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No Prep Daily Phonics Review in 2nd Grade

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Written by: Katie Palmer

It’s that time of year again! The back to school buzz is in the air. Teachers are figuring out their schedules, setting up their oh-so-cozy classrooms and prepping academic activities to keep their students learning and engaged. One academic area of great importance is phonics! Getting students to understand their phonics sounds creates better readers (and overall learners). Here at Lucky Little Learners, we have an amazing phonics solution for you! Phonics Day by Day! Keep reading to learn how this product bundle can change the way you offer daily phonics review in 2nd grade!

no prep daily phonics review in second grade

Benefits of Using Phonics Day by Day

So, why use phonics day by day resource for daily phonics review in 2nd grade? There are many perks included in this bundle.

Here are just SOME of the benefits to this phonics product:

phonics day by day for second grade
  • 52 different phonics patterns included (more on that later!)
  • No prep-just print & go!
  • Arrange the patterns in any order. This allows it to align with any curriculum!
  • Phonics pattern identified on each page
  • Sentence activities included
  • Scaffolded practice with an increase of complexity throughout the week
phonics day by day daily phonics review for 2nd grade

Download Short Vowel Digraphs Phonics Review HERE

What else??

no prep daily phonics worksheets
  • Balance of routine and variety with the activities. This keeps students engaged and eager to see what activities will be included each week.
  • A week’s worth of activities on 2 pages (less paper use!)
  • Print in a booklet or back to back
  • High quality graphics & kid-friendly fonts
  • Various reading, writing, and spelling activities for each phonics pattern
  • Answer keys included
  • Table of contents included
daily phonics review sheets for 2nd grade

Download Consonant Digraph Phonics Review HERE

It comes in more than one format!

  • Digital version on Google Slides is now included!
  • Seesaw links are now included!
digital daily phonics review activities

Download Digital Phonics Day by Day HERE

Skills Covered with Phonics Day by Day

As stated above, this loaded resource features 52 different phonics patterns! Yes, you read that right…52! Check them out below:


  • Alphabet Review
  • Hard & Soft C/G
  • Silent Letters

Short Vowels

  • Short A, E, I, O, U
  • Short Vowel Digraphs

Silent E

  • Long A, I, O & U


  • AW/AU
  • EW/OO
  • OI/OY
  • OW/OU
easy to use no prep daily phonics worksheets for second grade

Short vs. Long Vowels

  • Short vs. Long A, E, I, O & U

Vowel Teams

  • ai, ay
  • ea, ee, ie, y/ey
  • y, igh
  • oa, oe, ow
  • ew, ue, ui

Blends & Digraphs

  • Consonant Blends
  • 3-Letter Blends
  • Consonant Digraphs
daily phonics review sheets for the full second grade year


  • ing
  • er
  • ed
  • est

R-Controlled Vowels

  • ar
  • er
  • ir
  • or
  • ur
phonics day by day review worksheets

Download R-Controlled Phonics Review HERE

Syllable Patterns

  • CVC Syllables
  • CV Syllables
  • CVCe Syllables
  • CVVC Syllables
  • R-Controlled Syllables
  • C + le Syllables
  • Two Syllable CV
  • Two Syllable CVCe
  • Two Syllable CVVC
  • Multisyllabic Words 1
  • Multisyllabic Words 2
daily phonics review sheets for 2nd grade

Download CVC Syllables Phonics Review HERE

Other Skills

  • Compound Words
  • Contractions
  • Mixed Review 1
  • Mixed Review 2

Download Phonics Day by Day HERE

Other Phonics Resources

Love Phonics Day By Day? Scroll on to browse even more engaging phonics resources!

Phonics Centers for 2nd Grade

phonics centers for 2nd grade

Download Phonics Centers HERE

Free Phonics Toothy Games

free phonics toothy games

Free Phonics Worksheets

Download Phonics Toothy HERE

free phonics mats

7 Ways to Make Phonics Fun

7 ways to make phonics fun

Phonics Mats

phonics mats

Download 2nd Grade Phonics Mats HERE

Happy teaching!

no prep daily phonics review in second grade


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