one of the biggest struggles teachers face with small group instruction is organization.

With so many essential tools to teach targeted intervention lessons, it can be easy to get disorganized fast! What activity or skill are they working on today? Don’t waste that crucial time with students sorting through papers, centers, and hands-on materials. Take a look at some of the top tools teachers use to keep their small groups organized!

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1. Lesson Materials Organizer

Use a pocket for each of your small groups and store all the materials you need for the week. Put in all materials for the upcoming week on Friday, and rest easy over the weekend knowing you are organized and ready to go!

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2. Binders & Folders for the Win!

It almost seems too simple to mention – but folders save the day for small group organization!

For teachers:

Organize your small group binder with the easy printouts found in the Literacy Kit! Each small group has its own folder. At the start of each week, print out all the papers and materials you will need each day for each group, and place them in the matching folder. You can find guidance on exactly what you need to plan with our helpful post about What To Do During Literacy Interventions. When it's time to call small groups together, you have everything you need in one spot!

easily organize small group activities goals and lesson plans with a small group resource binder
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For students:

Each student has their own small group folder. This is great for storing progress notes, goal setting sheets, and a safe spot for any leveled readers or worksheets the student needs to review.

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3. Dry Erase Pockets

Save time (and paper) when you use dry erase pockets. Perfect for word work, fluency assessment, handwriting, and so much more! Don't forget to have plenty of dry erase markers and erasers on hand at your small group station.

organization ideas for reading group materials
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4. Hands-On Activity Organizers

Need hands-on literacy intervention ideas for small group instruction? Look no further than our Literacy Toolkit. These tactile activities are sure to keep students engaged, and have fun while learning important phonological skills! But how do we keep all the tiny activity parts in place without going bonkers?!

That's where these handy activity organizers come in! The perfect size for small hands – these cases hold everything you need for hands-on literacy interventions, and fit in a stackable storage box. Bonus for color coordination! Check out these helpful number stickers for keeping the activities organized.

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One of the best parts of creating and storing the hands-on activities in a convenient case is the flexibility to take the activity anywhere! Once students have been introduced to a hands-on activity in a small group session, they can take the activity to their seat for independent practice. Or the activity can be used as part of a group center! There are so many options for creative flexibility with these kits.

Wondering what activities to put in these boxes? Take a look at this video to see all the amazing activities included in the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit!

Can you imagine your students' excitement when they find out they get to use Pop-Its, Play-Doh, beads, and Duplo? This pack of activities makes improving phonological skills a joy, not a chore. Simply print, cut, and place the matching manipulatives in the box. Your intervention activity is ready to go!

how to make hands-on activity boxes for small reading groups

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Pop-Its! Blocks! Links! Cars! Play-Doh! Beads!

And SO MUCH MORE! Find all the materials you need to create the awesome activities found in the Small Group and Intervention Literacy Kit in our Amazon shop!

essential tools and storage ideas for small group instruction

No matter how many students or groups you have, we have the tools for keeping your small groups flexible, organized, and flawless! Our Small Group and Intervention Literacy Toolkit features dozens of resources to create dynamic and engaging small group lessons. The planning materials allow you to assess students, create plans, and get organized. The instructional activities allow you to teach small groups effortlessly, effectively, and in engaging ways!

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When all of your essential small group tools are quick and easy to find, there's more time for learning to happen!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth B.

Which activity are you most excited to try with your students? Tell us in the comments below!

tips and tools for small group organization


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