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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Are you looking for an easy and no-prep set of 2nd grade math worksheets to help your students practice their math skills? Do you want the fun of an engaging math block without the hours spent on the hunt for the perfect resource? Look no further than right here…we have the absolute best math bundle for 2nd grade, hands down!

stress free 2nd grade math worksheets

Have you ever downloaded a set of free math worksheets only to find them lacking in engagement? As fellow teachers, we feel your pain! We understand free is appealing, however, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. This could not be more true than with worksheets! Keeping all of this in mind, we have put together the most engaging, comprehensive and affordable math worksheets bundle out there! (Just 6 cents a page!)

Keep reading for a peek at our 2nd grade math worksheets that cover all math standards and strands!

The skill sets that are covered in the 2nd grade math worksheets resource include:

Bottom line – These worksheets are not the dime-a-dozen, low quality, boring sheets you can find all over the internet. Your students will be practicing important 2nd grade math skills in a variety of fun new ways! Check these out and be sure to snag your favorite worksheets before you go!

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When it comes to learning geometry, students love interactive activities that help those visuals come to life. These 2nd grade math worksheets are great for introducing skills, reviewing, partner work, or even for math centers. Students can pull out their crayons for pages such as these below and have some colorful fun!

Geometry worksheets for 2nd graders
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There are also great options to help with those pesky shape names. From matching the name to writing it out they will get that much-needed extra practice that makes all the difference and helps cement those skills in their brains.

A geometry worksheet on identifying shapes for 2nd graders.
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Not only do you get the benefit of some great shapes practice, but you will also find some great 2nd grade fraction worksheets! These are a great addition to those fraction lessons where your students will have the opportunity to color the fractions and even work with partitioned rectangles.

2nd Grade Fraction Worksheets

The best part? Wrap up or introduce your unit with these cute geometry booklets that you can work through with your students to learn and review content! They will be begging to take these home to show off their new geometry skills!

Basic Addition & Subtraction

When it comes to our basic addition and subtraction facts we are always looking for that added content to really spruce up the lesson! With these worksheets, your second graders will not only be reviewing, but they'll be having fun as well. Give your students some much-needed word problem practice that will set them up for success as the year goes on.

An addition and subtraction word problems worksheet for 2nd graders.
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Are you wanting to add some digital fun to your math facts? Here is a great post to add some math facts practice into your routine!

2 & 3-Digit Addition & Subtraction

Whether you're teaching regrouping yet or not we teachers are always trying to find a way to help the steps to addition and subtraction stick. A quick print and run to your copier and you will be all set to practice this skill. You'll find plenty of worksheets that can act as a quick practice or assessment and even a few where students get to crack the code!

An addition worksheet for 2nd graders including a secret code.
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You can find activities that involve spinners, cutting and gluing, and even using some coloring for added fun! These second-grade worksheets no longer have your students just sitting with only their pencil in hand. Instead, these worksheets help them obtain the skills they need with activities they enjoy!

A 2-digit addition worksheet for 2nd graders with a gum ball machine theme
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When it comes to measurement these worksheets will have your students begging to get out their rulers. These worksheets come in handy when it comes to estimation and measurement as students solve the length of cute bugs and coffee shop treats! Measurement has never looked so cute!

A coffee shop themed 2nd grade measurement worksheet
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You'll even find some fun activities that can have your students moving in their desk as they compare the length of their school supplies! This is a perfect way to have measurement come alive and an easy yet engaging activity.

A school supply themed measurement in inches worksheet for 2nd graders
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Finally, get that practice in estimation when it comes to selecting measuring tools! Pull out some examples of these lengths and give your students the opportunity to hone their measurement skills. Everything you need is all ready to go just add rulers!


Telling time is a tough skill for second graders, but it has the opportunity to be a lot of fun as well! Add these worksheets in where you need some extra practice. Whether that's drawing hands on the clock or matching time your students will be confident in their time-telling skills in no time! Even better they will grow in confidence in that hard-to-learn skill – A.M and P.M. Make learning how to tell time on a clock rock!

A cut and paste time telling worksheet for 2nd graders
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The clocks below are a great manipulative to have on hand when it comes to teaching time! (This is an Amazon Affiliate link.)

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Help money make CENTS with these great practice worksheets. There are great options for word problems, counting coins, and even figuring out change! No matter where you are in your money lessons there are some guaranteed sheets that will help you in this pack.

A counting coins math worksheet for 2nd graders
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Want to add a bit of literature to your money lessons? Check out this great book on counting coins!

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Graphs are always a tried and true favorite in second grade! With so many various types of graphs it's great to pick up a packet that has all the types you may need! Our pack includes:

  • Bar Graphs
  • Tally Chars
  • Line Graphs
  • Pictographs
  • Line Plots

These graphs will have your students collecting data, plotting, and answering word problems to help your graphing unit soar! When it comes to learning these worksheets will help your student's skill rise to the top of the chart!

2nd Grade Graphing Worksheets
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Are you looking for some more fun graph activities for your unit? This great second-grade interactive graphing notebook is a great addition!

Place Value

Place value is such an important skill that sets our students up for success in all their other math skills! So we certainly made sure that we left nothing out when it came to these place value worksheets. Your second graders will be listing off their ones, tens, and hundreds without skipping a beat!

Place value is such an important skill that sets our students up for success in all their other math skills! When it comes to these place value worksheets, your second graders will be listing off their ones, tens, and hundreds without skipping a beat!
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Enjoy nearly 70 pages of skills from number forms, skip counting, counting base ten blocks, and even determine the value of the underlined digit. Whether it's your first-day teaching place value or you've already dived into the unit you can find something that will help bring some value to your place value lessons!

Here is a catchy video to help your second graders recall place value with ease!

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Needing something to use for those even and odd lessons? These worksheets have your students counting, coloring, cutting, and creating fun right at their desk. Students can even pull out a spinner with these worksheets to have a little bonus fun! As they work through their sheets in centers or independently here is a cute even and odd video that you can use along with your lesson!

A 2nd grade math worksheet practicing odd and even numbers
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You'll also find some fantastic worksheets for those amazing arrays we learn in second grade! With cute illustrations and plenty of practice, your students will be drawing out those rows and columns in no time!

A fruit themed arrays/repeated addition worksheet for 2nd graders
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Make Math Magical

With these 2nd grade math worksheets, you'll be ready to print and teach. No more riffling through websites trying to find that worksheet that goes with every standard. They are all in a one-stop-shop that helps you get your time back, but not lose that fun lesson feeling.

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Learn all the different ways you can use these 2nd grade math worksheets in your classroom inside this post.

If you're looking for even more math activities, these second-grade math centers are a great addition to any math block!

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Stress Free 2nd Grade Math Worksheets


  1. Brenda

    I would love the free worksheets for the first and second graders in my after school program to assist them in learning there skills.

    • Bailey Jordan

      ​Hi! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey J.
      Lucky Little Learners

  2. Debbie

    I would love to have the second grade resource pages to use as extra practice with my intervention students.

  3. Nelissia Ortiz

    How do we access the worksheets?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Hello Nelissia, thank you for reaching out! You can view the math worksheet bundle in our shop HERE.


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