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Online Math Routines That Increase Engagement

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Many teachers are becoming increasingly frustrated with how to get their students to participate and stay engaged, especially during distance learning. Sometimes when math work gets challenging for your lucky little learners, it’s easy for them to check out! Have no fear. There are so many online math routines that increase engagement even when your students are learning from home.

Brain Breaks

Any student can become disengaged if they sit too long in front of a screen. Try some mindful brain breaks to help not only math mindset but resiliency and attention! Try a little Brain Break Bingo with your lucky little learners! Get some exercise with a dance party or push ups, play Rock Paper Scissors, or try a game of Simon Says!

Check out these and more with 20 Ideas for Increasing Engagement During Online Lessons.

Counting Collections

It’s easy to have students count manipulatives in the physical classroom. However, during this time of distance learning, why not have them try counting digital objects? You can even use this in the physical classroom with 1:1 devices in order to maintain social distancing.

Share a goal to help your learners know how they will count the digital collection of math manipulatives. For example, you may have your students skip count by 5s, 10s, or 100s. 

Model counting for your students by clicking, dragging, and counting the digital manipulatives the discuss and allow for questions before allowing your students to practice on their own. Share these resources directly to Google Classroom or Seesaw

Check out the counting collection resources and other high impact digital math routines for first/second grade!

Digital Math Centers

You’ve probably used centers or stations in your physical classroom. Why not try them for your online learners? Digital Math Centers are perfect to incorporate into your daily math routine. You can upload Digital Math Centers from the yearlong Digital Math Centers bundle  to incorporate everything from number sequencing to coin comparison for in your math routines for 1st/2nd grade learners.

Share your Digital Math Centers on Seesaw  for maximum engagement!

Splash Learn

One of our favorite tools for online daily math routines is Splash Learn. First and second graders love interactive games and targeted lessons that align with the curriculum!Start with introduction to numbers, addition, subtraction, facts, telling time for your first grade learners and introduce counting in groups, comparing numbers,  addition & subtraction, multiplication basics for second grade. This free app is so much fun, and just one of the virtual tools for the math classroom your online learners will love for true engagement!

Talk About Math in Everyday Life

One of the best ways to keep your students engaged is to have them see the relevance of math in their lives. Ask them to look for shapes in their home. Have them count the number of items on their table of desk. Put number sense and number talks at the forefront of your lessons! Math can be fun and engaging when you let your students explain how they see numbers in their own lives.

Yes, this year has been challenging to keep your learners engaged online. Luckily, there are so many tools available to aid in participation and engagement. Try these online math routines to keep your first and second grade students engaged in the digital classroom!

What tricks have you used to increase student participation online? Share in the comments!

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  1. Shari Friedman

    My students love to play Mystery Word aka Hangman. They send me the word via direct chat.


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