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Mrs. Olson’s Star of the Week Celebration!

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As teachers, we realize the importance of making sure that each child in our classroom feels special.  One way that I can accomplish that is by having one week dedicated to each child in my classroom. This post is going to explain exactly how I accomplish this!

On Friday of each week, one student is chosen to be the next week’s Star of the Week.  They bring home the Star of the Week bag, poster, and letter explaining how we will celebrate the child.  Over the weekend the child is responsible for (and excited to) fill out the poster, practice their favorite book, find some photos, and gather a few items that he/she wants to share with the class for show-and-tell.

The week starts with the Star of the Week telling the class about their poster and pictures.  As you can see, they get to use my pointer finger and microphone… which is a big deal!  We talk about speaking slowly and clearly when speaking in front of a group.  The kids always do a nice job of telling great stories and details when explaining their pictures!

 On Tuesday, the Star of the Week reads a favorite book from home.  Again they get to use the teacher’s microphone AND sit in the teacher’s special chair.  At the end of the story, we take some time for the class to give the reader compliments on his/her reading.  I encourage them to give specific compliments.  It is not rare to hear compliments such as:  “You had great expression when you read the happy part of the story.”  “You are a very fluent reader.”  “Nice job pacing your words and phrases.”  “I like how you paused at the end of each sentence.”  “I like how you gave us enough time to look at the pictures.”  “I like how you used a clear and loud voice when you read your story.”  
On Wednesday, the Star of the Week gets to show-and-tell their sharing items from home.  They love this day because they are welcome to bring in favorite toys, baby clothes, more photos, family trip souvenirs, etc.  Of course, we allow for some time at the end for the class to ask questions and give compliments to the Star of the Week!
On Thursday, a family member or family friend is welcome to join the Star of the Week for a lunch date at school.  All of the students love this day because they enjoy sitting with this adult and I tell the kids that this is their opportunity to show of their great manners!  Some of the adults even join the class for recess on the playground!
On Friday, we brainstorm compliments and things that we have learned about the Star of the Week.  Then the kids write their letter to the Star of the Week and I compile them into a book for the Star to take home as a keepsake.  I have been told by former students that they still have their book of letters!!  I love this activity because my students are mastering the format of writing a friendly letter, writing for a purpose, and learning that giving compliments are important!  While the rest of the class is writing their friendly letter, the Star of the Week gets to use my iPad to play games.  Here are a few examples of the letters that my kids write.  I absolutely love how sweet they are!

What do you do to celebrate each child in YOUR classroom?  I’d love to hear your ideas!!!


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