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Practice Fact & Opinion Using Digital Toothy

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Knowing the difference between fact and opinion is an important skill for our learners to master. It helps create stronger readers with improved comprehension skills and it’s a skill they’ll continue to use throughout their lives. Building proficiency in this skill requires practice. To master the ability to differentiate between facts and opinions students need lots of opportunities to read and analyze text. Using the Fact & Opinion Digital Reading Toothy Freebie provides a no-prep method for targeted student practice. You simply upload it to your learning platform and assign it to your students. So simple!

Using Digital Toothy To Help Build Proficiency

With this product, students will be asked to choose which sentence is either a fact or an opinion. The Fact & Opinion Digital Reading Toothy provides students with low pressure, self-checking opportunities to practice what can be a challenging skill. With 25 sets of sentences, students will have plenty of chances to succeed plus the added incentive of filling Toothy’s mouth with teeth.

How Do The Digital Task Cards Work?

Students will be asked, “Which sentence is a FACT?” or “Which sentence is an OPINION?” They will be given three sentences to choose from. Students will then click on their chosen sentence. If they are correct they get to watch a quick animation of Toothy getting a new tooth! If they are incorrect, they get to try again.

All digital reading toothy sets give students the option of listening to text before reading it themselves to make them more accessible for struggling readers.

If you would like to check your students’ answers for grading or to check for understanding, there are recording sheets that can be printed and used along with this resource. 

Have more questions about the specifics of Digital Toothy task cards? Visit the following page for more details. Digital Toothy Task Cards FAQs and Answers

Ways To Use Digital Toothy Products In Class

Digital Toothy resources are slideshow-based so there are multiple no-prep ways you can use them in the classroom. One way is to complete with students during online synchronous learning. Another way is to project them onto a screen or smartboard during in-person learning as whole-class review. You can also assign to students as self-paced independent practice.

Try using digital Toothy whole group for a super fun way to review skills across all subject areas!

Using & Assigning Digital Toothy

Like all Toothy products, the Fact & Opinion task cards are low prep and follow a familiar structure. If your students are already familiar with Toothy products then they’re all set to use the digital version!

For independent practice simply assign the task cards to your students using Google Classroom, Seesaw, ClassDojo, or Canvas. 

These task cards are great as independent assignments for students who need some extra time on this specific skill. If you want to target other grade-level reading skills there is an entire bundle of Digital Reading Toothy. Each set targets a different skill and they can be assigned to individual students.

Easy Practice For Big Learning

Check out all of the Digital Toothy activities for even more ways to incorporate engaging, effective, and self-checking practice into your lessons. 

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